New Range Rover Sport Modern luxury and unmatched dynamism …

(MENAFN- Memac Ogilvy) Dubai, UAE – New Range Rover Sport redefines sporty luxury, seamlessly combining safe and intuitive road performance with new Range Rover brand enhancements that reflect advanced design sophistication and comfort linked to the third generation model the greatest preference, progress and dynamic capability to date.

Powerful and efficient engine range includes six-cylinder wide-range electric hybrids, a new powerful V8 engine and six-cylinder light-emitting hybrid petrol and diesel engines. The clean electric drive system will be introduced in 2024 as Land Rover continues its electrification journey.

The new Range Rover Sport is available in S, SE, HSE and Autobiography variants, with the first version available during the first year of production with specifications built specifically for this model.

Thierry Bollore, Chief Executive Officer of Jaguar Land Rover, said: “The extraordinary new Range Rover Sport sets new standards as a luxury SUV, relying on seventeen years of uniquely attractive customers. It is the latest embodiment of our vision to create the most desirable modern luxury car in the world, combining new levels of durability with the distinctive qualities that have made the Range Rover Sport so popular. ”


The sophisticated exterior is definitely the Range Rover Sport with a taut surface, a dynamic look and a side profile that stands out at first glance, perfectly accentuated by ghostly details and powerful dimensions – giving the impression that the vehicle is prepared and ready for you.

Exciting dimensions emphasize the distinctive character of the Range Rover Sport, with short overhangs, a secure front end and sloping windshields front and rear. These brand elements offer a strong road presence that conveys power and performance.

The sculpted exterior is detailed with premium finishes like the hidden front grille and LED digital lighting units, which create a distinctive daylight (DRL) shape. These attractive designs, the thinnest ever installed in a Land Rover, are placed on top of a double-cracked bottom bumper that includes a horizontal element separated by body color that offers greater visual width , enhanced by black details.

The refined design elements are perfectly reflected in the rear, including a rear door sculpted with the full-width Range Rover formulation. Extended LED lighting graphics introduce LED surface technology to a production vehicle for the first time, delivering a clean, modern night view that is vibrant and consistent when viewed from any angle. The distinctive shoulder line runs along the length of the vehicle, accentuated by the new details of the lower fender and the longest spoiler arm ever installed in a Range Rover.

The clean lines of the exterior are enhanced by beautifully flowing glass and door handles, as well as the delicate fender cut and laser-mounted roof for a subtle, technical and sophisticated look. These design-supporting technologies contribute to excellent aerodynamic performance, with the new Range Rover Sport offering a traction coefficient of just 0.29.

The new dynamic model brings a sharper focus to the intentional character of the high-performance SUV with unique exterior design elements. Satin gray metal wheels are glued to the satin brushed bronze finish of the hood seats and side ties, while the Range Rover grille and fonts are finished in a Graphite Atlas mat.

With unique front and rear bumpers and custom-made underwear in a body-colored finish, the sports car offers the most exciting interpretation of the new Range Rover Sport line.

Professor Jerry McGovern, Chief Creative Officer, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “Our latest Range Rover fully endorses our modern approach to car design while enhancing its sporty, safe and impeccable character.”

The refined design of the new Range Rover Sport lies in its all-new interior. It features a new cab visualization that reflects the Range Rover’s ‘Lead the Attitude’ label. The latest driver comfort and assistance technologies and the best combined materials ensure that every ride is an experience worth enjoying. It also strikes a convincing balance between elegance and desirable depth. The cab-like cab defines dynamic steering style, offering excellent visibility while surrounding the driver at the same time with an extremely attractive center keyboard and simple, intuitive technology.

Innovative and durable material options include premium textures that feel great and are light in the new attractive Duo Tone colors, while there is also a unique fabric option that extends to the control panel and door details. Alternatives include options for premium minced skin, Windsor or extremely fine durable aniline skin.

These touching materials blend seamlessly with the new Moonlight Chrome interior decorations, while elements such as the integrated tweezers, developed with Meridian and hidden behind the tailgate fabric, contribute to a clean, tidy and modern aesthetic.


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