The number of carriers operating at Dubai Airport exceeds 2019 levels

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His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman and CEO of the Emirates Group and President of the Dubai Air Navigation Services Corporation, visited the Dubai Air Navigation Services pavilion at the Airport Show in Dubai. World Trade Center.

His Excellency was informed about the achievements and aspects of the Foundation’s cooperation with other actors to improve its technical services, in addition to guiding the future development and acceleration of the future through the three pillars of people, technology and strategic cooperation.

Dubai airports

On the other hand, the number of carriers operating at Dubai International Airport increased, exceeding 2019 levels by 12.3%, to 73 airlines operating flights to 193 destinations worldwide, compared to 65 carriers operating at the airport before pandemic, according to Jamal. Al Hai, Executive Vice President of the Airports Corporation, Dubai.

In a press release on the sidelines of the Airport Exhibition, which ended its activities yesterday, Al-Hay showed that private air traffic has increased by 350% in recent months compared to 2020, thanks to the momentum of events and conferences and growth of tourism and business, explaining that private air traffic continues to grow with high demand in the country, the Emirates in general and Dubai in particular.

Al Hai noted that the increase in tourism and travel and the increase in bookings, especially in national carriers, contributed to the increase in the expected number of passengers this year through Dubai International Airport from 52 million to more than 58 million.

This in light of the positive performance recorded by the airport during the first quarter and summer bookings, which herald a tremendous tourist season since the start of the pandemic, noting that increased travel momentum will contribute to Dubai Airport maintain global supremacy in the number of international travelers.

He noted that Emirates Airlines and Fly Dubai are considered to be the largest contributors to the movement of Dubai airports, especially as these carriers continue to implement their expansion plan by opening new destinations and resuming their flights. at their previous destinations, which contributed to the acceleration of the recovery rate at the airport, especially since the weight of flydubai and Emirates Airlines amounts to more than 45% of the total travel traffic at the airport.

He explained that the movement of travel through the airport has recovered a large part of its recovery and we are expected to reach pre-pandemic levels during 2023 or 2024 if travel activity continues as it currently is.

He stressed that India, Turkey, America, Britain and Germany are among the most important markets for Dubai airports during the current period.

Dubai Airports Executive Vice President confirmed that the northern runway maintenance project is proceeding according to schedule, as all measures have been taken to ensure smooth travel movement and provide the highest levels of service to passengers, restaurants, cafes and cafes and shopping malls have opened at full capacity at Al Maktoum Airport.

Noting that the maintenance operation on the northern runway, which will last for 45 days, comes in the framework of Dubai Airports efforts and its ongoing commitment to increase the safety and security of passengers, as well as to provide a exceptional travel experience, in line with its efforts to increase capacity at Dubai International Airport, and added:

Dubai Airports Corporation has provided many incentives for companies that have transferred their flights to Al Maktoum Airport in terms of service prices, noting that some companies prefer to stay and work from Al Maktoum Airport even after the completion of runway maintenance operations. .

Dubai Police Post

Yesterday, the Dubai Police General Command concluded its participation in the activities of the twenty-first annual session of the 2022 Airport Exhibition, where it gave participants an explanation of the “Housing Security” service available in its smartphone application, and through the Dubai Police website on the global web.

Dubai Police indicated that the Housing Security Service is a preventative security service to protect public homes while they are vacationing in or out of the country or during their travels for any other reason, stressing that members of the public can to register for the service. through the Dubai Police application simply, by entering the application and selecting the housing security program, then recording the data, determining the location of the home, reviewing the terms and then agreeing to them, and by completing its own data such as ID number and e-mail.

Dubai police have called on holidaymakers over the coming summer period about the importance of depositing money and valuables in banks or transferring them to the home of a relative or friend in the country, as well as securing the gates of exterior of the house so that it does not reveal the situation inside and the need to properly lock the door and windows of the house with locks, preferably They are electronic, difficult to open and leave nothing of value in an exposed place .

