Miral CEO: We plan to create destinations that increase Abu Dhabi tourism competition

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Miral plans to create world-class tourist destinations aimed at providing integrated experiences for guests, in the context of contributing to strengthening Abu Dhabi’s position as a global destination for visitors from all over the world, according to Mohamed Abdullah Al Zaabi, CEO of the company . Al Zaabi confirmed that the company has completed projects worth 4 billion dirhams during 2021, despite the challenges imposed by the Corona pandemic, noting that Miral’s total investments in Yas Island amounted to about 9 billion dirhams over the last ten years.

He said that Miral is committed to developing fun and recreational experiences in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through his future projects, which ensure the strengthening of the position of the UAE capital as a global destination for tourism and achieving the vision of in the field of economic development and diversification. .

The General Manager of Miral stressed that the company is constantly studying new projects and they will be announced in due course, emphasizing that Miral’s projects and initiatives in the next decade will focus on developing guest experiences and commitment to the development of tourism sector in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. in line with Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, especially with the travel and tourism sector in the region starting a new chapter in its journey in early 2022.

Al Zaabi explained that Yas Island includes about 10 hotels with 3500 rooms and that the performance of these hotels was exceptional during the first quarter of this year, emphasizing that the hotel occupancy reached perfection during Eid.

Al Zaabi indicated that the focus will be on the concept of luxury tourism by intensifying efforts to attract a certain segment of tourists and to offer luxury tourism at reasonable prices. He added that each island will have a category of tourists, as the category that wants to enjoy a special beach with high specifications will go to stay in Saadiyat, while those who want to enjoy family and recreational tourism can stay on Yas Island. , which offers different experiences for visitors.

Al Zaabi said in a press conference on the sidelines of events in the Arabian Travel Market that the performance of the tourism sector and tourist escorts on the island of Yas during the first quarter of this year has exceeded expectations, which have come as a result of the influx of tourism from the domestic market and foreign markets in Europe and others, noting that the occupancy rates of hotels on the island reached 100% during the holiday period.

Al Zaabi added that there are a number of factors that contributed to the outstanding performance of the sector over the last period; Involving the professionalism of the relevant authorities in the UAE in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, which contributed to increasing visitor confidence in the local tourism market, in addition to the success of promotional campaigns and initiatives launched earlier, which contributed to the attraction of visitors from all over the world, the expansion of airlines, the opening of new destinations, the activity of low-cost airlines and the opening of global travel markets, in promoting the influx of visitors from international markets.

Tourist recovery

Al Zaabi said that all indicators confirm that the pace of tourism recovery in Abu Dhabi has made qualitative steps on its path to full recovery and that this tourist moment will continue during the summer, especially with vacations and school holidays, which will constitute a real boost for the entertainment sector in general.

The CEO of Miral added that despite the extraordinary circumstances the world faced during the pandemic period, the company had succeeded over the past two years by opening a series of projects on Yas Island, expanding its portfolio of world-class destinations. , as were these projects. led by “Yas”. Bay “south of Yas Island, which consists of 3 distinct and integrated areas:” Waterfront “in” Yas Bay “,” Residences “in” Yas Bay “and Creative District – Yas, noting that the project” Yas Bay “plays a key role in continuing the development process on the island.


Al-Zaabi said the company’s marketing plans for the coming period focus on the Gulf market, especially the Saudi market, and also seeks to place more weight on the Indian market, which has great potential and can benefit more from his. the company launched a series of marketing campaigns targeting this market.

He added that Miral works with various national airlines, including Etihad Airways, Emirates Airlines, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi and Air Arabia, noting that the entry of economic companies to work from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi helped to reach secondary markets and to attract new tourists. segments, and therefore economic companies became complementary trading companies.

Abu Dhabi includes hotels that cater to different economic levels, which offer packages for different types of visitors and has contracts and partnerships with about 65 hotels in Abu Dhabi that offer packages for the entertainment cities on the island.

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