Alex Saab … The man of “Hezbollah” on three continents

Venezuelan businessman Alex Saab, or Ali Hassan Saab, or “Rasheed,” began his career with Hezbollah in 1996, and on May 13, New York Southern District Attorney Damian Williams announced his sentence after a trial. which lasted for a period of time.Two weeks. A jury found that he had received military training from Hezbollah, observing and significantly threatening some of New York’s most famous sites, including United Nations Headquarters, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building and local airports, tunnels. and bridges, by To provide crucial intelligence on how to attack it. He was also charged with adultery and making false statements.

Alex was trained by foreign Hezbollah terrorist operatives in the use of firearms, bomb production and intelligence gathering in New York and elsewhere to support attack planning efforts, according to court documents.

Who is Alex Saab?

Businessman Alex Naim Saab was born on December 21, 1971, in the Colombian city of Barranquilla.

Alex, or “Rasheed”, as some like to call him, began his career with “Hezbollah” in 1996, when he conducted the first control operation inside Lebanon for the “party” in the southern region “Yaroun” and in 1999 .he entered the training phase for various types of Hezbollah.Firearms, according to the US Department of Justice. Then, in 2000, at the age of 42, he transferred to the party unit responsible for foreign operations, and then received extensive training in weapons and military tactics, including how to produce bombs and weapons. other explosives. In the same year, he entered the United States legally using a Lebanese passport, before applying in 2005 to obtain U.S. citizenship, where he obtained it in 2008. Between 2004 and 2005, Alex attended training on explosives in Lebanon. , during which he received a detailed education in the fields of explosives, including detonation mechanisms and explosive materials.

Although Alex moved to America, he remained a member of Hezbollah’s 910 Foreign Security Organization and worked to monitor dozens of locations in New York City, including United Nations Headquarters, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Times Square and airports. Local, tunnels, bridges. He provided details of information about these sites, including photos, of the “party”, which has been designated by the United States on the terrorist list since 1997. The Colombian government had issued an arrest warrant against him in 2018. Some countries also investigated him on money laundering and terrorist financing charges, among others. US authorities consider him one of the symbols of the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his name appeared on the “Clinton List” accused of money laundering. His name and Maduro’s regime were associated with commercial activities, embezzlement and fraud with the so-called “Applause”, ie the Local Commission for Supply and Production, which are boxes of food provided by the regime to Venezuelan citizens.

On October 17, 2018, the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo published an investigation entitled “The United States and Israel reveal links between Maduro’s First Man and (Hezbollah)”, and that this “first man” is Alex Saab. At that time, the investigation revealed the relationship of the latter with the former. A two-year investigation by the Office of the Public Prosecutor and Digen (Colombian National Police Criminal Investigation Division) uncovered the textile company Shatex, which carried out counterfeit exports between 2011 and 2014, as Alex began his business with the Venezuelan regime, in addition for building houses.

According to the investigation, the trade was fake, as he made large money transfers between 2011 and 2014 between Canada, Britain, the United States and Venezuela. Although his business in Bogota, the Colombian capital, was booming, he closed it permanently in 2016. The report concludes that Alex’s possible support for “Hezbollah”, which is considered a major threat to Washington.

Alex’s relationship with the Venezuelan regime’s corruption

Venezuela had described the June 2020 arrest of “its government agent” Alex Saab, who is accused of being a front of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, “arbitrary”, following his arrest in Cape Verde, Africa, when he was in a private trip. Its foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza, issued a statement stressing the status of the “Venezuelan” businessman and “his diplomatic immunity”. He said that Interpol stopped him in “Cape Verde” without a red notice.

The Colombian newspaper, Semana, quoted a statement by the Foreign Minister as saying that, in relation to the Maduro government, the arrest of businessman Alex Naim Saab, from the city of Barranquilla (one of the most important Colombian cities), is among the attacks of the United States. United, which suddenly thwart the tireless efforts of the Bolivarian government, which aims to ensure the fundamental rights of the Venezuelan people for food, health and more. The statement also confirmed that Saab was a “Venezuelan” and was traveling as a government agent.

On October 21, 2018, the news appeared in a series of Latin media that “The Mexican Public Prosecutor’s Office confiscated a large consignment of food items worth 61 million dollars, distributed in 1,300 sea containers. In total, there were 1.8 million boxes named (Applause), the Venezuelan Supply Committee, each with milk, sugar, pasta, flour, beans, oil and canned tuna, was made possible thanks to the cooperation of several intelligence agencies that had worked for months to uncover a mysterious case connected to an international network through which hundreds of millions of dollars flowed.

