Gulf News | The University of Applied Sciences announces the admission of transferred students for the summer semester

The President of the University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. offer outstanding academic programs that help students take the right opportunities to meet new challenges in the light of technological development and contribute to the diversification of specializations and the creation of new skills casts a positive shadow on the labor market and the educational process of university.

The university president noted that students wishing to transfer to the university in the summer semester 2021-2022 can register and submit Admission Applications electronically through the university by e-mailaccept @ by contacting the university on the WhatsApp number (66633770), indicating that the directions are. The offer includes a bachelor’s degree in law, business administration, accounting, financial science and accounting, political science, administrative information systems, computer science, graphic design, interior design and master specializations in law, commercial law and business administration, resource management humanities, accounting and finance.

It is worth noting that the university has achieved a number of achievements locally, regionally and internationallyQSFor international universities, it is the first private university in Bahrain to be ranked 591-600 globally, in addition to being ranked among the 150 youngest emerging universities under the age of 50 in the world rankings.QSFor the Arab universities for 2022, the university showed the performance of the university for the fourth year in a row, occupying the 22nd place in the list of the best universities in the Arab world, as shown in 101- Position 105 as one of the most best in the world in the field of art and design, except it is the only university in Bahrain that has a four-star rating in the ratingQS‭ ‬stardomThe university is ranked among the 550 best universities in the world in the QS ranking for its Graduate Employability range for 2022, ranked third in Bahrain and among the 5000 best universities worldwide in the Web Matrix ranking for 2022 , which is the global ranking of the quality of university websites worldwide.

The university also ranks 201-300 in the Times World rankings for impact and achievement of development goals. The university ranks 459th globally in the green matrix ranking of Green and Environmentally Friendly Universities and is considered the achievement of the university that made it one of the eleventh. -11- world higher education institutions and the only university in the Kingdom of Bahrain that has received international accreditation from the British Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (PAC), one of the most important achievements in the university march towards the world.

The university renewed its ISO certification in administrative work for the third year in a row and the ISO certificate for the management of systems of educational institutions for the second year, which is the first university in Bahrain and the Arab Gulf to receive this. certificate, in addition to collaborating with the British Academy of Higher Education to qualify faculty members to obtain a Fellowship certificate from the Academy, choosing the university to be an Academy-accredited training center where a large number of university professors have a scholarship certificate in its various branches of academia, and at the level of research, the university has succeeded in He has published 181 scientific papers in international scientific journals referenced over the past year.

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