The UAE market is strong and consumers are more oriented towards health products

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Officials at Panasonic Middle East and Africa Marketing Company confirmed their “very positive” view of the consumer electronics market in the UAE, stressing that the country’s markets are very good and have not been affected as they have been in other global markets. , emphasizing that consumer optimism is healthy and strong.

It came on the sidelines of the regional conference held by the company in Dubai to unveil its new global brand slogan “Absolute luxury for a high quality life”, during which it reaffirmed its commitment to customer well-being and efforts following for him. expands in the Middle East and African market, especially with the shift of consumers in the UAE more towards products that support overall well-being and health.

Officials added at the press conference that the data the company receives each month from distributors clearly shows a strong performance in most segments in the country, especially those related to the Wellness sector and household products that support health and safety, stressing that the company will continue to focus on providing products that contribute to making life It is easier, safer, healthier and more comfortable for consumers and helps them improve their quality of life.

Panasonic is focused on expanding its regional market share to keep pace with growing demand, offering solutions that contribute to a healthier and more comfortable atmosphere in homes, businesses and public spaces. More than 190 partners from more than 24 countries and the media attended the conference, during which Panasonic’s plans for the new fiscal year and its most notable achievements in 2021 were unveiled.

Panasonic devices and equipment small and large increased by 119%, compared to 2020, while the business-to-business segment increased by 106%.

The conference was titled “Better Welfare for a Better Life” and focused on achieving balance and well-being for all by promoting levels of health and hygiene.

The event highlighted some of the unique new products that incorporate a combination of superior Japanese technology and unparalleled excellence. Nanoe-X conditioners were one of the most innovative solutions offered, which are characterized by their ability to eliminate disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and other allergens.

These pioneering air conditioners not only provide cooling and heating functions for the surrounding environment, but also clean the air inside the rooms and provide all-time protection to keep the living rooms cool and clean, which benefits customers and improves their health.

Also distinguished during the event was the pioneering air purification solution from Ziaino, which relies on the high degree of sterilization and deodorization provided by sodium hypochlorite to efficiently disinfect the area. The device is the perfect solution to promote health in a variety of places, including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, nursing homes, schools, offices, pet stores, sports clubs and shopping malls.

In addition, the brand also focused on the areas of nutrition and food hygiene, through the modern Nutri TaFreez series of refrigerators, which have fast-freezing technology created to store nutrients in refrigerated meat. As part of its efforts to improve customers’ health and quality of life, Panasonic encourages its customers to cook at home by providing them with the latest culinary needs, e.g. Wasl Kneader, bread and many other appliances that enhance the culinary experience.

During the event, the company also unveiled its latest Tenant Solution, which aims to increase the levels of health, safety and comfort provided by AI Occupancy Detection and Wall-I IoT control panel. This pioneering solution helps clients control overcrowding levels in common areas within private or public spaces in a move aimed at promoting indoor health.

Speaking at the event, Hiroyuki Shibutani, Managing Director of Panasonic Marketing in the Middle East and Africa, said: “We are committed to contributing to the improvement of daily life by providing up-to-date solutions that make life easier and more appropriate.

We are also continuing our efforts to provide solutions that meet the growing demand for health, hygiene and well-being in a post-Covid world. We aim to become a brand that maintains proximity to its customers and enjoys the support of communities, facing the current and future problems they face. One of the ways we pursue this goal is to achieve an ideal society of material and moral wealth, an endeavor identified by Panasonic founder Konosuke Matsushita and on which our new global motto is based.

Panasonic has implemented the Holding Company structure since April 2022, with the aim of increasing the level of competition in many sectors within which it operates, such as automobiles, manufacturing, homes, smart cities, supply chains and others.

As part of this structural transformation, the brand is refocusing its efforts to promote sustainability at its facilities, as well as researching and developing energy-efficient products to achieve net CO2 emissions by 2050. Panasonic is working towards that goal. through the Panasonic Green Impact initiative To achieve a sustainable global environment.

Emphasizing the brand’s commitment to the region, Shibutani said: “The Middle East is experiencing steady growth in various sectors. We seek to keep pace with this growth trajectory and adjust our strategies to deliver the widest possible product portfolio in the consumer and corporate segments, in order to ensure that regional demand levels are met. We are launching intensive marketing campaigns to renew our brand presence. ”


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