Between hobby and professionalism .. Learn about the culinary skills of Hollywood stars

While chefs are a staple in the lives of many celebrities, some stars actually enjoy cooking, whether as a hobby or as a hobby, or in their spare time, and some are really good at it, even do a step forward in this area. producing their own cookbooks, TV shows and more.

Jennifer Lopez

Despite her international fame in the field of song and acting, and apart from lack of time, this did not stop American singer Jennifer Lopez from trying to cook on many occasions, especially in her home and with her family, where she shares from Occasionally some of her clips from the kitchen, In a family atmosphere full of joy, collaboration and sharing.

Selena Gomez

In 2020, Selena Gomez launched “Selena + Chef”, a cooking show on HBO Max, filmed at her home during the coronavirus quarantine, and in April last year a third season was produced, in which Selena Gomez eats any new recipe. the episode presents a different chef, the guest chefs offer cooking tips and Selena Gomez shows off her efforts in the kitchen.

Amber Heard

In the midst of her legal crisis that has existed for years, it seems that American actress Amber Heard is trying to use cooking as a means of entertainment, as she often shares through her Instagram account some photos of her from the kitchen, but also sometimes. shares some videos while preparing some recipes, for which the public shares his thoughts and tips. , which manifests itself in their interaction through likes and comments.

Jennifer Garner

American actress Jennifer Garner’s Instagram account is not limited to sharing her artwork, but she is a celebrity who shares many of the details of her normal and normal life away from art and screen as she appears to the public practicing sometimes agriculture. , and other times arranging some things.She often appears in front of the public preparing some dishes in her home kitchen.

Drew Barrymore and Courteney Cox

Cooking American actress Drew Barrymore is not just a hobby, but is also part of her work in her entertainment and variety programs, where she occasionally presents several cooking segments, as well as participates in commercials for some brand products that relate to cooking utensils. While star Courteney Cox is one of the stars known for her love of cooking and one of the most common stars for her talent in preparing delicious recipes.

Blake Lively and Reese Witherspoon

In May 2018, Blake Lively admitted on Instagram that she may not know how to make good pasta, but with many photos she has proven that she knows enough delicious French baking, even decorating them as a professional, while Reese Witherspoon shares her kitchen. experiences on Instagram. Occasionally special cooking videos get a lot of interaction from the audience and followers.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has long revealed her love of cooking, even presenting an entire cooking show on Netflix called “Cooking with Paris,” documenting her cheats in the kitchen. She is neither a trained cook nor is she trying to be. “With the help of her famous friends, she is navigating new ingredients, new recipes and strange kitchen utensils.”

Anthony Hopkins

Cooking hobbies were not limited to the stars, as some stars also shared their experiences in food preparation, especially the international Oscar-winning star Anthony Hopkins, who is known for his active presence on social networks, where his fans share most of his hobby. and all-day activities, ranging from playing musical compositions on the piano, hiking and traveling, the most prominent of which was the preparation of a recipe in the kitchen, which received a great deal of interaction from the followers.

Stanli Tuçi

American actor Stanley Tucci’s skill in cooking is no less than his professionalism in art and acting, as he is not merely an amateur in the kitchen, but cooking is art, skill and science. Even in 2021 he presented a six-part documentary series on food and travel on CNN called “Stanley Tucci: The Quest for Italy”, for which he won an Emmy Prime Time and has several culinary books.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

American actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson has a food blog and cookbook with his girlfriend, real estate developer Julie Tannous, called “Food Among Friends.” Describing his activities in this area, Jesse wrote: “If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I have a passion for cooking and entertainment, in fact, if I were not an actor, I thought I would find my way to school of the kitchen, ”the duo also share their recipes on their website.

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