Mai Al-Aidan on her crisis with Asala: Funeral is hot and dead is a dog!

The war of words between the two Kuwaiti media, May Al-Aidan and Fajr Al-Saed, on the one hand, and the Syrian artist, Asala Nasri, on the other, still continues and its recent developments were sharp. statements made by May Al-Aidan, through her program, in which Asala Nasri was described as “The face of the jinn”.

The war of media statements started, between the Syrian artist, Asala Nasri, and two Kuwaiti media figures, Fajr Al-Saed and May Al-Aidan, through indirect publications of each of them that carried insults to the other, and has now spread. on television programs, where Mai Al-Aidan openly attacked Asala Nasri on her program and media Fajr Al-Saeed wanted to convey an indirect message, which the audience linked to her dispute with Asala Nasri when she appeared on her program and raised the shoe in the face of an unidentified person. Mai Al-Aidan in the authority of Asala: The funeral is hot and the dead is a dog!

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In her program that Mai Al-Aidan presents through her YouTube account, Mai Al-Aidan criticized Asala Nasri’s attack, describing her as “people with dogs” and said: “I will convince Fajr Al “Saedin to answer her and sing to us.”

May Al-Aidan said: “Electronic flies are small games, individuals with a thousand or two thousand followers and a picture of Asala, which is, for example, in addition to electronic flies!”

And she continued, “Since Asala has the right to talk about dogs, howling and biting … I have the right to answer. When she told about the stairs and the dogs in them, I also know one at every stage of her life. “She has a man from a place, naked, who sucks her blood and throws it at her.”

May Al-Aidan said, “Yes, by God, Asala. Your words are true of dogs. By God, you reminded me of a woman who works as a night owl at every step and station, a man of a different nationality sucking. “his blood. and he throws it, and then she makes her bad condition and betrays him and plays a drama. People have dogs and our Lord created us with the best stature.”

May Al-Aidan added: “Is it written upon us as a firmament or a mention in the Qur’an or an honorable hadith that obliges us to love truth?” And she added, “What has Asala achieved and we can not hand it over? Someone goes to sing for money and returns for money. The Lord of the Ka’bah does not let me convince Mrs. Fajr Al-Said. With money, we answer Asala “We organize a party that sings to us in the middle of the house. We have fun because she is a singer who sings everything with money.” “But no one can answer us with money.”

May Al-Aidan continued, “Neither Professor Fajr Al-Saed comes with money, nor I … We do not entertain people, we do not deceive people and we do not drug them. With another .. exporting the love scene, love and worship are really movies, that’s not true, i do not believe in it.

May Al-Aidan added: “I know the stars of Syria, even the stars, but I have never heard of the defenders of Asala … and when people are described as dogs, why not hold us accountable for insulting the sons of Adam !! I address Asala’s audience: the funeral is hot and the deceased is a dog !! “

May Al-Aidan was not happy with what she said on her program, but she continued to attack Asala Nasri, through her social media account.

Mai Al-Aidan referred to the Asala concert, which was postponed to Kuwait, following the death of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates.

May Al-Aidan wrote in a new post through her Twitter account: “The Holy Prophet said, ‘Do not go with your foreheads and feet.’

The decision to postpone the concert of the Syrian artist, Asala Nasri, was among the decisions of other artists, even Arab countries, to stop all cultural and artistic activities in mourning for the death of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President . of the United Arab Emirates.

The company organizing the concerts in Kuwait had decided to cancel the concerts of singers Muhammad Hamaki, Asala Nasri and Rahma Riad, which were scheduled to be held on Friday evening in the state of Kuwait, due to the death of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president . of the United Arab Emirates, with the new date to be announced later. Fajr Al-Saed raises his shoe in connection with her crisis with Asala!

Mai Al-Aidan’s attack on Asala came just a day after Kuwaiti media published the video clip of Fajr Al-Saeed through her personal account on social networks “Instagram” and was shared by many other sites, a clip in which Al-Saeed appeared as he was wearing shoes in front of the camera trying to threaten someone.

Where journalist Fajr Al-Saed appeared, who was wearing brown shoes in front of the camera, in an attempt to threaten one of them, saying: “I would like to use it and I hope to use it soon, in the unit. in my mind, but encounter it, will receive an inappropriate response. “

Where many followers awaited Fajr Al-Saed’s intention to republish the video to renew the differences that still exist between her and Syrian artist Asala, especially the war of words between them did not end and that the dispute still continues, but others expected her is in a new dispute with one of them and sent her message through the video clip.

The start was made by two Kuwaiti media outlets, Mai Al-Aidan and Fajr Al-Saeed, when Kuwaiti media outlet Fajr Al-Saeed opened fire on Syrian artist Asala Nasri and harshly attacked her accusing her of many negative qualities, and condemning some of its actions.

Asala Nasri did not hesitate to respond to both Fajr Al-Saed and May Al-Aidan, as she posted through her Twitter account an indirect message, her audience would not think much about guess who. was implied by her, as she described her attackers with the characteristics of dogs as “biting” and howling.

And Asala Nasri wrote in her indirect tweet message, “The one who broke his head and upset the thinker, I included in my song # Thank you, correct him and thank even those who do not cry.” “But thank God they sell what they sell.”

In Asala’s Twitter post for “Dogs”, Mai Al-Aidan responded by writing a comment: “The idols left for thousands of years around the Kaaba before Islam and they worshiped them. Does that mean their condition was healthy , true and something positive? Not certainly until the truth came to them in Islam and broke these idols. All these years Sheikha is not your voice the man who holds the middle ear.

Then Fajr Al-Saed responded to the same tweet of Asala, commenting, “You are hejyyyyyyy … who means it’s not Anna. Go to @AssalaOfficial.”

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