Dubai Police, through its platform for visitors to the exhibition, introduced the various services provided by the Dubai Police General Command through its intelligent application in the “Apple Store” and “Google Play” and through the website, which contribute to increased safety and security. and the happiness of community members, such as the “road accident reporting” service. “Simple” service, which enables drivers to report accidents themselves, without having to wait for the police car, reporting “traffic accidents and unknown accidents”. the “We are all police” service to report traffic violations and violations, in addition to the “Police Eye” service which aims to contribute to the contribution of community members in maintaining security and reducing crime.

The exhibition also demonstrated public awareness of the tasks performed by the K9 Security Inspection Department in the General Department for Security of Organizations, Facilities and Emergencies, through the use of trained police dogs for crime detection, providing the highest levels of safety and security for the community and contribution to ensuring the safety of many places, places and events.In addition to the social role through the participation of police dogs in the presentation of performances at various events.

successful completion

It successfully completed the work of the twenty-first session of the Airport Show, which received a response that exceeded industry expectations, and most exhibitors decided to attend next year’s session, which will be held in May 2023.

Exhibitors and participants said the exhibition was an opportunity to meet and conclude deals that gave a strong boost to the global airport industry, in light of the high growth rates achieved by worldwide passenger traffic over the past six months.

Organized by Rx Global – Red Exhibitions – the world’s largest inter-business platform of the airport industry, the exhibition focused heavily on sustainability to help the aviation industry achieve a more sustainable airport industry that aims to reduce its track record of carbon year after year.


The products and services of more than 150 exhibitors from more than 20 countries were exhibited at the exhibition, in addition to the number of visitors exceeding the threshold of 5000 visitors and experts in the aviation industry, and the organizer said there were 100 expected buyers. and 33 parties from 18 countries, as the exhibition facilitated 3,556 business meetings.

Firas Abu Latif, Director of Exhibition at RX Global – Red Exhibitions, said: “The participation and response of exhibitors from all over the world exceeded all our expectations, especially in light of the organization of this exhibition after the interruption faced by the aviation industry si. as a result of the pandemic.Most exhibitors and exhibitors have confirmed their participation in the 2023 edition of the Airport Show, as we expect much greater attendance next year as the aviation industry recovers fully.

joint projects

Participants reported that they were able to explore aspects of collaboration and joint projects, while many companies signed major agreements with potential partners, and exhibitors and participants expressed their great satisfaction that they received a great response from the rest of the participants and stakeholders. can translate into opportunities for future collaboration and strengthening working relationships.

Khaled Ahmed, chief specialist at Saudi Airlines, said: “The exhibition was wonderful and enabled him to communicate with many sellers of new products, which will help us in the future to improve our business and services.

DTP and Advis have announced the entry into a strategic partnership combining regional expertise and pioneering airport operations systems, provided by DTP, with pioneering solutions provided by Advis in the field of land handling and Internet of Things, in order to promote digitalisation. and improving the efficiency of airport yards in the region Abdul Razzaq Mikati, General Director of DTP, said: We are very pleased that the Airport Show was the place where we concluded our agreement.


Mohamed Salah, a trade analyst at the Italian Trade Agency, said 28 companies from Italy participated in the exhibition and reported the signing of agreements with their counterparts from all sectors of the aviation industry.

Markus Vogler, sales director at German company Triple Airport Equipment, said the 2022 session was much better than the one that preceded Covid, adding: “We have been participating in this exhibition for many years and this time we have had a number of meetings and questions that surpassed previous sessions, Attending this exhibition helped us reconnect with our existing clients and gain new ones.

Rohit Nambiar, Business Development Director at Tele Networks International, who has participated in two previous editions of the exhibition, said he considered the exhibition extraordinary this time and we had some meetings that we hope will benefit our business.

electronic arena

One of the highlights was the sustainability area called “Airport Electronic Yard”, which was organized in partnership with the Dubai National Air Travel Agency to showcase the latest innovations of manufacturers of electrical / hybrid ground support equipment and ground treatment equipment.


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