What are the most prominent campaigns conducted by Gulf countries to curb stray dogs?

What is the prevalence of stray dogs in Gulf countries?
  • The Gulf press is talking about its spread in some regions.
  • It targets children and women and can cause casualties.
– What are the most prominent ways to cope with the phenomenon of stray dogs?

Field activities and setting up of their shelters.

The phenomenon of the spread of stray dogs within the cities of the Gulf poses a great danger to the lives of children and women, especially as they severely attack passers-by and cause some deaths, especially among young people.

In a number of Gulf countries, children were killed as a result of stray dog ​​attack, and others were injured with various deformities in their bodies as a result of being eaten by these dogs.

And stray dogs are those that live in urban areas or outside the urban area, and a stray dog ​​can be a pet that has lost its way or been let go by its owners, or may have no owner and may cause problems for communities. in which he lives.

Gulf countries worked to tackle the phenomenon of stray dogs by creating their own shelters; To neutralize their risk to children and women.

country campaign

In February 2021, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment of the State of Qatar launched a “Right” campaign aimed at housing stray dogs in an animal shelter affiliated with the Ministry, which was created specifically to meet all the needs and requirements of animals . laws and conditions of welfare.

The shelter provides all aspects of medical care, nutrition, water and necessary vaccines for these dogs and their rehabilitation according to the Law on Animal Welfare.

The Qatari Ministry, represented by the Department of Animal Welfare, has intensified its efforts to control and control the number of stray dogs in all regions of the Gulf state, hunting stray and free dogs, organizing periodic intensive campaigns by competent authority, and receiving communications from the public.

The “Raqf” campaign aims to receive all reports of stray dogs and cats in all parts of the country, and to treat them according to the established mechanism and according to the requirements of “Animal Health” for the treatment of stray animals, and then they are cared for and housed healthily in the animal shelter and ensured that there is no disease in it prior to rehabilitation.

The ministry provides food and health care for these animals and then rehabilitates them and appoints a specialized company to collect these stray animals and transport them to the animal shelter.

The Saudi movement

Saudi Arabia, which witnessed many tragic incidents of stray dog ​​attacks, the management of the Saudi Veterinary Medical Association began to offer its advisory services to develop a solution to the problem of stray animals in a sound scientific way and to launch an initiative for safe treatment of the problem of stray dogs in the Kingdom.

According to a statement by the association’s president, Salah Al-Shami, for the local newspaper, Al-Watan, in March 2022, the initiative contributes to achieving a vibrant society by focusing on community health while preserving the health of people and animals and the community. around. , raising awareness of the problems of stray dogs and cats.


The initiative, according to Al-Sham, aims to educate the community on ways to better deal with these stray dogs, so that they are not harmful to society and have aggressive behaviors and transmit many common diseases.

The Prince of Riyadh, Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, had previously directed the secretariat of the region and all relevant authorities, in March 2021, to quickly address the phenomenon of stray dogs in all neighborhoods of Riyadh, and suburban neighborhoods overlooking the valleys in the Region.

This came after the “Al-Washila Incident”, in which a girl was killed after she was eaten by stray dogs in an agricultural area near the capital, Riyadh, and sparked public outrage.

According to the results of the commission formed to investigate the causes of the bus, in agricultural areas the dumping of dead animals by farm owners is frequent, which has contributed to the increase in the number of stray dogs in light of the commitment to controls. not to expose to animals in areas outside the boundaries of development, in accordance with the regulations for animal welfare and the circulars of the authorities Environmental Competence.

The commission came up with many recommendations; Most importantly, the need to conduct intensive campaigns within the urban area to investigate stray dogs, to integrate with the competent authorities outside the urban area and to remove all dead animals from the lands around the farms, except for work to provide supplies. urgent for health protection. and animal control materials in governments and capital centers.

The committee’s recommendations included the formation of a specialized team that identifies the needs of action plans to combat stray animals within the municipalities of the region and stressed the importance of the awareness-raising role to clarify the risks of accidental dumping of carcass waste and food on stray animals.

The Kuwait Movement

Kuwait also did not spare its residents from stray dog ​​attacks, which prompted the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries to set up teams to combat stray dogs and set up a hotline to respond to people’s requests for the elimination of these dogs. .

In May 2021, the head of the authority, Muhammad Al-Youssef, submitted a request to the head of the municipal council to allocate 3 places to shelter stray dogs in the agricultural areas of Wafra, Abdali and Sulaibiya, according to the local newspaper. Al-Kabas.


The General Director of the Public Authority of Agriculture and Fish Resources determined that the area of ​​each of the three lands should be not less than 10 thousand square meters.

Bahrain has also witnessed a number of stray dog ​​attacks, the most recent of which was on February 26, 2022, of a woman and her 5-year-old son.

The Animal Welfare Agency in the Ministry of Labor, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning of Bahrain confirms that it is constantly dealing with the reports received regarding the collection of stray dogs in different regions of Bahrain and takes the necessary measures once these reports are received.

The head of the Department of Clinics and Medical Documents at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities and Urban Planning, Abbas Al-Hayiki, revealed last January that the ministry had entered into a contract with Black Gold to deal with the stray dog ​​phenomenon.

For its part, the environmental team of the Al-Aker Charitable Society, in collaboration with the Department of Livestock and the Black Gold Company, conducts field activities in order to address the phenomenon of stray dogs, their hunting and their placement in a designated shelter.

Emirates and Oman Procedures

Several UAEs in the UAE launched a campaign to control stray dogs and reduce their risk to residents, children and women.

Emirates municipalities have worked to implement an environmental and health program aimed at rationing the number of stray and stray animals and trying to control and control them and reduce animals infected with infectious diseases and dangerous to health. human and environment.

United Arab Emirates

Municipalities in the UAE have conducted sterilization campaigns to control them, provide the necessary veterinary treatments for infected dogs, and provide comprehensive care for these animals in specialized clinics.

The Sultanate of Oman waged campaigns to seek out stray dogs to avoid their danger to the population.

Some animal welfare associations in the Sultanate have adopted, bred and raised small dogs, and then expelled them to places where they have food and drink, and some of them have been adopted by farm owners for conservation, and most of them are male.

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