CALLison RTKL reveals the factors that accelerate and delay the development of work environments

The well-being and happiness of employees in the workplace are the priorities of the new era

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Callison RTKL, the global architectural planning and design consultancy, has published its forecasts for the future of hybrid work environments and work styles, following a detailed study that drew lessons from the 2022 home and hotel work experience.

The report shows that companies in the future will focus primarily on the well-being and happiness of employees in the workplace, as well as retaining the talent with which they work and compete more than ever to attract new talent, especially in light of the wave of great. of resignations.

The Microsoft Business Attitude 2021 Global Index found that more than 40% of the global workforce is considering leaving their companies this year.[1]He stressed that work culture should not depend on the proximity of the employee to the company, but should go beyond the concepts of belonging, vitality, participation, happiness and a sense of freedom at work.

Commenting on the topic, Prodepto Ghosh, Director at Callison RTKL, said: “We all know how much work environments have changed, with employee well-being and happiness becoming a top priority for companies. Redesigning physical infrastructure is creating new ways in which people can Through which employees can choose the work patterns that suit them, especially as the office environment has become a flexible asset for organizations in order to retain their employees.We at Calison RTKL strive to “We inspire the workforce and enrich the work environment while maintaining employee happiness in their work. We also emphasize the need for a hybrid and flexible work concept from everywhere to attract talent in this competitive market and retain existing talent.”

Work from anywhere

Employees demand the freedom to choose their work style and location, and the UAE is one of the leading countries in supporting work style from anywhere, ranking third in the Middle East and North Africa region and 41 globally among the best travel destinations and. distance work in 2022, ahead of France, New Zealand and the United States. Companies in the Middle East focus on getting the job done regardless of location, but this is not a general rule that applies to everyone, so it is necessary to implement a framework that provides employees with some independence at work while maintaining organizational culture, sharing knowledge and experience, increasing productivity and supporting the brand.

Take advantage of apartments and hotels

Innovative companies aim to combine the advantages of the residential and hospitality sectors in designing work environments, recognizing that it takes more focus to support a hybrid lifestyle to attract and retain talent than to meet the needs of a hybrid business. For example, spacious lobbies can be turned into living spaces that serve clients, partners, colleagues and the wider community directly or online. Gallup points out that close social relationships in the work environment are an important factor, noting that poor workplace well-being costs companies $ 20 million in lost opportunities for every 10,000 workers worldwide.[2]In parallel with the reduction of reliance on traditional office spaces, there is an increasing focus on expanding workspaces that provide an environment for employee interaction and collaboration, such as collection areas where employees can rest, shop, and work. simultaneously.

Spaces that mimic nature

With its lagoons, hiking trails, bicycle areas, cycling facilities, sports fields, large halls and cafes, the demand for nature-inspired spaces is growing, as employees want spaces that help them relieve stress for an experience. inspiring and energetic. Companies are also seeking to avoid formality in the workplace by sharing comfortable kitchens, social centers and outdoor spaces, so that employees can communicate with each other and interact more. Just as outdoor spaces have become one of the most important features of apartments today, so too open green spaces have taken on more importance in work environments.


Although the near future focuses on ensuring the safety and health of employees, long-term solutions are oriented towards providing feasibility in the work environment and increasing its originality and comfort for employees, as well as providing additional income for the property owner. and its user. from hybrid and mixed labor offerings. With 88% of the workforce in the UAE considering leaving their jobs due to a weak institutional culture, the issue of finding a suitable solution has become very important.[3]Employees hope that traditional workplaces will be transformed into a flexible infrastructure that meets the current needs of work teams and better serve corporate employees to lead them to a brighter future by improving productivity and health. Theirs.

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