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Atheer – Muhamed El-Araimi

It is true that entry into the country is the sovereign right of every country, but imagine that after a long planning, you go to travel and draw some stations in your journey, with the intention of walking, enjoying and get rid of toil and fatigue. that you have accumulated in the period before the trip and are surprised to “get back where you came from”, which is not a phrase in a police novel, but a reality and a scene that was often repeated when Omanians traveled to. Georgia.

In the following lines, a new scene from the return scenes of the Omans from Georgia – without giving a reason – is shown “Atheer” to the young Omani Hamad Al-Hamidi, who is among the 4 young people who ran their compass after thinking and planning. to travel to Georgia as a start to their journey, despite the negative news and campaigns launched by the Omanis on communication sites What happened after the four decided to travel to Georgia?

On a bright morning, on the fifteenth of May this year, four young men from Oman went to Abu Dhabi Airport to depart at seven o’clock in the morning for Georgia, and from here the story began; Al-Hamidi said: We arrived at Kutaisi International Airport in Georgia at 11:00 am and as we were leaving the runway, there were airport security personnel before entering the airport lounge. One of the airport security people asked us in English, “Are you from Oman?” We answered “yes” and thought we would have a special treatment and then waited in a special queue for Europeans, where their procedures were completed quickly, and Asians, Gulf nationals and a group of Omani – including us – were admitted to an investigative office, a Khalejhi and his wife were isolated between them, some questions were asked in an interrogation room. (How long to stay in Georgia, what is your plan and how many dollars do you have) and then us they left us waiting and thought that the procedures were over and after they finished cleaning the passenger procedures, we were surprised when they came back to us with “You will come back from where you came from and we will bring you the bags”.

And Al-Hamidi indicated that staying in Georgia was not part of the plan, explaining: We decided that Georgia would be the first stop on our trip, and then we would enter by land – in the north of Turkey – from the Batumi region near the border. – after learning about the experiences of Gulf youth going to Turkey from the same area, which we had planned and things are going well and therefore we planned the trip to be this itinerary.

The return of the Omans from Georgia – without reason – is a recurring scene, so we asked Al-Hamid a question: Is there a reason? He replied: We asked the airport staff about the reason, but one of them did not answer and the other answered only visually, we asked the airport police about the reason and one of them replied: “These are the laws of Georgia.” The answer is repeated when we are constantly asked about the reason, they return us and bring us a letter to sign in which was written the reason “other reasons” and none of them mentioned the reason and told us if you want to make a complaint , you can do this at the Georgian embassy in Abu Dhabi, and they did not hand over our passports and letters to us, but instead handed them over to the flight crew and handed us only the bags to take themselves to the plane.

Al-Hamidi added: We thought of booking another flight and another destination from the airport, but they refused and told us that we had to return to Abu Dhabi by the same plane that took us on a diverted flight. From the destination Georgia of different nationalities and at the same time two young people of Asian nationality who are Muslims returned and we asked them about the purpose of the trip, tourism or work, and they said it was a tourist trip. , and when we returned to Abu Dhabi we wanted to book for another destination, but it was not completed because each trip was preceded by planning, so we returned to Oman, and the trip and recovery period was not complete.

Upon their return, Al-Hamidi expressed this in a Twitter post, and some agreed with him, and some of the responses in the tweet suggested that the reason could be the non-completion of documents like medical insurance and others. We asked Al-Hamid about that and he explained: We had reservations and all the requirements, and all the documents were complete and very sound. And we completed everything we had from Abu Dhabi airport, and if there was a reason, the reason had to be explained and clarified. , but did not give us any clear reason, so we returned to Oman without knowing the reason.

Al-Humaidi gave advice to the Omans who wanted to go to Georgia, after his experience, where he said: You can enter the territory of Georgia, but the treatment from the airport will not be as expected from the traveler who wants to take a walk, recreation , and get away from the toil and fatigue. Worried about the reasons for this transaction and the recurrence of these situations or the certainty that this will not happen again. regarding the passport and others, asking yourself: If all the paperwork, documents, obligations and bags are very sound, why investigate and return?

Al-Hamidi closed his speech for “Atheer” by saying: We planned the trip and entered a global website explaining the travel procedures for each country. We reviewed travel procedures for Georgia and were attentive to all points. Some told us that they entered Georgia without complications, but some can enter according to the mood of the employee working at the Georgia airport, despite the presence of all documents and requirements for the passenger, but the body of the individual may be a reason for them prevented him from entering Georgia, in particular. those who engage.

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