1.3 billion views of the modest fashion hashtag .. Tik Tok is leaving its mark on the fashion world

Modest fashion has expanded more and more thanks to social networks, especially with the spread of the idea of ​​all women around the world to respect their clothing choices, as we notice especially in Tik Tok that even uncovered girls adopt modest fashion style.

Probably the biggest proof of this is the hashtag #modestfashion currently on TikTok, which has over 1.3 billion views, a number that can not be underestimated at all.

Speaking of modest designs, we will note that Generation Z, which runs the scene in Tik Tok, has created new styles, unfamiliar away from abaya and kaftan models, where we find ideas that rely more on the stratification system in a way which gives a modern touch to modest clothing.

the effects of emoji on teak tok

Maha Gondal

There are many girls who promote modest designs in Tik Tok, like Maha Gondal, the girl who does not wear a headscarf, who presents videos of different styles of modest models, like crop top with liner, skinny pants with wide tunics, a blouse and open that holds another below it, and so on.

Lina Snobar

For girls in veils, they gain thousands of followers on Tik Tok, such as popular blogger Lina Snoubar, who gained widespread fame on that platform after her success on Instagram, as she offers content about modest outfits that are particularly suited to women with veils. and ways to coordinate them in a modern way that suits girls around the world.And we will note that her followers are not just covered, as she presents modern ideas to everyone.

zain illiterate

What makes Tik Tok noticeably influential in terms of modest fashion, perhaps because the videos people post are a lot of fun and not an application that directly aims to adopt fashion-related content, as blogger Omayya Zain does, where she offers entertainment content. with her husband, and at the same time we notice her elegant and modest appearance.

Hadeel Merhi

The same method is followed by the famous blogger Hadeel Al-Marei, who has nearly 3 million followers in Tik Tok, which not only promotes modest fashion style, but is also considered a model for curly girls, as it promotes modest designs that. adapt to them through the fun videos she shoots with her friends, or alone.

Expenditures on modest clothing increase by 5.7% in 2021

According to Vogue Business, spending on modest fashion increased by 5.7 percent in 2021, from $ 279 billion to $ 295 billion, according to the 2022 Islamic State of the Economy report.

The sector is expected to grow another 6% this year to $ 313 billion, with the largest modest fashion markets including Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and with strong growth forecasts for countries like Indonesia.

Outside the Middle East and Africa, the modest fashion community is worth $ 160 million and is expected to reach $ 170 million in 2022.

Regional differences

Modest outfits can vary greatly across regions, notes Aaliya Mia, an analyst at research firm and consulting firm Dinar Standard. What a modest Muslim wears in the UAE can be significantly different from the modest dress in Malaysia, where the culture of the region is associated with fashion style.

Difficulty getting a modest fad

Since in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, it is difficult to get your modest pieces of fashion, hence the innovation of adopting styles that fit the identity and culture adopted by the person, and therefore also had the show of layered style adopting more than one piece for a modest and modern look at the end.

Influence of content creators

And this support and method adopted by content creators around the world, dictates the modest style of fashion by brands, to meet the needs and desires of consumers, and it is expected that this issue will become more influential in the coming years, especially. with luxury brands, which also seek to reach all Persons with different tastes.

According to Vogue Business, some content creators say brands should trust Muslim creators who understand the nuances of modest dress for Ramadan or Eid.

This will help retailers create more creative spaces for designs such as dresses and skirts, wide abaya and kaftans.

What about Instagram?

We will also notice that most girls who adopt modest fashion use the hashtag #modestfashion, and Instagram shows that the hashtag has increased by 29% in the UK and 45% in the UAE, and we will also notice that bloggers who follow modesty like Habiba da Silva who lives in Britain has Almost one million followers, while in the Middle East there are countless modest blogs.

Mon Baz, Head of Creative Partnerships in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey at Meta, who owns Instagram, explains that modest fashion is growing rapidly on Instagram, due to content creators, and the company is happy to be part of this evolution.

This is because brands are open to the idea of ​​allowing everyone to be themselves and accept creative ideas, and Baz added that brands communicate with him to learn more details about what people follow to meet their needs.

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