The fire in the apartment of the Al-Ahly player gives the alarm. The houses are without fire protection

– Why are there no civil protection devices, fire brigade and alarm system inside residential buildings?

In the last period, the victims of fires in residential real estate have increased, which requires alarm for all officials, the implementation of laws on the ground and the end of the state of “inaction” that regulates the case so that we do not wake up. in a new fire, and the victims either lost their lives and their children or lost their homes and remained homeless and that the competent authorities follow the implementation of safety and security measures that should be available in homes and apartments and that contribute in reducing and preventing the occurrence of fatal fire accidents.

The latest of these incidents was the tragic fire at the home of Al-Ahly swimming player Khaled Kamal Zaki, which resulted in the death of him and his two sons after he and his son fell from the balcony of the house after he was tried to climb and escape the fire to upset their balance and drop two lifeless bodies while his 9-year-old daughter was drowned by smoke.

Images circulating from the apartment fire and the fall of the father and his son on social media aroused the sympathy of social media pioneers, especially for the lack of protective equipment inside the building and the inability of civil defense forces for the apartment to save the family.

According to the investigation, it was ascertained that the cause of the fire was a short circuit in the living room of the apartment, then the fire spread to the rooms, in a row, and this fire was not the first of its kind and days before the end of the holy month of Ramadan, as a result of a short circuit a fire broke out in an apartment in the area of ​​Shubra, being thrown down to take it, saving it from death and extinguishing the fires with the help of people. , in the absence of civil protection conditions inside real estate and residential buildings, what opens the most dangerous dossier The text of a law that obliges real estate owners to design a firefighting system inside buildings during their design?

Statistics of apartment fires and their victims in Egypt

Burning accidents are the number 3 cause of death in Egypt, because the injured find it difficult to find a place for treatment, especially since the burn needs urgent treatment 6 hours after the injury to save his life. burn.

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics announced that fire accidents in Egypt in 2020 amounted to 51,963 accidents, compared to 50,662 accidents in 2019, an increase of 2.6%.

The device found that the main causes of fires were industrial fires “cigarette butts – matches – fuel – sticks etc …” to the extent of 56.8%, electric shorts or friction sparks at the rate of 20.3%, self-ignition. with 12.2%, stoves, ovens and boilers with 5,%, gas fires with 5.4%, and lastly fires from oil and flammable liquids with 0.3% of the total causes of fires, while empty soil “garbage and rubbish” came. at the top for places where fires occur with 48.8%, followed by residential buildings with 28.6%, and in the last ranking were recorded Police installations with 0.1%.

According to the criminal case, negligence ranks first for fire accidents with 26,182 incidents, or 50.4%, followed by accidental fire with 24,857 incidents, or 47.8%, and arson with 924 incidents, or 1.8%, during year 2020.

The governor of Cairo came out on top in terms of fire accidents, with 6887 incidents, or 13.3%, followed by the governor of Giza with 3836 incidents, or 7.4%, and that of North Sinai with 75 incidents, or 0.2% of May marked the first place for fire accidents with a rate of 11.3%, followed by June with 9.7%, and at the end of December with 6.3%, which is the lowest at the monthly level of total fire accidents.

Experts call for security and protection at home

Nader Noaman, former Assistant Minister of Interior for Civil Protection, confirmed that the rate of fire accidents in Egypt is very high and this is due to lack of awareness, human misconduct and non-compliance with security precautions. Egypt ranks sixth. globally, and first at the Arab level in the rate of fires, noting that the Department of Civil Defense in Egypt receives more than 50,000 fire reports during the year, noting that the exaggerated height of buildings and the variety of floors present an obstacle in extinguishing fires and the fire can be controlled within the first three minutes and then the difficulty begins, in addition to the lack of Supervision and non-implementation of the necessary procedures and instructions, as well as safety and security requirements. are the cause of most recent fires.

For his part, Dr. Tamer Abdullah, a consultant in the field of occupational safety, said that the common and key factor in most of the fires that Egypt witnessed is the lack of occupational safety and security requirements, as well as the human element or the owner of the facility, and negligence in procedures security behind them is a factor he neglected in his duties, and more than that is that quite a number of facilities do not implement this. Costs or does not appoint a technical officer who is aware of the importance of these requirements.

Abdullah stressed that safety and security requirements at work are no longer a luxury and should be provided in all residential, industrial and commercial buildings to reduce the rate of fires, in addition to the necessity of providing firefighters in buildings and apartments and educating citizens. on how to use them, as well as the need to provide protection factors and fire alarm networks. Comes without warning and can be checked at the beginning of its ignition, explaining that children should be given courses in schools on how to deal with fires. when they explode in the house and try to protect themselves and act quickly by calling the Civil Protection and the family should dial the numbers of organizations specialized in firefighting and teach children how to deal with firefighters and the need to provide those. at home, not just in objects.

Major General Yasser Abul-Majd, a civil defense expert, believes that country ventilation, such as a factory, shop, shop or home, is one of the foundations of civil protection and that ventilation should not be less than one-sixth of the country. so that we can resolve the issue in the face of any fire. The penalty for violating industrial safety is very weak, does not exceed a thousand pounds and shop owners neglect these requirements, except for the use of wires and connections that do not comply with the specifications, and this is a great disaster for shops and homes.

Abul-Magd pointed out that one of the available prevention methods to ensure safety inside the home is that homeowners should install fire alarms and use fire extinguishers inside every home, explaining that firefighting is a lifeline to extinguish fires and save lives and property, especially with the presence of gas connections. It is normal in the home and the large number of electrical appliances that cause high load and pressure on the electrical wires. Residents of the apartments must ensure the safety of electrical wiring and periodic maintenance, and in the case of residential towers (6 floors or more), the property owner is responsible for the complete provision of the tower.

Civil protection factors inside homes

Home fires are among the things that can be avoided and their effects mitigated, by following the safety requirements that civil protection organizations advise to provide in the home, as the General Directorate of Civil Protection works to deny permission for electricity connection in any building. or the facility before all protection and security requirements are met. Explain that at the beginning of those responsible for these projects provide engineering maps and the risk lies in the villas and apartments in particular where there is no supervision. them, which requires the provision of fire alarms as smoke detectors, which are found in markets at low prices and accessible to all.

The Civil Protection Authority explained the need to provide these devices, as they give a sense of security and confidence when a fire occurs, because they act as the first fire alarm in the home, especially at night and when the family is asleep and that the sounds of alarm emitted by smoke detectors will suffice to be the first warning line to notify those who are home of a fire, whether in the morning, in sleep or in the evening.

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