Places where Turkish lira is valid

Travel enthusiasts go abroad every year when they see the difference between the money they give and the money they receive in exchange, but there are places where the Turkish currency is valuable, which removes this confusion. In particular, the growing gap between currencies such as the euro, the dollar, the pound and the Turkish lira has pushed travelers to countries where the Turkish lira is valid. When the equivalent of 10 euros in Turkish lira is high, we all start to wonder in which countries 50 lira is equal to one package. There are countries where the Turkish lira is valid on all continents, from America to Europe and from the Asian continent to Africa.

Below are the countries in which the Turkish lira is considered valid


Despite being on the European continent, Ukraine is one of the places we can go with Turkey’s identity card, visa-free and passport-free. 4

In 2020, the Turkish lira is equal to 3.9 Ukrainian hryvnia.

Ukraine, where it is also possible to find cheap airline tickets, is one of the must-see places with its nightlife, historic beauties, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and unique drinks.


If we say which is the most beautiful among the countries where Turkish currency is valuable, then Thailand can go one step further with its natural beauty. It is one of the must-see places with its Buddhist temples, unique architecture and spicy food, beaches, spa and massage parlors and leisure clubs. As of 2020, the Turkish lira is equal to 4.55 Thai baht.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, one of the countries that will surely be in the top 10 in the list of romantic countries, is famous for Prague. We can say that Prague, to which thousands of tourists flock every year, is a real city in the center of Europe. You should definitely get lost on the road walking through the place where you can see the most beautiful examples of Gothic architecture. There are excellent cafes and restaurants in this very small town. On the other hand, the currency has a very low exchange rate compared to the Turkish lira. 1 Turkish lira equals approximately 3.57 CZK. However, it is useful to say that this is an expensive city.


Serbia, which the Turks have consistently preferred on their international travels in recent years, is one of the geographical regions to which you will never be a foreigner. The capital of Belgrade is located at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, and the most beautiful points in the city are determined by the destinations along the river. Belgrade, the largest city in Serbia, is among the cities to be seen with its colorful nightlife, historical monuments, traces of war and geographical beauty. From 2020, one Turkish lira is considered equal to 15.28 Serbian dinars. It is possible to spend a pleasant holiday in the city, and it is very cheap.


You can travel to Georgia, located on the shores of the Black Sea, only with an ID card and without a visa and passport. Living in neighboring Turkey is very affordable. In the country that has appeared in recent years in terms of tourism, entertainment facilities are attracting attention, especially casinos. The currency of Georgia, which is distinguished for its historical and natural beauty, is the Georgian lari. As of today, the Georgian lari equal to 1 Turkish lira is 0.24 GLR.


Argentina, one of the most popular places in South America, is one of the most popular places for tourists with its natural beauty and fun tango nights. We are not very lucky in terms of flight tickets to go to Argentina, which is far from our country, but we remind you that Argentina is a free country and the Turkish currency is very valuable. If you want to learn Argentine tango, you can learn world-famous dance in your hometown by choosing Argentina, where Turkish lira is valuable. Today, 1 Turkish lira equals 10.28 Argentine pesos.


Russia, where you can travel without a visa, is a country topped with sights worth seeing in all seasons, Red Square in Moscow and its fun life. The Pushkin Museum, the Lenin Mausoleum, the Kremlin Palace and many other museums are among the historical artifacts you can see in Russia, which turns into a local holiday festival with snow festivals, especially in winter.

It is worth noting that in the country where the Turkish currency is very valuable, 10.29 Russian rubles are considered equivalent to 1 Turkish lira.


India, which is a unique and fascinating geography in itself, is a way you should definitely explore with its temples and food culture. There are many places to explore in this place that you may not be able to complete even if you travel for months. In this country inhabited by thousands of gods, one Turkish lira equals 11.02 INR.


You do not need a visa to go to Macedonia, where the costs of food, drinks, accommodation and transportation are very cheap! You can spend your holidays abroad at reasonable prices in the land of Alexander the Great. Ohrid and Skopje are the most important and beautiful cities. Do not leave Macedonia without visiting the famous Monastery for its monasteries! In this country, where the value of the Turkish lira is, 1 Turkish lira is equal to about 10 Macedonian dinars. You can also visit our Balkan Tours website to discover Balkan countries from start to finish.


This place, which is quite far from Turkey, has wonderful nature, many places to visit and wonderful beaches. In this country, where even 1 Turkish lira is very valuable, you can spend a very comfortable vacation at a very affordable price, but do not forget to ask in advance for your flight ticket!


This beautiful place we are used to seeing in American movies contains hidden treasures of nature. In this country, which has never been destroyed by the aftermath of the war, the tunnels and corridors where Vietnamese soldiers hid, as well as the tools of war and weapons they used are still on display in the front area. We can also buy the products of the most popular brands of sportswear in Vietnam at a very favorable price. In a country where the Turkish lira is a package of money, the equivalent of 1 Turkish lira is 3382.60 VND.

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