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No one expected that virtual real estate would get the attention of many individuals, companies, financial institutions, and even governments, and that it would become a strong investment field, but the issue was the development of competitive real estate in the field of investment. , and there is no doubt that virtual real estate has sparked since its inception a widespread controversy that continues to this day, the controversy of its main pillar stems from the security of these real estate, and their ability to overturn traditional real estate, and perhaps the most salient feature of virtual real estate life is the instability since its inception and it fluctuates between ups and downs, sometimes shining, setting records that passed, for example, $ 13,000 per property and other times it falls vitally. under $ 1,000 Like other investment vehicles, virtual real estate managed to find two teams for it.

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Among the supporters who insist that virtual real estate will continue its growing journey despite their instability and may become the preferred investment interface globally for a large segment of citizens, and opponents who find that traders in it are just gamblers infected with the disease of buying to achieve a quick profit, regardless of the magnitude of the risks arising from it, which will lead them to collapse.Large and heavy losses they can not afford , and despite these divisions, virtual real estate has strengthened its position on several international fronts, starting with the entry of international businessmen and companies to invest in it, and as it was said in the past, no one buys fish in the water, but has now changed. In the case, there are those who buy real estate in the virtual world, yes, there are those who buy virtual real estate in the metavers world, and pay fantastic amounts of real money for these virtual real estate. Rather, their prices exceed real estate prices in the real world and the strangest thing is that they buy them without being able to visit them until now, as this market has been born from the womb of the future of the virtual world.

However, from my point of view, I see that there is no reason to be surprised by the rush to buy virtual real estate, the tech giants in the world are not stupid, but rather invest their money correctly, the prices of these real virtual. properties jump and multiply on a daily basis. For example, someone who buys a million dollars worth of virtual real estate today could be worth a billion dollars over a period of time. Because the value of these properties is related to lack and desire. To further illustrate the point when cryptocurrencies first appeared, someone bought two pizzas for ten thousand bitcoins.

That was in 2010, but today 10,000 bitcoins are worth nearly $ 600 million. By 2022, the VR industry is expected to reach $ 209.2 billion, so it’s safe to say it will go and not go away any time soon, and virtual real estate is an unchanging digital asset (NFT) in the world metaverse. Where people of all kinds interact using their digital personalities.

People can also roam with friends, visit virtual buildings and participate in virtual events within these complexes, and they include all aspects of social, commercial and entertainment, for a shared experience within a virtual world, in other words, is a clone of our reality. the world in the virtual world, where lands, buildings, avatars, and even names can be bought and sold. As outstanding arguments, often taking hundreds of thousands of dollars, digital scarcity is the underlying factor for the entire virtual world, there is a limited amount of virtual real estate like the physical domain, virtual lands are bought and sold through non-exchangeable arguments, ( NFT) and Ali For example, a virtual plot of land in Metaverse Decentraland sells for $ 2.43 million in cryptocurrency.

Metaverse Group, a subsidiary of (a publicly traded company that invests in crypto-assets that generate revenue related to decentralized finance and non-exchangeable tokens), has purchased 116 plots of land located on Fashion Street on the map and Decentraland.

Finally, the virtual real estate market in the metavers world is heating up and the pace of competition is accelerating, with investors paying millions of dollars to secure their place in the metaverse internet world of the future, and Facebook adopting technology metaverse and changing the name to Meta, which has intensified competition in the market.

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