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Dealing with negative people is very annoying, as the negative person is always desperate and tense, and transmits the negativity to others around him, thus affecting close people in all aspects, even in the routine of home among family members. , whether at work between colleagues. , and this effect is very Clearly between spouses, so we will discuss in our article the effect of a man’s negativity on his partner and ways to deal with him.

negative traits of the husband
The energy that your negative spouse reflects is negativity. He is tense and angry in most cases, which leads to hatred and isolation from each other and can achieve what is known as psychological divorce, and the husband’s negativity causes your emotional and bodily escape as he tries to dispel negativity. in any situation or discussion between you It can be said that the negative couple has the following characteristics:

There are difficulties in communication: Communication in a marital relationship is the basis of a healthy and positive relationship, and lack of correct and effective communication can exacerbate problems, and the negative husband usually rejects the effective style of communication because he maintains a negative attitude before communication . .
She does not like anything: Even when you are both in the same room or in bed, the passive spouse can not find pleasant details in his daily life.
He does not feel happy: the negative man always feels uncomfortable in the relationship, so you turn into a hanger on which the cause of his tragedies in life depends and he can not understand or achieve happiness.
There is insecurity: You feel that your negative spouse does not belong to this relationship or this family you have created together, and he has a feeling of constant anxiety and family insecurity and a basket of negative expectations for the future of the relationship.
He debates all the time: This is an essential characteristic of the passive husband, as he debates with his wife and the debate is more about the position on the raised topic than the topic itself, and the goal is to earn more points than to achieve . a result that satisfies both parties.
He does not trust the woman: he doubts her words and actions, and he directs to turn the facts and change them and not to blame his wife for his actions.
The negative husband is always complaining: he always complains to friends and family about his relationship with you and complains about the simplest things because he can not face the natural problems with a positive mentality but tends to play the role of the victim .
Closing: Due to his insecurity, your passive spouse may no longer be open with you and may not share with you important details of the marital relationship, such as financial planning or vacations.
He does not exchange sexual desire: A negative man can abstain from marital relations for long periods, not only because of the many problems between you, but also because of the negative attitude towards himself and the relationship and his fear of the consequences of the relationship intimate every time.
Distance between you: he even shares his news with others from his family and friends and not with you, like salary increase or promotion at work.
Lack of interest in children: It is one of the characteristics that most influences your marriage, so his interest in children may be completely absent!
Addictive Behavior: The negative husband usually uses various forms of addiction, thinking that this is how he is escaping from facing the real problem. He can become addicted to a mobile game, watching movies, or even more dangerous types of addiction like gambling, alcohol. and drugs.
How do you handle your husband’s negativity to stay positive?
It is difficult to face a negative man in most cases, as you can encounter many complications in the relationship with him, in order to reflect his negativity and spread his negative influence to others, the first of them is you . these tips:

Stay Positive: Not only does it attract more good things, but it will be easier for you to deal with stressful situations like your husband’s negativity or anger, and when you have a positive attitude and feel good, you will you are in a much better position to help your negative husband and yourself.
Avoid using negativity to communicate: When you share or adjust your husband’s negative feelings in contrast to his condition towards you with the intention of communicating with him, this causes a doubling of the impact of negativity on the relationship and the bad results it can result. from it, and therefore you will be less effective in getting him out of the negative psychological or emotional state, while conversely, you can express the opposite kind of positive thoughts and feelings, not with the intention of provoking him, but to ‘raised the soul. and change his negative mood.
Your husband’s negativity is his nature and not your responsibility: no matter how much you love and care for your husband, you are not responsible for his happiness, but for yourself and your relationship with him, but not for him, and the way more good to help. he should keep your spirit high and encourage him to enjoy this positivity with you.
Give up the role of arbiter or sage who knows the husband’s interest: your husband’s negativity and weak character can sometimes push you as a result of negativity; Play the role of advisor, savior and universal connoisseur of the most appropriate solutions! If you do not want his energy to reflect on you, let him make his choices and stick to his thoughts, because focusing on his negativity and what you think he is doing wrong puts you in the same negative feeling. , so stop trying to persuade. what you know is best for him or make judgments.
Do not interact with your husband’s negativity: because if you respond to him, he will attract your attention and you will become as negative and aggressive as him. You can simply go on with your husband’s negativity quietly and choose not to respond and interact with the drama he creates just for your attention.
How do you change your husband’s negativity?
It will not be easy, you are not responsible for making her feel better, however here are some things you can do to help your partner be more positive:

