International Index Exhibition of Decoration and Interior Design starts on May 24 at the World Trade Center in Dubai

In cooperation with the Academy of Creative Arts of the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates, INDEX welcomes students from the Emirates of Interior Design with an extraordinary dialogue session

The exhibition will start with the participation of elite speakers from a group of large local and international companies

The exhibition will feature a series of study talks by FedEx Express, PwC and L’Oreal

A special lecture led by Saudi Aramco discusses the most important health and design solutions

The most prominent companies and institutions participating in this event: Saudi Aramco, American University of Sharjah, Al-Shalhoub Group, FedEx Express, Home Center Furniture Store, Bishop Design for Interior Design and Decoration, Roar Studio for Architecture and Design Interior and many more.

The International Exhibition for Interior Decoration and Design, the largest and most comprehensive international event for interior design and equipment, showcases the latest trends in the field of interior decoration and design in the Middle East and North Africa region. An elite of the world’s most important industry experts from all industry trends as well as showcase local talent in the region.

Held annually in Dubai since 1991 and welcoming thousands of trade visitors each year, this exhibition is the largest single event dedicated to trade and networking in the architecture and design industry calendar throughout the Middle East region. The exhibition promises its audience that this year’s edition will be extraordinary, as visitors will be able to see the latest work of leading international domestic stylists, experience large-scale entrance designs and receive main products from a wide range of sectors, including domestic and international. distributors and manufacturers.

The exhibition will be attended by elite speakers from various fields of interior design in the numerous conferences and seminars that will be part of the exhibition, including Index Design Talks, where speakers will discuss a range of key topics from different trends in the sector, including design integration with NFTs (non-interchangeable tokens consisting of digital data stored in blockchain), luxury hospitality experiences, how to develop timeless designs in digital metavers, design storytelling, education a range of unprecedented future skills, fruitful conversations on how to work independently, drawing on paper and more.

“Dialogues help us create a unique relationship and understanding that invites discovery, just as design does,” said Esra Lemmens, President of Index DesignTalk 2022.

Elaine O’Connell, Vice President of Design and Hospitality, DMG Events, added: “This event is not only a great opportunity to connect with key individuals in the industry, but also for professionals, because the knowledge and insights that are shared

“It ‘s invaluable in such a fast – growing industry, as the exhibition offers a wealth of useful information for all people, whether they’re specialists in the field of commercial interiors or corporate managers.”

Furniture retailers will be able to engage in important industry discussions at the new Retail Leadership Forum, a forum developed in response to the growing number of retailers visiting the show. Visitors will also learn about the latest trends in consumer behavior, successful e-commerce strategies, leadership, how to create an attractive retail space, and detailed shopping techniques.

Workspace has been a staple of the event for over twenty years, connecting companies with the latest and greatest commercial design solutions. Workspace in Index (a dedicated display area) plays a critical role in connecting buyers and suppliers with intelligent office technology, design, turnkey ideas, and healthcare solutions.

The exhibition will also present the Workspace Design Summit, a unique summit that sheds light on the future of office interiors and brings together architects, interior designers, purchasing managers, CEOs, general managers and leaders from regional and international markets to discuss latest trends in hybrid work, vibrant designs and space art Business experience and employees with health solutions. In addition to special case studies from FedEx Express, PwC and L’Oréal, with an unprecedented special lecture by Saudi Aramco on health and design solutions.

This year’s Index, in collaboration with the UAE Academy of Creative Arts Academy, will host students from the UAE of interior design to highlight some of the region’s most successful designers in a question-and-answer session, and answers. This session will focus on enriching young minds who are willing to explore the basics of interior design, as well as outline some of the most important considerations as they prepare to take the next step in their careers.

This year’s exhibition will be attended by a group of speakers from various companies including Saudi Aramco, American University of Sharjah, The One Furniture Store, Home Center Furniture Store, JYSK Furniture Store, Bishop Design Interior Design and Decoration, Studio Roar Architecture and Interior Design LW Interiors, Broadway Interiors, Gensler Architects and Designs, DWB Architects and Interiors, Chalhoub Group, FedEx Express Express Delivery, Chalhoub Group, Summertown Interiors Group, in addition to DZ Interiors.

It is worth noting that the Index will be held at the World Trade Center in Dubai and will feature a range of innovative products, features and inspirational designs. This year’s index prepares its audience by highlighting the best domestic and international design talent, through distinctive entrance designs designed and built by some of the leading design houses and equipment contractors. Link to photos here

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About the Index:

Index is one of the largest and first international fairs in Dubai and the Middle East for interior design and decoration. Founded thirty years ago as a gateway for global interior furniture companies to take advantage of the real estate boom in the Middle East, the event remains the largest exhibition in the region of furniture, furnishings, decorative products, textiles, surface materials and lighting for interior designers.

INDEX offers a simple yet powerful showcase that connects designers, buyers and architects with interior design brands, products and services from across the region and the world, in order to create beautiful spaces to suit all styles and budgets.

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