“Mini Cooper Hatch” .. Small in size, large in strength

T + T – normal size

Probably the first thing that attracts people on the road when they see Mini Cooper cars is their small size, but this unique car will impress everyone who rides it with its strength while driving, its stunning beauty in the design of and the quality of its materials. that make everyone who rides it feel safer, the new five-door “Mini Cooper Hatch” model is a good example of this.

The car includes a 1500 cc engine with 136 horsepower and a maximum torque of 220 Nm, mated to an automatic transmission with traction technology of the front wheels, with a maximum speed of 210 kilometers per hour, in addition to another engine 192 horsepower, 2000 cc. With 280 Nm of torque.

Other versions of the car also got higher performance through a 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2000 cc, but it produces a power of 231 hp and a maximum torque of 350 Newtons per meter, accompanied by an automatic transmission performance like the previous categories. , with a maximum speed of 246 horsepower.From 0 to 100 km accelerates in 6.1 seconds.

The car comes in the famous hatchback model of “Mini Cooper”, with structural dimensions estimated at 3,874 meters long, 1,727 meters wide and 1,414 meters high, while based on a wheelbase of 2,495 meters long. , supported by metal rim with a sleek engineering design, in addition to the oval-shaped front lamps, with other lamps on either side of the front bumper, which was supported by ventilation grilles with a grille system operating under the hood.

The car was equipped from the inside with a color screen for multimedia display, touch navigation systems, an audio and entertainment system, with multifunction steering wheel, air conditioning, power windows and electric side mirrors as well, with a button to activate and stop the engine , Bluetooth, cruise control and AUX input, With elegant interior seats.

Thanks to the large space allotted for passengers and luggage, the Mini Cooper Hatch ensures smooth entry or exit while maintaining the agile performance and smooth control that characterizes Mini cars. With its low center of gravity and compact dimensions, the vehicle offers optimal performance on the road and in tight parking spaces. And thanks to the wide range of personalization options available, anyone can design their own car. Mini cars give everything one wants thanks to personalized options that offer the highest levels of driving pleasure.

Thanks to its low center of gravity, sporty character and spacious design, it gives the car a “kart” feel in curves and curved roads. Thanks to its unique design and modern character, the car guarantees maximum fun and excitement at every step.

The rear of the car has a wider design that reflects the distinctive look and sporty character of the bumper with the new design suggesting strength. The front of the car also has a wider bumper and a special design. Integrated air curtains on both sides greatly improve the aerodynamic features of the car, which reduces the Mini’s fuel consumption.

The side channels with their attractive, contemporary design and LED indicators give the Mini a distinctive character, and the vents feature a high-gloss black hockey design on Cooper models and a high-gloss black piano instead of chrome with logo “S” on the model “Cooper S”.

Exterior design options in black “piano” include special exhaust pipes that reflect the superior sporty performance of the “Mini” car and its sporty appearance harmonizes with the rear of the car with a new and wider design, which gives the car a more dynamic look and a wonderful road presence. The Cooper models were also equipped with a wide and special rear diffuser with a new design.

The car allows the adjustment of colors in the cabin and the creation of a unique atmosphere that reflects the mood of the driver. A pleasant and cheerful atmosphere can be enjoyed thanks to the backlight on the dashboard in the direction of angle that matches the color of ambient lighting in the cabin .

Thanks to a wide range of original finishes, it can give the car a sophisticated look of strength or subtle design that exudes elegance or both. The car uses the latest paint technology, which reflects color brightness, chromatic reflection properties and durability. The multi-colored roof, which features a distinctive color gradient from blue to silver and black, is painted using the latest paint technology not available on any other car.

The car comes with a sporty and exciting design. The black piano body components give the Mini a unique and extraordinary look. Thanks to the grille that surrounds the headlights and taillights, the Mini gives you a new experience full of adventure and excitement. You can enhance the look of the car by equipping it with door handles, the emblem of the model in the trunk (Cooper badge, etc.), the “Mini” badge and the exhaust pipes (except the Mini Cooper SE) in piano black.


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