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This weekend, you will find a bargain price for Theragon Prime, a Casper mattress with discounts and savings on a 7-piece Twin Pro knife holder. All of these and more below.

Prime is a simple device that gives you everything you need and what not. With a two-hour battery life, customizable speed, ergonomic handle and four easy-to-clean accessories, this massage gun is ideal for the average user. The Prime QX65 engine also features QuietForce technology, so you can get maximum comfort without triggering a rocket. This deal matches last week’s low selling price of Therabody, so do not miss this opportunity to save.

When looking for ultra-sharp knives that are durable, comfortable and last a lifetime, consider this stand-up, our second that selects the best set of kitchen knives. Complete with an 8-inch kitchen knife, a 4-inch cutting knife, 5 1/2-inch preparation knives and an 8-inch baking knife, as well as scissors, a steel sharpener, and a 16-hole solid wood bamboo block. excellent results in performance and quality. Get these smooth edges with precision and a guaranteed block with a big discount now.

Sleep comfortably on a brand new mattress from the well-known brand DTC Casper. Just this weekend, you can get the best-selling original Queen size foam for less than $ 1000 when using code OF30022 at checkout. With its breathable foam and ergonomic areas, this mattress is a better sleep for everyone.

There are countless Bluetooth speakers out there. Many of them are powerful and many are portable, but if you are looking for both, you will want to try it. This Ultimate Ears headset features great bass and 360 degree sound in a compact package. If you are outside, you can increase the volume by using the external mode to fill open spaces. And do not worry about rain – it is waterproof. The Snag the Wonderboom 2 is now under $ 80, beating even Black Friday prices.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are some of our favorites in the market. The design is impressive, the sound is vibrant and the battery life is quite solid. All this for $ 20 more than Galaxy Buds + and $ 50 more than the original Galaxy Buds. These bean-shaped headphones are currently experiencing a slight – but rare – discount.

More offers to buy

Apple iPhone 13 Silicone Cases Get MagSafe shipping included and $ 9 discount on Amazon now with lots of colors from Blu Fog to Pink Chalk (it’s the first discount we’ve seen on it, so get as far as you can!).

• A refurbished Ninja Foodi – Convection oven that can hold pizza – starting at just $ 89.99 now at Woot!

• Nike Slides can be worn alone or, ridiculously in Y2K style, with socks – now with a 33% discount on Nordstrom.

GET A NEW PAIR OF EYE PRANDER TIRES: Now until May 16, you can get a 25% discount through the site with the code SUMMER25.

• Virtual Washer & Dryer Whirlpool Buy 1 Get 1 Free with Lowe’s Current Promotion: Initially $ 1049 each, now $ 598 in your cart.

MODSI assists you with the intimate work of decorating your space through virtual design consulting and you can now benefit from a 25% discount on all design packages now until May 15 with the DESIGNNOW code.

• Classic Congo Dog Toys Buy two, get one for free at Chewy now – jump in as it is and let your dog jump hard to follow, or fill it with your favorite dog cakes or peanut butter for a little love too.

• It’s the outdoor week at Woot, which means that outdoor spaces like t-shirts, bicycles, umbrellas and survival equipment like knives and hand warmers are all at a big discount right now.

• Ace Hardware is running a multi-discount Barbecue event for essential barbecue items, pellets and gas cylinders – plus shipping and mounting the grill on selected models.

• SALE NOW SELL ON SALE WITH MUCH DISCOUNTS – Consider $ 59.99 instead of $ 89.99 for your daily caffeine adjustment.

You may have lost deals

Our editors think the latest Apple TV 4K is the best Apple TV to date – and the included remote control is well worth the price. Right now, you can get both for just $ 149.99 on Amazon, which is the lowest price we’ve seen since Black Friday. With super-fast intuitive controls and a host of convenient features, this Apple TV is a great addition to movie nights and reality shows.

Buy more, save more sales

Whether they make a bold fashion statement or are fussing in the backyard, there is no denying it – Crocs are everywhere. Now you can save on buying shoes, thanks to discounts on all the most popular styles of the brand. When using the SAVEMORE code at checkout, you will receive a 20% discount on two shoes, a 30% discount on three items or a 40% discount on four items.

mix sales and matches

Philips Hue is considered by many to be the gold standard for intelligent home lighting, and now the brand is offering discounts on a range of products. Decorate your bedroom with trendy LED strips or adjust the mood with a portable lamp – the possibilities are endless, not to mention the limitless personalization. Best of all, you will save 15% when you mix now at Philips.

Amazon Echo Show 5 combines a 5.5-inch HD display, powerful speakers and all the power of Alexa. It is easy to configure, has a vibrant screen and an impressive size, and connects to a host of other devices for a truly smart home. The versatility of this all-in-one means it’s all you need for different uses – and now you can get two for just $ 89.98 when using the SHOW52PK code at checkout. If you’re looking to equip your home with some smart devices, this is a sale you definitely do not want to miss.

Thermapen One

Good news for all your cooking on the calendar in warm weather: Our best choice for the best reading meat thermometer right now is on sale now. The Thermapen One was the fastest and most accurate thermometer we tested and had an easy-to-read display. ThermoWorks is only offering this great discount for a limited time, so grab it now before the sale ends.

Steelseries Apex Pro, which took first place in our ranking of the best gaming consoles, now has a 26% discount. Through thousands of keystrokes and countless hours of testing, Apex Pro has consistently delivered a comfortable writing experience that fits our style of play. From playing action-packed shooting games to the occasional Minecraft session, it went smoothly.

The Blue Yeti Nano is a cheaper, more compact version of the Blue Yeti, our favorite generic microphone, which makes surprisingly little sacrifices. You’ll also have great sound quality and a more portable design, but you also only get two recording modes instead of four, which makes the Nano less versatile than its bigger brother. Currently, the affordable Nano is already seeing a 30% discount on Amazon.

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