Sherine Abu Akleh .. The killing of witnesses does not kill the truth

“Even if the Israeli bullet that killed Shireen Abu Aqleh is found, and even if the footage shows the attacker, the Israelis will treat him as a hero above all doubt.” Haaretz newspaper.

I’m not shocked that Israel cold-bloodedly killed Al Jazeera veteran journalist Sherine Abu Aqleh, who monitored and documented, for almost 25 years, Israeli crimes committed by international human rights organizations. . and not to forget; Recall the photograph of American activist Rachel Corrie, which was printed by an Israeli bulldozer in 2003, and the conclusion of a secret report by the Israeli army that her death was a tragic accident, and also the result that the American president, at the time, George Bush, kept quiet about crime and did nothing.

From the first moment of the assassination and premeditated extrajudicial killing of media personality Abu Aqila, Israel tried to circulate a fabricated story that it could have been shot by “Palestinian militants” before Israel withdrew the story into it. the same day and said that the current circumstances do not allow the determination of the source of the bullet and the special investigation to find out who fired the bullets.

Within a few hours the fabricated story was lied to and the answer came from the Israeli organization “B’Tselem”, which examined the area of ​​her murder and concluded that behind this operation were the occupation and its forces. B’Tselem claims that the Israeli investigative apparatus is simply a system that blurs the facts.

B’Tselem reveals the facts of its submission to the Israeli Military Prosecutor’s Office to investigate 739 cases of killings and attacks against Palestinians, the credibility of which has been confirmed. A quarter of these cases were not investigated by 2016 and half of the cases were opened. and closed without any result.B’Tselem sees and reconfirms the Military Prosecution is nothing but a means to mask the crimes committed by Israeli forces.

Under the roof of the Israeli Knesset, the Arab representative, Ahmed Tibi, challenged the Israeli prime minister and said: “You know the killer who shot, in which (jeep) was riding a soldier, and the rifle with a telescopic. the lens that fired the bullets. ” And when the prime minister lied, al-Tibi described him as a “fraudster.”

The Israeli press came to information that concluded that an Israeli soldier from a distance of 190 meters was the one who shot Shireen.

If journalist Sherine Abu Akle had not been killed, the anniversary of World Press Freedom Day on May 3 would have passed without anyone being alerted to the continuing and growing violations against media professionals and all the alarm bells ringing by institutions who defend media freedom do not wake up. above the international community, which is in deep sleep.

The review of international positions and the statements issued after the assassination of Abu Aqleh are disgusting. The UN Secretary General is horrified and the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, is concerned about the use of force by Israel and the European Union condemns it disproportionately the violence and most of them, if not all, did not point the finger at Israel with the crime of killing Abu Achilles and do not oppose the killer (Israel) participating in the commissions of inquiry. .

short saying; This is a farce that reveals double standards in its ugliest form Months ago, specifically last March, American journalist Brent Reno was killed outside the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, so the US administration rushed to condemn Russia and the Department US State. Spokesman Ned Price wrote on Twitter: “We are horrified that journalists (not fighters) were killed, wounded by Kremlin forces.” When Abu Aqila was assassinated a few months later, Price only expressed his grief and called for a full investigation. and responsibility for those responsible, and all his words were anonymous actions, he did not condemn Israel as he condemned Russia without the need for an investigative commission, and this leads to the question of whether “Alzheimer’s” affects Western leaders when it comes to Israel . violations.

I am not a defender of Russia and I reject wars and aggressions, because peoples are victims, but I hate hypocrisy and political charlatanism that does not pay attention to the lives lost and I am terrified of “selective justice”, which is applied here and not there, and more the most dangerous in the world tolerance of a rogue state, sees himself above the law and does not care to be classified as an apartheid state.

The famous Egyptian player, Mohamed Abu Trika, comments on this duality by saying: “Are you a lion against Russia, and rats against Israel?”.

Israeli journalist Shlomo Eldar talks about Shirin Abu Akleh’s funeral and the abuses that took place during it, saying: that it must be within you to do such a thing? Deed ?, Who is the insensitive, the fool or the two who gave the orders? The photo shows not strength, but weakness. “Irish MP Richard Barrett considers the Israeli attack on the funeral a” barbaric act “, revealing to” the peoples of the world that terrorist state of Israel “.

The martyrdom of journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh may be a turning point in the prosecution of Israel for its crimes over the past decades and aroused the will of resistance among the Palestinians, and the picture was evident in the mourners’ refusal to obey orders. of the soldiers of the occupation when with one hand they raised the coffin of Shirin and with the other the flag of Palestine that was waving, despite the violence of aggression against them In front of the cameras around the world without shame.

All international and national human rights institutions joined their voices in exposing Israeli crime. The Al-Haq Palestinian Foundation conducted a preliminary investigation and presented a detailed vision of what happened on the ground at the time and place and concluded that the constant shooting of journalists leads to the belief that those who fired were being targeted and that Palestinian gunmen could not get their bullets to the journalists’ location and that the distorted shell that appeared at the autopsy was bought only by the military occupation and bullets also came from Israeli army forces.

A year ago, the International Criminal Court established its jurisdiction to review serious crimes committed in the Palestinian territories and Michael Link, Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in the Palestinian territories, confirmed that this decision is a major step towards termination of impunity. for the occupation, showing that the international community had allowed the culture of exclusion to prevail and if the legal obligations had been enforced years earlier, the occupation would have ended.

The Palestinian Journalists’ Union, with the participation and support of the International Federation of Journalists, took a bold step to file a complaint with the International Criminal Court, targeting and killing journalists during the Gaza aggression and destroying the headquarters of media institutions in Al-Qaeda. Shorouk and Al-Jawhara If justice is done, the criminals will be brought to justice and punished.

Of course, the assassination of Sherine Abu Aqleh has once again opened the history of targeting journalists and has turned the conversation about the necessity of immunizing journalists and that international conventions and treaties are outdated and not enough to protect them.

Male and female journalists enjoy the protection of international humanitarian law under the first protocol of the Geneva Conventions and are subject to the same protection that is available to civilians, and the controversy has been going on for years. Is it enough to give them immunity for civilians, or should they be distinguished by giving them immunity as “emblem holders”, doctors and the Red Cross and Crescent as an example?

A new international agreement to protect journalists is a long and arduous one, but what happened to Abu Aqleh deserves to knock on the walls of the United Nations to urge it to stop the bloodshed.

Seven years ago, at the initiative of the Al Jazeera network, the International Press Institute and national institutions, and I participated as CEO of the Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists, a global statement on the protection of journalists and many special rapporteurs was announced. for freedom of expression and media in the world participated in its review and approval, and made an important echo, but the Israeli sniper who fired the Bullets in the head of journalist Sherine Abu Aqleh was not hindered by anything. He wants to kill witnesses (journalists and women journalists), and we repeat what we always say, killing witnesses does not kill the truth.

Sherine was killed and she will remain present with her voice mixed with pain, which documented the history of Palestine and presented a story that confronted the Israeli awl with a camera, a proud head and bare hands.

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