Why does a boyfriend ask his girlfriend for a kiss?

Why does the boyfriend ask his boyfriend for a kiss?Many girls may ask about the secret of the lover who asks his girlfriend for a kiss and why he asks her from her, as the kiss is one of the tools that the boyfriend uses to express his feelings and the degree of love for the girlfriend. his, and of course the kiss is not without love, and the husband will not kiss the wife unless she had a lot of feelings of attraction and admiration.

Why does a boyfriend ask his girlfriend for a kiss?

There are many expressions of love that are expressed in romantic relationships, one of which is the kiss, which makes the relationship safer and warmer and both lovers feel happy and belong to each other.When a man i requires a kiss from a partner, is a sign that he likes, that he feels happy and wants to love you more and looks attractive both physically and mentally. At the beginning of a new relationship, which serves to strengthen emotional ties of related partners.[1]

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The importance of kissing in a relationship

Kissing is considered one of the basic and important things for a man, as it is a way to express love for your partner, boyfriend, or even the closest people in your family, and it is worth noting that kissing has many benefits, which. we will mention through the following points:[2]

  • The exchange of kisses between spouses has many benefits that contribute to the consolidation of their relationship, and the kiss of the wife by the husband is one of the things that shows the intensity of his relationship with her and the exchange of kisses works to increase intimacy. relationships between spouses, and during kissing the hormone oxytocin is released, which contributes to lowering emotional barriers, making the couple more connected and closer.
  • Kissing stimulates the secretion of the hormones oxytocin and dopamine, as these hormones help relieve stress and make a person feel happier and thus reduce the stress damage that affects a person such as psychological stress and high blood pressure. which increases the risk of heart attacks.
  • Kissing his partner’s husband every day increases the bond between the spouses, as it preserves the continuity of the marital relationship and makes their life filled with pleasure and happiness.
  • Kissing releases hormones that make both spouses feel passion and orgasm, and also releases serotonin, which makes them feel satisfied and lowers cortisol levels so that both feel relaxed.
  • During the exchange of kisses between spouses, their sexual desire increases as a result of increased secretion of hormones responsible for sexual desire in both men and women.
  • Kissing releases oxytocin, which increases confidence in both husband and wife. Trust is one of the important things to ensure the success of the marital relationship. Faith confirms the existence of love between spouses and an indication of the emotional bond of the relationship.
  • Kissing is one of the important things that shows the couple how much they care for each other. Kissing is not without love and the husband will not kiss the wife unless he has many feelings of admiration and attraction, and it is the perfect expression of sincere love.

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Types of kisses and their meanings

Kissing is the starting point for expressing love and is a popular and preferred feeling for both men and women, but kisses are of different types as each kiss has a meaning.[3]

  • kisses on the cheek: The kiss on the cheek shows the affection and intimate relationship between the two partners, and this kiss expresses the greeting, so it is considered as one of the most common types of kisses that circulate between people and young children.
  • a kiss on forehead: This kiss expresses the degree of attraction and love in the relationship. If the husband kisses his wife on the forehead, it indicates that he feels safe and satisfied with her presence, and most men use this kiss to start practicing intimacy. , and this kiss is considered one of the most favorite kisses by women.
  • Hand kiss: the kiss on the hands shows the husband’s respect for his wife and his appreciation for her, it also makes the woman feel caring and that she is in a special place for men, as this kiss appeared for the first time seen in European countries.
  • French Kiss: The French kiss is a kiss full of passion and a little violence, it is an intense and passionate kiss and is the most famous among spouses, where lips and tongue are used.
  • kiss on the earlobe: Ponytail kissing is one of the kisses that increases sexual desire in both spouses. It is very exciting and this is because there are many nerve endings in the earlobe that promote sexual arousal.
  • neck kiss: If the husband kisses his wife on the neck, it indicates that he wants to have an intimate relationship and many men use this kiss for prelude before starting the relationship.
  • Nose kiss: The kiss on the nose is considered as one of the soft and innocent kisses between spouses that expresses love and adoration as well as a bit of fun and play.

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Finally, we have completed our article after answering a question Why does a boyfriend ask his girlfriend for a kiss?We also learned about the importance of kissing in marital relationships and at the end of the article we talked about the types of kisses and their meanings.


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