The luxury of the house of the heroine of the series Tash Matash is beyond imagination .. the living room is amazing!

Saudi actress Rimas Mansour, the star of the series “Tash Ma Tash”, occasionally shares with fans photos of her from inside her house, especially the kitchen, where she prepares the most delicious dishes.

“Al Jamila”, and among his tours of the houses of celebrities, will take you on a tour of the house of Rema, which has a luxurious and elegant decoration.

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Living room The living room in Rema’s house is characterized by its beige color, a color which has long been used by a large number of famous people of art and acting. She also chose to make the sofa cozy and American style.

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In another video, Remas showed off her selection of satin curtains in pink white and soft and soft in the living room of the house, which created a great harmony in the decor of the room.

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Kitchen Rema’s love for green plants is very evident in the kitchen of her home, where she placed them in an innovative way.

Remas Mansour House

Nor can plants be considered merely a green space, or merely a home decor; Since there are many other functions that would improve a person’s quality of life, he has the ability to improve sensory and mental functions.

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A post shared by Remas Mansour (@remas_mansoor)

A white kitchen chosen by Remas with a large window area overlooking the outdoor garden scene, which is full of plants and green trees, giving the occupants of the house an unparalleled comfort.

Remas Mansour House

Living room Remas chose a beige living room with a printed fabric, and used turquoise curtains and pillows, which is very ideal for home decoration of any style, whether classic or modern, and is always a modern and ideal color for spring and summer, especially. if we use it in a summer at home, a color loved by many.

A pink touch The color pink symbolizes princesses, girls and fairy tales, but in fact it has more functions than that. It brings a touch of fun, romance or even modernity to any space, in a simple and gentle way! Like Remas, she chose a very simple style and coordinated a range of pieces in pink.

Outdoor green space If you are one of the owners of luxury homes that have a spacious yard, as is the case in the house of Rema, you can design your own quiet garden, where you will find a flat green space, surrounded by growing plants, with short or long lengths to your taste with a few trees in the corner

The house of Remas Mansour

Remas also placed pieces of bark, to give an aesthetic touch to the floor, creating a footpath and to enjoy the artistic painting of nature.

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