Gazeta Riad | Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Murjan Holding Group: “Jeddah Medical Clinic” .. healthcare icon in Saudi Arabia

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Murjan Holding Group: “Jeddah Medical Clinic” .. healthcare icon in Saudi Arabia

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Murjan Holding Group, Mr. health care components and meeting the needs of citizens and residents in the good land of the Kingdom, with a vision for the future. Keep up with the process of development and prosperity that the country is experiencing. Mazen Al-Tamimi explained that the group has developed a guide for Al-Murjan Mediclinic Hospital, which includes consolidating the preventive aspect and reducing the rate of lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, heart and cancer to achieve a healthy and long life, in addition to reducing the level of tobacco spread and developing the health system’s readiness to face epidemics and health risks, to become a kingdom Saudi Arabia is one of the best countries in the quality of health care, through a professional care team consisting of 200 male and female doctors from the boys and girls of the country, with a selection of international specialists working in many different medical and surgical specialties. Al-Tamimi indicated that the Al-Murjan Group decided to enter the field of health care based on the directives of the owners of the Al-Murjan Group represented by Abdul Rahman and Sultan Khalid bin Mahfouz to raise the level of medical care and improve it. in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in accordance with the directives of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz – God bless him – and the vision of the Kingdom 2030, which puts the quality of life of citizens at the top of the priorities, emphasizing that Al-Murjan Group Looks forward to the implementation of a health system based on the highest international standards, as it will work in cooperation with all local health authorities in accordance with clear national and international standards in terms of service delivery, as well as quality and the adequacy of the Medical Staff, in particular that the Group hired world-class consultants such as PwC, JLL and KPMG to identify gaps in the delivery and delivery of quality medical care. He said that based on the importance of developing the health system and raising the level of readiness to enhance creativity and innovation skills to meet challenges, the Al Marjan Mediclinic Hospital was established, consisting of 200 beds and rooms for patients assigned to a . the person are designed and equipped with the physical and mental healing needs of patients and their families, in addition, he will include. The hospital has a large number of VIP suites and royal suites to meet the needs of those seeking these special services. Hospitality services will also be improved by providing specialized catering services and an industrial laundry that guarantees the highest levels of hygiene for guests. For hypnotists, we have developed a very lightweight and easy-to-use digital application to support and assist reception staff. Ample parking space will allow patients and their families to easily find parking spaces near the intended destinations, moreover, the hospital and its operation are designed based on the principles of agile management to ensure the smooth running of business, as well as the rapid provision of services and the reduction of time spent on it. The management of Mediclinic Al Marjan Hospital has a clear plan to ensure all Saudi and international certificates of medical, operational, environmental and hospitality excellence. Based on the Mediclinic hospital reference status in all regions in which it operates, management is working to establish the building blocks to ensure that Mediclinic Al Murjan is a Saudi reference hospital that sets and ensures the highest levels of excellence. in all services. . Mazen Al-Tamimi said: “Mediclinic has shown great interest in the Saudi healthcare market and is committed to making large-scale investments in this activity in partnership with Al-Murjan Group.” Mediclinic International is a global healthcare company with a clear track record in the following areas: Hospital and hospitality infographics include a list of key equipment. Al-Tamimi revealed that Al-Murjan Group has excellent plans for future projects related to a wider healthcare activity that goes beyond just establishing a hospital in Jeddah, which will also include many hospitals, specialized clinics, mental health and recovery homes. in an integrated medical city, noting that Al-Murjan Mediclinic Hospital benefited from Mediclinic.International through their extensive experience in building, operating and providing medical services within their extensive network of hospitals and medical centers worldwide world, noting that the hospital will provide all specialized care services in line with international standards, along with a continuum of advanced healthcare ethics. It will also be equipped with the best staff at all levels of management, including receptionists, administrators, doctors, nurses and specialists. Al-Tamimi confirmed that Al-Murjan Mediclinic Hospital will witness further expansion of additional services, family and medical city, to provide patient-centered health care and to consolidate the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s position as a global destination for treatment. , through leading service providers and their contributors, such as Kling International, full project manager and Arabtec International, a design consultant and Khaled Juffali Contracting Company, general contractor and STS. Al-Murjan Group has previous experience in many fields, including providing high quality projects and operations, for example, Balsam owns the Oasis Health Care System used by a large number of large hospitals, and Al- Kawthar Industries is the oldest specialized water treatment company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also includes the real estate portfolio of an Al-Murjan company has some of the most prominent commercial and residential mega properties, which include the new hotel in Jeddah (Four Points by Sheraton), the Delta Hotel by Marriott (to be launched in 2024), in addition to the retail sector in all regions of the Kingdom, including ID Design and the leading car rental company Al Muftah.

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