Do not take your husband’s negativity personally: try to understand and comprehend what is going on and that all these negative feelings have nothing to do with something you said or did to upset him.
Do not put too much pressure on him: If he rejects your offers of help, do not push him too hard in order to give him some space and time to think about what you are trying to do for him.
Spend time with positive people: The more you surround yourself with positive people, the more ability you have to tolerate your spouse’s negativity and who knows, he or she will probably pass on some positive infection.
Invite your spouse for a walk: or do some fun activities with you at least once a week.
Recognize his achievements: You can always be grateful to him for every effort, no matter how small, to try to change his negative attitude.
Encourage him to try new things: take an expedition, change his job, or start his own business.
Set healthy boundaries: Do not focus your efforts on pleasing your spouse, but focus on life, work, children, friends, and family.
Seek professional help: You can always turn to relationship specialists and counselors for help.
Tips for dealing with a negative man
You should be tired of facing a man’s negativity, but the following tips can help you focus on your positivity in order to help your husband and partner let go of his negativity:

Be confident and find out what happens before you judge: There must be a simple or fundamental reason for your husband to suddenly turn negative, he can only seek out the discovery of his inner problem and his help to overcome it, especially if your husband is not honest with you. .
Try to listen to him carefully and help him in different ways: the negative husband usually does not like to say exactly what is happening, but can give some suggestions, try to find out what is happening to him.
Seeing the positive side: trying to remember your husband’s positive things, and it can be hard to remember happy moments now, but try this way to remember many happy details that were suppressed by his negativity. Also, remember your husband all the happy moments together.
Set the right boundaries: How willing are you to endure your husband’s negativity? When should you set a limit and demonstrate your tolerance for it? Even regret has its limits. Can you stand life with your husband if he has been a narcissistic and negative person since the beginning of your acquaintance?
Do not let your husband cause his misery on you: just because he is your husband does not give him the right to throw negativity on you and your misery because of him will not be the solution, let him try to solve it himself his internal problems. , and be supportive in return.
Your husband must understand that he is the cause of his negativity: do not let him shirk responsibility for his actions, most likely it is the root of his problems, he must understand that he is the one who holds the key to his happiness.
The effect of husband negativity on relationships
Positivity is the basis of a healthy marital relationship and is the key component of a prosperous life. Yet there is no perfect relationship, but when there is a man who is constantly angry or negative, your fate can be disappointment and a feeling. of permanent despair One of the most negative effects of husband negativity in the relationship is:

Damage to security and trust: Your husband’s negativity can lower your confidence and can make you feel like it is your job to make your husband happy with a full time job!
Fear of expressing love and receiving love: You need to walk on anxious egg shells to consider your marital problems and negative mood.
Fear of injury: whether you or the children, because your husband constantly shows negativity, makes you feel underestimated or suffers from self-esteem problems, which may reflect verbal or physical violence on you and the children.
The husband distances himself: he does not take care of you and the children, he even leaves you to take care of the whole house.
Sadness, loneliness and anxiety: because living with a negative person constantly shows anger and negativity; It can affect the quality of your life.
Increase sexual temptations: Your passive husband may betray you in the first instance he gives you because he still views the relationship that unites you in a negative way that makes him seek alternatives.
The quarrel over the same things over and over again: the same situations and the same problems that do not find radical solutions are repeated, which leads the relationship to a dead end.
In the end .. “Never underestimate your ability to change yourself and never exaggerate your ability to change others.” Remember this phrase, madam, if you have ever thought that you were able to remove your husband’s negativity from his roots, even if he has previously been a positive person before life and for some circumstances. Turn into a negative person. Here you can help him change his negativity. As for the narcissistic man who is negative from the beginning, changing him is something that may be difficult or even impossible.

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