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Today (Monday, May 16, 2022), the first commercial flight of Yemen Airlines took off from Sanaa International Airport, which is under the control of Houthis, to the Jordanian capital, Amman, according to the meanings of the UN ceasefire. A navigation source at Sanaa airport, who asked not to be mentioned, told the German News Agency (dpa) that the plane took off with 151 passengers on board, most of them patients, including passengers with travel documents issued by the areas. controlled by Houthi. He stressed that the plane will land in Amman and is supposed to return from Amman to transport the sick and stranded there to Sanaa airport this evening.

For its part, Al Masirah satellite channel, which is speaking on behalf of Houthis, said that the airport administration confirmed that “commercial flights will be organized in the coming days if they are not hindered by the coalition of aggression”, referring to the Coalition military led by Saudi Arabia.

It is worth noting that the Saudi-led coalition has imposed an air ban on navigation at Sanaa Airport since 2016, with the exception of international flights.

Iran-backed Houthis accuse Riyadh of imposing a “siege” on Yemen, while the Saudis say they want to prevent arms smuggling to rebels.

And last April 24, Yemen Airlines announced the postponement of its first commercial flight in six years from Sanaa airport, due to the failure to obtain an operating permit from the coalition, following the refusal of the internationally recognized Yemeni government to allow passengers to use issued passports. from Houthi controlled areas. And last Thursday, the government announced its approval to operate flights from Sanaa Airport in Jordan, with passports issued by Houthis, during the ceasefire period.

She stressed that her agreement “came out of her full commitment to serve the Yemenis and alleviate their suffering caused by the Houthi militia coup since 2014 and her rejection of all political solutions”.

The UN envoy, Hans Grundberg, announced the start of a two-month ceasefire in early April, subject to an extension, which includes the cessation of military operations and scheduled flights from Sanaa airport and the opening of roads to the besieged governorate of Taiz by Houthis.


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