Musk’s acquisition of Twitter raises speculation about the future of communication platforms

The news of the acquisition of the famous Twitter platform “Twitter” by American billionaire Elon Musk is still attracting the attention of experts, followers of the digital media market and social media platforms, as the conclusion of the agreement includes the impact on the future of these platforms, the way governance and organization of their work. Although Musk has not fully disclosed his plan regarding Twitter, what has been leaked and published so far about the features of this plan raises speculation and questions about the change that Musk intends to make in the platform platform market. social networks.

noise about the deal

More than that, and as the world awaits the conclusion of the deal, Musk shared on Twitter last Friday a report talking about “fake accounts” on the platform, accompanied by a comment in which he stressed that “the deal is temporarily suspended until it is confirmed that the percentage of fake accounts does not exceed 5% This caused Twitter shares to fall by 10%.

Hours later, Musk posted again on Twitter, stressing “his commitment to concluding the deal.” Brett Taylor, CEO of Twitter, responded to him on his personal account, saying: “We are also committed to concluding the deal.” As Parag Agrawal, CEO of Twitter, said in a series of posts Friday night in response to questions that accompanied the departure of the two top Twitter executives and the suspension of all “non-essential” appointments, that “while I wait for the deal to finish, we need to be prepared for all the scenarios and do what is right for (Twitter).

In this context, observers believe that Mask’s talk of temporarily suspending the deal is meaningless, especially since the deal is scheduled to take place on October 24, according to (the purchase agreement), and the deal requires Musk to pay $ 1 billion in case The transaction could not be completed. According to observers, “what is happening may be an attempt to lower the value of the deal, especially since the value of Twitter’s share fell below its value at the time of the takeover bid.”

Khaled Al Barmawi

In any case, while some experts are skeptical about the feasibility of implementing some aspects of Musk’s plan, they attribute his success to new ideas that car owner Tesla and space company SpaceX may have on the Twitter platform. , noting that Musk’s desire to buy Twitter stems from “his quest to gain more influence through a platform for elites and decision makers.” Last month, Twitter’s board of directors approved Musk’s offer to buy the platform for $ 44 billion, and the deal is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. However, observers believe that “with the continuing decline of shares (Twitter) in the stock market, it is possible that the agreement is not in the announced amount and there is a possibility of revaluation of shares.”

Impact on the elite

Raef Al-Ghouri, an information technology specialist and Syrian media trainer working in the UAE, said in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, “It’s natural if you are one of the most successful people in the world. aspirin have the power to influence through media and social media platforms, which the world has included, describing him as the fourth authority … which explains Musk’s desire to buy Twitter, following his success in providing solutions in Tesla car transport, in the field of satellites via SpaceX, and the Star Link satellite internet, in addition to his interest in digital currencies and his quest to spread it worldwide, particularly Dogecoin.

And he goes on to say, “The platform (Twitter) has the advantage of being a news platform for most thought leaders and decision makers in the world, and this advantage it enjoys (Twitter) is one of the reasons why Musk chose the elite instead of the masses. at least in the first phase ”.

On the other hand, Khaled El-Barmawy, an Egyptian journalist specializing in social media and digital media, presents a broader view of the social media platform market. He believes that “the next period will witness more developments in this sector, to complement the rapid developments that have occurred in the last three years.” And the introduction of platforms from different countries like China and Russia in the line of competition, which is normal for a sector that is still in its teens and in the coming period will prove more efforts to legalize and regulate its use and of course Musk’s acquisition of (Twitter) will play a role in these transformations. ”

Dr. Mai Abdul Ghani

unclear plan

On the other hand, over the past month, Musk has published several Twitter posts containing his dreams for the Twitter platform, including that he “hopes that even the worst criticism will remain on Twitter, because that’s what it means Freedom of expression”. and that “Twitter will remain free for ordinary users, but tariffs can be set for businesses and governments. As for the American newspaper, The New York Times, last week, it published Musk’s presentation to buy the Twitter platform and included “an increase in annual revenue to $ 26.4 billion by 2028, compared to $ 5 billion a year for advertising at 45 percent in 2028, up from 90 percent last year, as advertising will generate $ 12 billion in revenue, while subscriptions will generate about $ 10 billion and other revenue could come from businesses like data licensing, which generated $ 572 million in revenue last year.

