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New haircuts can create a sense of change, but some people recovering from trauma – like the death of a loved one, the end of a romantic relationship or the loss of a job – may be prone to make some changes in their life. tire. with which they begin to adapt.

The size of the change varies according to the person and the level of stroke, it can be partial, such as. choosing a new style of clothing, but sometimes a person may feel the need to radically change his appearance, taking clear steps like e.g. dyeing hair in a surprising color, or even cutting or shaving hair completely.

But what is the relationship of the haircut specifically with the moments of emotional suffering?

The symbolism of poetry versus identity

Our natural hair represents our self-acceptance, and in addition to being one of the things that make us feel good about ourselves, our hair can be a means of expressing our personality and self-image, so when we decide to look after it a traumatic experience. , we choose to make a sacrifice that reflects our desire for urgent change.

Making a big difference in your appearance is comforting because you see the immediate results of your actions, which reminds you of the power and control over your life, says psychologist Lauren Appio for Lifehacker.

Hair is also symbolic, as although it may seem trivial because it is “capable of growing back”, it relates to who we are. Hair style and length are many things according to the culture and custom in each person’s environment, so radically changing them may reflect our desire to affirm our connection to our society or to turn against it.

Haircut is a form of self-care, helping yourself to feel better (Shutterstock)

Haircut..take care of yourself

It is normal for someone in emotional distress to want to change their appearance and according to therapist Kristi Beck, “haircut is a form of self-care because you are doing it to help yourself feel better”.

And after experiencing some kind of great stress, it helps you give yourself some kind of recovery and change to feel even relatively excited. Although it should not be an external change, cutting hair or changing wardrobe are psychological investments to improve the situation.

Stress tends to ruin us emotionally, absorbing a huge amount of energy spent on personal hobbies or household chores. In times of crisis, our priority is to try to alleviate the pain immediately, and depending on the degree of pain and trauma, forms of self-absorption. care is all that is needed to start improvement.

These include practicing a healthy lifestyle, building new relationships and cutting hair differently.

temporary bandage

Superficial changes in appearance and sensation can act as a “temporary mask” for a wound with far deeper consequences than a simple change. And the haircut at that time is nothing but an attempt to deceive yourself from the beginning, without negative feelings.

In these cases, the residual effects of the trauma may reappear suddenly, because what has happened here is a “suppression of painful feelings” and an obligation of oneself on stage faster than experience dictates.

And in a study published in the journal Sage Pub, making a drastic change – especially if it seemed completely different from the person’s nature – was linked to the degree of psychological suffering and emotional instability.

For example, in February 2007, pop star Britney Spears completely shaved her head, which later turned out to be part of a mental breakdown that eventually led to her admission to a psychiatric hospital.

It is true that the singer at the time was going through a divorce, abusing drugs and alcohol and battling mental illness, according to the newspapers, but shaving her head was a way to “free herself from pain and regain control” in exchange for the helplessness she felt for her life.

The desire to get rid of pain makes us make impulsive decisions like cutting hair harshly (Shutterstock)

False sense of control

“When we go through a painful period, we tend to make decisions that offer immediate relief,” says Rebecca Newman, a psychologist for Dazed Digital.

And if you get seriously ill or get divorced, you will inevitably feel out of control over events. Depending on the degree of stroke, there will be significant life changes equivalent to the level of heart failure. In all cases, mourn the loss.

Clinical psychologist Seema Hingorani told Time India newspaper (The Times of India) “Many women think that their appearance is the only thing they have complete control over, so when they decide to cut it short, it is burning old identity and preparing a new page for them. . “

“Dramatic hair changes are a way to get rid of the past. We make a new version of ourselves and the quick and easy way to do that is to cut the hair and change the color or one of them,” he says. hairdresser Eloise Chung. Hello Giggles.

The quickest and easiest way to make a new version of yourself is to cut your hair or change its color (Shutterstock)

Beware of haste and regret

While the temptation to try a bold haircut may seem like a tempting idea, British writer and model Alexa Chang says caution.

“It’s the first thing women do, but you’re not in a good position to make long – term decisions in those periods of your life and you’ll have to spend years living with it,” she tells Stylist.

“Do not shave your hair completely. Do not bleach and destroy their original color, do not do anything irreversible, because you will regret it later,” she warned.

According to a study by TYME Style magazine, 20% of 680 American women reported feeling dissatisfied with a haircut they did not like after having it done, while 1 in 6 said they felt ashamed to go out in public.

To determine if the haircut you are thinking about after an emotional crisis is right for you, psychologist Rebecca Newman, according to Dazed Digital, suggests asking yourself if your decision stems from a sense of power and desire for change, or compensation for the pain that you would use.New haircut as an artificial way to soothe it.

She explained that if it was a deliberate decision preceded by an online search for the perfect story for you, it would often be a conscious decision and not a reckless reaction to escape the pain.

In the case of hypothyroidism, hair and nails are not supplied with important nutrients, which leads to hair loss and brittle nails.
It is okay to cut your hair just because you are bored and want a change (German)

Remember .. hair can grow

However, it should not be given more than its size, it is actually just a hair that can grow back and there is no problem to cut it just because you are bored and want a change.

Also, if you decide to update your appearance in an initial reaction to an emotional breakup, or mourn the death of a loved one, it does not necessarily mean that you are pushing for deeper problems or running away from grief, because it depends on how you feel afterwards.

If you have not started to feel a little better after at least a month of your emotional crisis, something deeper may happen that requires professional psychological support to get through it safely.

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