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And two prominent names appeared on the trail, one famous and the last unknown, Maduro and his Colombian partner, Alex Naim Saab. Colombian newspapers also reported the opening of a company that was a “common thread” for all of Saab’s Hong Kong business and was linked to its closest associates, who agree to transfer money to Panama, thus avoiding taxes. through other companies that appear to be “ghost companies”. In this regard, the Colombian prosecutor sought to determine the source of the money and whether it passed through the United States financial system, but Alex’s lawyer insisted it was legal money, a product of business with the Venezuelan government, but the prosecutor considered it “part of Maduro’s secret wealth. ” According to Bloomberg, at the time, the US Treasury had accused him and his business partner, Alvaro Pulido, of money laundering, transferring $ 350 million to offshore accounts and offering bribes to Venezuelan officials. Washington said that instead of distributing food to the poor in Venezuela, Maduro is distributing it to his loyalists. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin stated that Saab was involved with the Maduro regime in using food to exploit the hungry population, distribute rewards to supporters and punish opponents, for which they received hundreds of millions of dollars. He was suspected of playing a role in conducting trade with Iran as part of a larger plan that included supplying Tehran with oil, workers and other supplies in exchange for $ 500 million worth of Venezuelan gold. but Lebanese lawyer Venezuelan businessman Marie Dominguez denied his involvement in the case, which is seen as a kind of circumvention of US sanctions. She said her client was “just a food entrepreneur”.

In 2017, the man stated that it was “an open book, my accounts are clear and my conscience is clear,” in response to allegations that he was involved in corrupt contracts with the Venezuelan government. And “Bloomberg” reported that he contributed to the conclusion of an agreement between Iran and Venezuela, and also worked to strengthen this country’s relations with Turkey. He is believed to be involved in supplying $ 900 million in gold to Turkey, at which point US officials feared the quantities had reached Iran in violation of sanctions. Until October 2018, Alex was under investigation by Colombian money laundering authorities for his relationship with the Venezuelan government between 2004 and 2011. During these investigations, a number of his aides were arrested and he denied the charges against him. The US Treasury says Alex has been trying to profit from Venezuela’s food imports since 2016, which suffers from a lack of basic materials, in a scheme that includes the children of President Nicolas Maduro’s wife and 13 companies in other countries. different.

In a press conference, a senior US official said, on condition of anonymity, that “in the face of a lack of foreign exchange in early 2018, Maduro gave Alex a monopoly on the sale of gold illegally extracted from areas in southern Venezuela.” . According to the Italian press, “Alex and his Italian wife Camila Fabri are also under investigation in Italy for money laundering.”

Humanitarian mission in Iran

Saab’s wife, former Italian model Camila Fabbri, protested against the detention of her husband from the “Cape Verde Republic” for 491 days and ended with his extradition to the United States, according to a memorandum submitted by US justice to Interpol . , and arrested him as he was leaving the archipelago country capital on June 12, 2020 towards Iran. She read in the press what she said was a statement of his in which he said: “He will not cooperate with the American authorities, but will face his trial with dignity, because I am not obliged to cooperate and I have not committed any crime and declare that I am in my mind and will not commit suicide if I am assassinated to say later that I committed suicide.Fabri revealed, in a media interview, the details of her husband’s abduction in the Cape Islands Verde and his extradition to the United States. She said Alex “had a diplomatic bag”, noting that “Cape Cape Police stole it, revealing the documents in it.” She added that “the documents were sent to him. by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro The Supreme Leader of the Revolution in Iran (Ali Khamenei), in order to seek support to face the Corona “, noting that” when he was abducted on June 12, 2020, he was going to Iran for carry out a humanitarian mission. “”. “In May after the theft of the bag, the Cape Town government published these documents through platforms and websites,” she added, noting that “during a year and a half of his arrest, Alex’s all fundamental rights were violated. And “Last week, before he was transferred to the United States, they blocked Alex’s entry into the United States.” “Alex’s extradition to the United States was expedited, while the case of his Cape Verde trial was not over.” She added that communication with her husband in Cape Verde was “very difficult and we could only communicate with him through messages”.

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