Immigration reveals details of Egypt Industry Conference, which starts on May 31

Ambassador Nabila Makram Abdel Shaheed, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad, announced the launch of the sixth edition of the “Egypt Can” conference series entitled “Egypt Can with Industry” on May 31 and June 1 in Cairo. Governors.

The Ministry revealed the names of a number of experts participating in the conference as follows:

Dr. Rachik El-Maraghi:

Founder and CEO of Safi Quality Software, specializing in construction software and construction technology for building and infrastructure development

Dr. Ihab Kamal:

Expert in biomedical and biochemical industries, university professor at Ain Shams University

Dr. Ahmed Rostom:

Senior Expert on Finance and Financial Sector Issues – Competitiveness and Innovation Sector Financial Experts – West and Central Africa Region, Team Leader on Financial Sector Development Projects, Development of Legislative and Regulatory Environment for the Financial Sector, Monetary and Payment Systems, Financing and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria (one of the largest World Bank programs in Africa)

Dr. Hassan Abdullah:

University of East London Academic President / UK Industry Advisor / Specialist in Sustainability, Engineering Design, Factories of the Future, Healthcare Design and Future Cities (Smart)

Dr. Haitham Saad Mohamed Ramadan:

Testing and Certification Manager and Research and Innovation Officer at ISTHY, Institute of Hydrogen Storage Systems

Ziad Omran Engineering:

Regional Director of Nalco Water

Dr. Muhamed Al-Habibi:

Professor of Geomatics Engineering and Expert in Digital Transformation and Financial Analysis in Canada

Dr. Ahmed Ali Al-Talawi:

Assistant Professor and Supervisor of the Doctoral Program in the Department of Electrical Engineering at New York University, Founder of the Intelligent Electricity Grid Laboratory at the City University of New York, winner of the US National Research Authority award “Carrier”, red of several scientific journals and member of the organizing committees of major international conferences in the field of electrical networks

The conference will be under the auspices of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, in the presence of many Egyptian scholars and experts abroad, as well as a group of industrialists and specialists in Egypt, as well as a number of foreign companies.

The conference is organized by the Ministry of Immigration in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Public Business Sector, the Ministry of State for Military Production, the Arab Organization for Industrialization, the General Investment Authority and relevant authorities, under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El -How how.

It will address several axes in an effort to contribute to the implementation of the state strategy in the field of industrial localization and to open greater opportunities to support the state’s efforts in industrial investment in the next phase, as well as to maximize profitability. from experiences. of Egyptian scientists around the world to support development efforts in Egypt in various fields.

The conference is in line with the visions of the Egyptian state, in light of the political leadership interest in the industry dossier, the implementation of presidential directives to support the state strategy in the field of industrial settlements and maximizing the benefit of Egyptians around the world in this field , and an integrated axis will be devoted to addressing industry between Egypt and Africa, including promoting trade and industrial exchange within the continent.

The sixth edition of the “Egypt Can” conference includes a prominent elite of our experts abroad, who specialize in the field of industry in a number of important industrial disciplines, so that we can come up with the best recommendations, for participate in the implementation of the visions of the Egyptian state and support its strategy in the field of industrial localization.

The conference, which has 12 sessions, is scheduled to discuss a range of industry axes, as the opening session includes a review and discussion of industrial investment and the mechanism for supporting and developing industrial societies in Egypt to achieve sustainable development, by connected the capital. market with industrial investments, as well as finding mechanisms to stimulate investment in the capital market and to link that investment with the financing of industry.

The second session will also discuss green industry, in light of Egypt’s readiness to host the twenty-seventh session of the COP27 climate conference, and the third session will discuss the future of industry between Egypt and Africa, the challenges and opportunities and reviewing ways to increase industrial investment between Egypt and African countries, in order to achieve mutual benefit and maximize mutual interest with all countries of the continent, in light of the great interest of the political leadership to move towards our continent african.

The fourth session will discuss artificial intelligence, digitization technology and software, and address ways to deepen the local component in the technology industries, while the fifth session will discuss future industries, including development in the textile industry using liquid hydrogen, as well. as well as industrial intelligent cities to achieve sustainable development, and the sixth session will discuss vehicle production and friendly transportation, environment and support for the production of high quality liquid hydrogen in Egypt.

The seventh session was devoted to the discussion of medical industries, including the pharmaceutical industries and medical devices, and ways of providing raw materials for medicines by expanding the cultivation of medicinal plants using modern methods.Food industry.

The “Egypt Can” conferences are held in the context of the state’s tendency to take advantage of our minds abroad and to integrate their expertise and experiences in the Egypt Sustainable Development Strategy 2030, which invests the genius of the country and the people to achieve a sustainable development and improve. quality of life for Egyptians The Ministry of Immigration organized five copies of these conferences, during which it was worked to discuss a number of different axes that contribute effectively to the desired development processes.

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