She appreciated the taste of Qatari women. Lebanese Marilyn Wazni tells her success story in the field of jewelry design | OVERVIEW

Lebanese designer Marilyn Wazni praises Qatari women’s taste in jewelry selection

Doha- She spent more than 20 years of her life designing jewelry and building her own brand, which took her from the Arab beauty capital Beirut to all Arab countries, and despite that, she still feels like a drop in the ocean at this field. , she is the Lebanese jewelry stylist Marilyn Wazni, whom we met on the outskirts of the jewelry and watches exhibition in Doha.

Wazni, the owner of the well-known jewelry brand “WAZNI”, confirmed that she is still at the beginning of her journey, especially as she designs individual parts and sets with the smallest details as if they were being designed for the first time. emphasizing the importance of preserving the classic style of designs while keeping pace with fashion.

Wazni said in an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera Net that he does not believe in electronic jewelry marketing, stressing that when it comes to precious jewelry, they should be examined and felt closely, and praised the high taste of Qatari women. . in the purchase of precious jewelry and the benefit of its ideas and aspirations, in their designs and field implementation.

It also touched on the extent to which the sale of jewelry was affected by the Corona pandemic and the attempt to overcome its effects during the current year, in addition to taking into account the presentation of designs for all age groups and their participation in Arab and regional exhibitions. .

Below is the text of the interview:

Wazni: Qatari women have a high taste in jewelry (Al-Jazeera)
  • Who is Marilyn Wazni and how did your career in jewelry design start?

I basically belong to a family that has been dealing with jewelry for many years in the mines of Africa, specifically in Sierra Leone, where they worked to extract raw materials for diamonds and then transported it to Belgium to be polished and turned into jewelry. . And you created our brand “WAZNI”. Although I did not have a sufficient background in design, my passion for it and my love for it contributed to refining my design talent by making an effort to gain permanent skills and practice in understanding clients ’tastes, which is the foundation to secure business. continuity and success.

  • What are the most important types of jewelry you design for?

I make designs that include 18 carat gold, diamonds and some precious and semi-precious stones, which are shaped into a variety of jewelry so that they are priced differently to suit the purchasing power of all categories and to satisfy everyone’s taste and to suit different. rasti.

  • At what stage did the journey of stylist Marilyn Wazni reach the world of jewelry?

Even today, after more than 20 years, I see that I am still at the beginning of the journey, as I give designs for individual costumes or even scenes, and pay attention to the smallest details as if I were designing for the first. time because we live in a constantly evolving world, and no matter how much we learn and gain more skills, we still need to get more out of it. I feel that I am still a point in the ocean of this vast field and on the ground over the years we have worked to build a well-known name that started in Lebanon and spread to all Arab countries. Gaining trust in those countries is the greatest achievement I have achieved.mechanism.

  • How did your designs reach the Arab countries and do you rely on e-marketing to promote your products?

I do not believe in e-marketing when it comes to precious jewelry, as they are precious pieces that need to be inspected, evaluated and felt closely. In the past, customers used to go to Lebanon to see these designs until we were able to open some branches for us in different Arab countries, as we have a branch in Doha, for example, for about 20 years, as well as in Abu Dhabi and Beirut.

We are keen on permanent participation in the Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition, as it is one of the best exhibitions in the world to meet the biggest and most important international brands, in addition to the medium and small ones, which would enable the client to choose the one that suits him.

One of my new weight models (Al Jazeera)
My weight confirms that it takes into account all categories during its jewelry design (Al-Jazeera)
  • Since your design career spans several years, how do you keep up with the different tastes between the ages you are facing?

Being close to clients and trying to understand their desires in the form of designs over the years facilitates the process of understanding the taste of each age group separately. Of course, what a woman in her fifties wants to wear is not the same as what a girl in her twenties desires to follow the lines of fashion, though I do not believe in it.Many in the world of jewelry, as it is important to preserve the classic style, which would preserve its value as precious pieces , so I learned. take all of these into consideration in designs so that every age stage finds what it requires in jewelry.

  • To what extent has the Corona pandemic affected the jewelry market over the past two years?

The whole world was affected during the pandemic and the jewelry sector was not isolated from its consequences, as the shopping movement fell in that period to more than 80% and was limited to a few simple requirements, but has now started to improve a lot better compared to the previous period and still needs further improvements To go back to the previous era, as markets are still suffering from the effects of pandemics and other global conditions like wars that caused rising commodity prices money for gold and diamonds. On the other hand, revenue rates were lowered, which was reflected in purchasing power and thus reflected in the designs, as we took this into account that the prices of parts and kits did not reach imaginary amounts unless requested by the customer.

  • What do you think is the taste of Qatari women’s jewelry?

Qatari women have a very high taste and we take advantage of their ideas and aspirations in design, and implement them on the ground, as women in Qatar are distinguished by their knowledge of various international and most famous brands, which i makes them distinct in their selection. jewelry, and we have to offer them designs that satisfy their taste and implemented within a short time.

  • What are your most prominent Arab and international positions as an Arab jewelry designer?

As we mentioned earlier, for more than 20 years, we have worked in this field and have branches in several Arab countries, especially in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, and since then we have participated in several Arab exhibitions in Bahrain , Saudi Arabia. , Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Fujairah, Sharjah and of course Qatar. In terms of foreign participation, I have not participated so far because the exhibitions often coincide with the Doha Jewelery and Watches Fair and other Arab fairs advantage over them. foreign counterparts, but if the opportunity arises in Europe in the future, we will certainly be present.

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