The UAE is among the top 10 globally in terms of competition for the tourism sector

The tourism sector, under the leadership of the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him, has taken qualitative steps to make the UAE one of the top 10 globally in the main indicators of global competition in terms of tourism, travel . and the hotel sector during 2021.

The success of the tourism sector in the UAE was an inspiring model for many countries, especially as the UAE was able to strengthen its position on the global travel and tourism map, to become one of the top destinations important and largest global tourism, according to many specialized international reports and indicators.

The contribution of the travel and tourism sector to GDP has reached 11.6%, according to data from the Ministry of Economy, while its revenues are about 180.4 billion dirhams in 2019. Abroad in 2019 are 143.1 billion dirhams. The number of new hotels over the current decade has increased in the UAE, as the number of hotels in the UAE reached 1,089 in 2020, while the capacity of hotels in the country reached 180,000 hotel rooms.

Arab and regional leadership

The UAE topped the Arab world and the region and was ranked among the top 10 globally in the main indicators of global competition in the tourism, travel and hospitality sector during 2021, which enhances the country’s position as one of the most popular tourist destinations. globally preferred. which attracts more than 27 million visitors a year. The UAE ranks first in the Arab world, regionally and globally in the index of the presence of large rental car companies, according to the report “Competitiveness of travel and tourism” published by the World Economic Forum in 2021. It was also ranked i first in Arabic. globally, regionally, and sixth globally in “Sustainability and Development of the Travel and Tourism Sector”.

According to the Federal Center for Competition and Statistics, hotel facilities and their distinctive services are a large part of the tourism elements that help attract tourists from inside and outside the country, so the country’s Emirates were keen to expand investments in this sector. to cope with the large annual increase in demand for tourism, according to the needs and components of each emirate.

hotel facilities

The Center revealed the continuous increase in the number of hotel facilities in the Emirates of the country, from 64 hotel facilities, with a capacity of 5379 rooms in 1978, to 1,089 facilities with a capacity of 180,257 hotel rooms and apartments in 2020, with an increase of 1601.5% of the number of hotel facilities and the increase in the number of hotel facilities, which exceeds 3251% in the capacity of hotel facilities in the country. The operational capacity of the hotel facilities in the country, which includes the number of guests and the number of hotel nights, witnessed a continuous increase during the period 1979-2020, as the number of guests increased from 392,000 guests, who spent more than a million. and 19 thousand hotel nights in 1979, in 14 One million 882 thousand 258 hotel guests have spent 54 million 323 thousand 945 hotel nights during 2020, despite the fact that the tourism sector is globally affected by the pandemic of the Corona virus ( Covid-19).

continue healing

In the post-pandemic period, the tourism sector continued its continuous recovery, reaching and leading global centers in many indicators. The sector results for 2021 showed that the hotel facilities in the country attracted 19 million hotel visitors, with an increase of more than 29% compared to the number of guests for 2020 and domestic tourism accounts for 58% of the total number. of guests, compared to 42% for guests abroad. In 2021, hotel facilities reached revenues of 28 billion dirhams, achieving an increase of up to 70% compared to 2020.

accommodation in hotel

Also, during the last year over 75 million hotel nights were booked, an increase of 42% compared to 2020, while the frequency of hotels has reached 67%, given that this percentage represents one of the highest rates achieved in leading tourists. destinations in the world. The number of hotel facilities in the country increased during 2021 by 5% compared to its counterpart in 2020, reaching 1144 facilities.During the same comparative period was achieved an increase in the number of hotel rooms by 8%, for reached 194,000 rooms. in all the Emirates of the country.

The center showed that the UAE, through its unique tourist, heritage and urban attractions, has become the focus of attention for visitors from around the world, who are keen to make the UAE a stop on their tours tourist, showing the same. time for the key role played by domestic tourism in the process of recovery of the domestic tourism sector from the global consequences of the pandemic “Covid-19”, which has significantly affected global tourism over the past two years, which increases the power of tourism. sector, and its role as a major contributor to supporting the national economy.

An integrated tourism system at the state level

The domestic tourism sector in the UAE has been experiencing tremendous activity for years, thanks to the vision of the UAE government, which launched the “Domestic Tourism Strategy” in December 2020, with the aim of developing a system of integrated tourism at the state level. and regulating local tourism between the seven emirates, in cooperation with various local and federal authorities and institutions concerned with the tourism, heritage, culture and entertainment sectors of the community, and increasing the role of the domestic tourism sector in supporting the economy national as well as thanks to a package of projects and promotional initiatives that attracted a wide segment of the Emirati society.

The UAE embraces many tourism options that combine modernity, history, natural and industrial monuments, such as Burj Khalifa, Louvre Museum, Dubai Frame, Yas Island projects, Saadiyat, Al Qasba, Al-Zawra Nature Reserve, Jebel Jais, and other landmarks that have formed global tourism icons. , all contributed to the sustainability of tourism growth and increased the sector’s position on the regional and global map.

• 75 million hotel nights are booked during 2021, an increase of 42% compared to a year ago.

• State-owned hotels recorded the highest hotel occupancy rates globally, at 67%, over the past year.

• Hotels in the country last year attracted 19 million hotel visitors, an increase of 29% compared to the number of guests for 2020.

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