Automatic fire extinguishing systems are effective in small spaces

While the fire of the “Dhahran” shopping complex which broke out on Friday morning reminded us of the fire of the “Al-Shula” shopping complex in Sharqia, which was completely destroyed two decades ago. Fire extinguishing systems and loss prevention, and mandatory periodic and continuous. tests of fire extinguishing systems, to ensure their readiness, as Engineer Sultan Al-Sultan, a “safety specialist”, showed that automatic fire extinguishing systems are very effective in small spaces, such as hotel rooms or hospital rooms , unfortunately expressing large sums of money. have been emptied into such systems and their maintenance despite their limited effectiveness.He wondered about the use of firebox shafts at the beginning of a fire connected to pumps and water, noting that part of the requirements to prevent or reduce losses are not available. such as dividing the building into parts using walls or fire-resistant partitions.For one or two hours he stressed the need to implement the IBC and IFC international building code correctly and not superficially to reduce losses.

code matching

Engineer Jaber Al-Hajji, a “security specialist”, pointed out that fire extinguishing systems may be present in the commercial enterprise, in plans and approved by the competent authorities: as Civil Protection, but they need oversight by the office. specialized in security, approved by the Civil Protection, in addition to periodic maintenance, which are two important elements in fire extinguishing systems, and compliance with the Saudi Building Code, emphasizing that the modern civil protection regulation stipulates this, with the need for follow the instructions and directives of the Civil Protection not to repeat such incidents, in order to preserve life and property and protect profits.

International specifications

Engineer Youssef El-Seif, a “security consultant”, said: “It is difficult to stop a fire from spreading after it has broken out, and the safeguard that can be taken is to prevent or prevent its occurrence by applying international standards for building purchases.” complexes, including: Considerations of a fire-safe design (design of a safe shopping center), commercial use of most of the site with attractive designs while maintaining safety standards, providing it with a good ventilation system for smoke extraction to create a safe haven for people during fire incidents, adding an open environment makes it easy for firefighters to provide a view to evacuate people and reduces the risk of smoke and gas absorption.

Phosphorescent line

Al-Saif explained that the most common security measures are to ensure that the fire extinguishing system is installed in the center, with the capacity of the shopping center increasing, and the type of fire extinguishing system changing according to the design, and that the fire extinguishing system centrally installed fire control is advanced and capable of reducing fire As soon as possible to reduce loss of life and property, fire extinguishers should be installed on each floor and accessible to customers and employees, and with the increase of the capacity of the shopping center, the risk of expulsion of visitors of the complex increases and becomes easier only when security is provided by the main design of the shopping center to plan various fire evacuations and emergency exits throughout the shopping center. able to know where to run in case of accident with phosphorescent lines.Emergency exit should be accessible to all and properly directed to designated areas for evacuation.

electrical safety

Engineer Hani Al-Dowayan, “interested in spreading engineering awareness”, stated that one of the most important systems of fire protection and prevention is the smoke control system, with automatic fire extinguishing and alarm systems, as well as materials used in finishes, exterior facades. , electrical safety and the extension of the partitions separating the exhibitions in the shopping center up to the ceiling. Borrowed to be resistant for an hour, and curtains are added every 122 meters of the corridor inside the shopping center. are strategically placed to direct the smoke towards the exhaust fans, and in the case of using glass walls or panels as smoke barriers to form a smoke tank or as guide trails, they must be fire resistant for a period of one hour. , or protected by narrow sprinklers and that the outer wall of the open space and the openings in it are made of fire-resistant building materials for a period of not less than 3 hours, noting that the inner finishes of the walls and indoor ceilings of the covered center and at the exits of the covered and open center, must achieve a minimum flame spread index and an advanced Class B smoke index in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 8, respecting the requirements for exit means, emergency rules and sprinkler systems. automated.

A fire has broken out in Dhahran Mall, causing damage to a limited part of the mall

Extinguish the fire completely

Center closed until a second notice

No one was injured in the blaze

Automatic fire extinguishing systems are effective in small spaces such as hotel rooms

fire protection systems

smoke control system

With automatic fire extinguishing and alarm systems

Use of materials in finishes, exterior facades and electrical safety

Extension of the partitions dividing the exhibitions in the mall up to the false ceiling

Adding smoke screens every 122 meters of the corridor inside the mall

The interior finishes of the interior walls and ceilings of a covered shopping center and at the exits of a covered and open shopping center, must achieve a minimum flame spread index and an advanced Class B smoke index in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 8.

Observe the means of exit means

emergency systems

Automatic sprinkler systems.

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