On this issue, Al-Ghoury says that “most social media platforms are seeking to achieve two main goals: financial gain, increasing user engagement and their intelligent conversion through innovative marketing methods and algorithms that learn and develop every day for consumers. Thus, the second goal supports the first goal in harmony and harmony. “He then adds:” Mask has set a timetable for his plan, divided into two phases, for the years 2023 and 2028, to achieve an increase in profitability and more publicity.It is clear that his plan has been carefully studied and set goals that are not easy to achieve, and requires a lot of work to update and develop policies and procedures such as policy change privacy policy, usage policy and adding editorial content. button, and this requires hiring more developers and employees in the company’s departments and locations. ”

However, Drs. Mai Abdel Ghani, a media professor at the University of Benghazi and a researcher in digital media, believes that Musk’s plan regarding Twitter is still “unclear” and explains in statements to Asharq Al-Awsat, that “Mask has announced little from what he intends to do. ” Its implementation after the agreement is completed … Also, not everything announced so far can be implemented on the ground. “

Mai Abdel Ghani then explains that given Musk’s plan to reduce its dependence on advertising, the Twitter platform suffers mainly from a lack of advertising compared to other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, in addition to the fact that reliance on paid tweets will make the platform somewhat elite. Mai Abdel Ghani continues, “We can not ignore that the culture of payment for digital content is not widespread in many countries of the world, including the Arab region. And even if found, international studies show an increase in payment for digital content of an entertaining nature such as movies, series and music, which is not commensurate with the nature of the Twitter platform … Experiments of supporting content payment only as a source of funding have not been successful in some media projects.

On the other hand, Al-Barmawi links “the possibility of implementing the Mask plan to develop (Twitter), especially in the field of reducing advertising dependence, and increasing the number of followers and profits, with the type of content that the platform will offer. ” He says that “there are a lot of ideas to develop content that will become more appealing to the audience, but we still do not know what Musk will rely on for this, and this, in addition to the extent to which Musk is able to pass these updates., in light of the countries’ efforts to regulate and govern social media platforms, in particular the measures taken by the European Union in this regard.

In this regard, Musk’s decision to buy Twitter has really raised concerns in the European Union about the platform’s compliance with EU fake content legislation. Last week, however, Musk reiterated his readiness to abide by European Union rules. “I agree with everything you said and I think our opinion is very similar,” he said in a video clip with European Commissioner for Internal Market Affairs Thierry Breton, posted on Twitter, reassuring. Britton had also said earlier that he sees no problem with enforcing the rules “even if[Twitter]”It is owned by only billionaire Musk, as every company in the European Union will have to meet the obligations we set.”

Reservation and reception

According to data published by the New York Times, Musk expects to be able to increase average Twitter user revenue to $ 30.22 in 2028, from $ 24.83 last year, and increase the total number of Twitter users from 217 million in end of the year. The past, to nearly 600 million in 2025, and 931 million in 2028, and an increase in the number of “blue Twitter” users, to 159 million users in 2028.

The new plan also includes launching a product referred to as “X” and making this service have 104 million subscribers by 2028. To achieve these steps, Musk wants to reduce the number of employees by about 1,000, from currently 9225 at 8332 by 2023. At a later stage, the number of developers and employees will increase to 11,072 by 2025, according to the New York Times.

Finally, amid the waiting state, it seems that the expectations of experts and observers were correct. In an almost expected step, Musk announced his intention to lift the ban imposed by the Twitter platform on the account of former US President Donald Trump , and Musk said, who was speaking at the “Car Future Summit.” Organized by the Financial Times last week, he declared that “Trump’s ban was a politically wrong decision” and stressed that “permanent bans on Twitter accounts should be infrequent and reserved only for rogue accounts or robots.

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