Manrari Logistics Fund makes two strategic investments in Jafza

Dubai: “Bay”

Manrari Logistics Fund, a Dubai-based private investment company, announced that it has made two strategic investments in the Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza), the trading and logistics hub of DB World, which will increase the value of its investment portfolio. by 22.5% to $ 71.3 million.
The Manrari Fund was launched in 2018 by the Dubai-based Palmon Group. The fund mainly focuses on logistics and industrial facilities in countries such as Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Investments Park and Dubai South, in addition to investments in cloud, cloud kitchens and alternative spaces in the UAE.

Company “Infofort”.

The Fund’s first investment in Jebel Ali is embodied in the lease of a facility to InfoFort, an Iron Mountain subsidiary that focuses on data management, data backup and recovery, document management and data centers. The second investment is the leasing of a facility to EMS Integrated Solutions, a Danish company with operations in 9 countries specializing in fleet management, technical training and logistical needs of mission eligibility programs. The new investments included a 10-year lease.
Kunal Lahori, Manrry CEO, said: “We are proud of the new additions to our ever-growing investment portfolio. The investment is in line with our strategy to generate long-term and sustainable revenue from logistics assets, with significant exposure to the rapidly growing e-commerce market. Thus, it will allow our investors to benefit from a higher return and a commitment to save capital.
Abdullah Bin Demaithan, CEO and General Manager of DB World UAE and Jafza, said: “DB World’s vision is to lead the world of commerce by providing integrated global logistics solutions based on our core free zone, Jafza. makes everything possible through it … seamless networks and data-based solutions for more than 8700 companies from 130 countries.This extraordinary commitment has attracted the attention of major investment firms, such as the Logistics Fund, as they are confident in the ability of Jafza-based companies to deliver beyond excellence.We have used our facilities optimally to support our partners with the best services and these investments reinforce the consolidation of Jafza’s position as an ideal shopping center for launch and growth, and to seize unlimited opportunities for expansion. ”

Real estate investments

Manrry’s commitment to working with global partners is reflected in his approach to operations, as the company has appointed CBRE, an investment firm in integrated real estate services, as an appraiser and advisor for the next phase of fund growth. As the world’s largest trading company for real estate investments and services, CBRE is a global market leader in rental, property sales, contracting solutions, and facility management and valuation.
Lahori added: “Since the inception of the fund, our focus has been on developing a specific asset class and the COVID-19 pandemic has been a real test of the sustainability of our portfolio. By offering the right investment options to create better value for investors, we have been able to deliver cash returns of up to 7.7% per annum. We have also managed to overcome the global economic challenges left by the pandemic by developing a strong strategy and working with the right partners, as our focus is currently on promoting the continued growth of the Fund. ”

Increasing e-commerce
According to new analysis released by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The data also showed that e-commerce gained 8% of the retail market during the same year. Also, current high inflation rates coupled with the volatility witnessed by global economies witnessed an increase in demand for the real estate investment sector, which was traditionally seen as a safe haven.
This continued growth has led to an increase in demand for logistics properties, industrial warehouses and packaging centers, all of which constitute a major focus for the Manrre Fund’s portfolio growth.
The Manrray Fund deposited its shares in the NASDAQ Dubai Depository Center as part of its ongoing development plans for 2020. The NASDAQ Dubai Securities Center supports the implementation of a range of corporate actions, including making payments to shareholders, providing close links with international deposit centers. Transfers of ownership of all shares in Manri take place within the Depository Center.

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