The “House of Wisdom” in Sharjah is a gateway to Metaverse

With the participation of 60 international artists and 15 local artists specializing in the field of digital art and cryptography, the House of Wisdom, the innovative cultural project developed by the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), opened yesterday, Tuesday, the first exhibition . of Interchangeable Symbols (NFT) in Sharjah, an exhibition “Gateway to Metaverse”.

The opening of the exhibition, which runs until April 15, was attended by a group of senior officials and experts, mostly Marwan bin Jassim Al Sarkal, CEO of the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), Ahmed Obaid Al Qaseer, Executive Director of Operations in (Shurooq), and Marwa Al-Aqroubi, Director of Bait Wisdom, Xavier Tsang-Herbrich, founder of the Global Art Exhibition project, and other personalities and artists.

The exhibition offers a wide space for artists, technology experts, cultural institutions and art collectors and aims to promote the convergence between traditional and digital art and to introduce visitors to the latest digital technologies that have changed the creative art scene in world.

The exhibition will be held at the Al-Khwarizmi Gallery in the House of Wisdom, in collaboration with the Global Art Exhibition project, which is a global platform for artistic talent, and the Moro platform, which is the main initiative in the Emirates United Arab Emirates to coordinate digital art exhibitions representing inaccessible.replaceable symbols (NFTs).

The exhibition will feature a selection of artists from the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, Asia and the United States; Displayed on 24 screens, their work includes portrait, landscape, abstract and surreal art, as well as sculpture, virtual reality and artificial intelligence; As part of two sessions during the exhibition period, the first session will host more than 30 international artists, followed by the second session, hosting approximately the same number of artists as well as 15 UAE artists residing in the country. .

Art for everyone

During the opening of the exhibition, Marwa Al-Aqroubi, director of the House of Wisdom, said: “The exhibition embodies the message of the House of Wisdom, which aims to provide a platform to promote civilizational and cultural dialogue and knowledge exchange. in various fields in an integrated environment that stimulates imagination and creativity. Through it, we look forward to supporting and enhancing contemporary art using irreplaceable argument technology and blockchain, ”referring to the role of the exhibition to enable creators to invest in their innovative ideas in the art world and to lead their talents.

In her opening remarks, Amira Bin Faris, Program Director at House of Wisdom, said: The exhibition aims to bridge the gap between the virtual world of metavers and the real world through art, as well as introduce artists, collectors and visitors to the concept. and metavers techniques. The exhibition offers a group of international and local artists a leading platform to showcase their creativity ranging from digital art to crypto art and traditional art.

Sharjah is a supportive environment for art

Regarding the choice of the Emirate of Sharjah to host the exhibition, Xavier Tsang-Herbrich, founder of the Global Art Exhibition project, said: “Sharjah represents an incubator of promising opportunities and an inspiring beacon for culture, art and knowledge exchange. and our collaboration with the House of Wisdom in organizing this exhibition reflects our shared vision.Supporting contemporary art and artists.

On the other hand, Anna Seaman, co-founder of the Moro platform for digital art exhibitions, said: “The House of Wisdom is an ideal place to host this exhibition, which introduces the public to the concept of digital art and irreplaceable symbols. as it includes pioneering facilities for learning and knowledge sharing. ”

Dr. Nina Heidemann, Director of the Maraya Center for the Arts, explained that “Gateway to Metaverse” highlights the promising perspectives it offers artists through the technology of irreplaceable symbols; She said: “Digital art offers wide opportunities for traditional art and the close relationship between them has contributed to the promotion of creative and artistic dialogue worldwide.”

At the end of the opening ceremony, Stefano Favarito, digital art expert and curator of the exhibition, accompanied the guests, artists and media people, walked the corridors of the exhibition, to see the works of art and their aesthetic and creative elements.

Characteristics of digital art

Irreplaceable symbol artists presenting their work at the “Gateway to Metaverse” exhibition have managed to redefine digital art and redefine the concept of art in the new virtual world, starting with irreplaceable dynamic symbols, and 3D works in 360 degrees by different environments, ending with the moving image.

seminars and workshops

The program of the exhibition includes a series of seminars to discuss the use of modern technology in the art world and to introduce visitors to modern channels of artistic expression. It also includes workshops aimed at enabling artists and visitors to transform their artwork into immutable landmarks (NFTs).

The opening day activities started with a symposium “Dialogue with local artists”, which discussed the latest trends in the field of irreplaceable symbols and the challenges faced by traditional artists, including traditional art in the world of metavers and pixel art as irreplaceable. symbols, and dwelled on the applications of fashion design in the world of metaphysics. The exhibition will witness the organization of two discussion sessions, the first entitled “Gateway to the World of Metaverse” to introduce visitors to the world of immutable signs and metavers, while the session addresses “Irreplaceable Gardens: A Bubble or a future ?” The value of symbols, their legal aspects and the future of art.

And a seminar entitled “How to become a photographer with the technology of irreplaceable symbols”, which aims to acquaint participants with the basics of storytelling and photography within the spaces of irreplaceable symbols, while the workshop “How to create 3D irreplaceable symbols” focuses on programs and applications specializing in 3D designs.Dimensions and 3D printing technology.

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