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With summer approaching, people can hardly wait to travel again. But after spending several months at home during the pandemic, the idea arose that leaving a beloved puppy behind could be simply unacceptable. Moreover, if this is your first time traveling with your dog, you better be prepared and informed about the best ways to keep your pet comfortable and safe during a potentially stressful travel experience.

Before traveling with your dog by train, plane or car, you may want to choose some products that can make the process smoother, from a sturdy holder and super absorbent pad to sturdy belts and waterproof bags water and up to the transfer of all equipment. Here are 15 products available on Amazon that make dog travel easier.

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1. Our favorite pet carrier

The Sleepypod Air is specially designed to meet all airline and TSA requirements.

Our testers liked the Sleepypod Air. Designed with aircraft in mind, this stand was compact for easy storage under the seat and expandable for extra legroom. The top and sides are polyester mesh, allowing easy entry and excellent air circulation. The plush stuffing on the inside is comfortable and easy to clean – there is no better pet holder on the market.

Get the Sleepypod Air for $ 199.95

2. Versatile belt full of features

Dogline Unimax multipurpose equipment is the best dog harness tested.

When traveling with a dog, even if he is well trained, it is best not to take risks and make sure you wear harness and leash. By placing your dog in a harness (instead of just a collar), you will not only have a better grip on your fluffy baby, but you will also keep his neck secure.

The Dogline Unimax All-Purpose Jacket is the best option we have tested and offers a happy simplistic medium between a versatile shell and a tangled belt. The vest-style harness is made of aerated and water-resistant neoprene (which marks an additional credit for car safety) and is worn for comfort with a removable chest panel.

Get the Dogline Unimax multipurpose jacket for $ 36.08

3. One or two super comfortable blankets

Your dog deserves to travel in comfort.

If you enjoy traveling comfortably, suppose your dog does too. One of the easiest ways to make the ride comfortable for your pet is to tie the carrier to the softest blanket imaginable. Although there are many soft blankets out there, this pet friendly Sherpa is especially popular with dog owners. This Amazon bestseller has over 22,000 references and is available in five sizes and six colors.

Get the Premium Furrybaby Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket on Amazon for $ 11.99

4. High travel bowl for food on the go

Keep your dog fed and hydrated while traveling with this most prized bowl.

We are all accustomed to giving up some amenities when traveling. But the ability to drink in an awkward position is critical to the well-being of many dogs, especially when they are potentially dehydrated. That’s why we’ve turned the Dexas clever design, which not only features a folding bowl, but has elongated legs. The super lightweight unit only takes up 1.5 inches of space when placed away. Fully expanded, it offers a 12 ounce bowl and a set of sturdy legs that allow it to stand about 5 inches off the ground.

Get Dexas Popware for Pets Single Raised Pet Feeders for $ 19.99

5. Car belt to travel with your dog

Take your dog on the road without worrying.

While your dog may like to stick his head out the window or walk in the car while riding, it is not the safest option. This is why many dog ​​parents like to use this durable harness. Thanks to the steel buckles and five adjustment points, it sticks easily and well to your car seat.

Get the Kurgo Black Tru-Fit dog car harness for $ 32.98

6. Sturdy car seat cover for mud booms

Protect your car seats from dirt, hairs and scratches with this cover.

On car trips, if your dog’s special skills become as dirty and wet as possible, you will appreciate the Active Pets car seat cover, which will help protect your car seats from dirt, hairs and scratches. . The hammock is designed to fit the rear seat of most cars and is quick and easy to install.

Get the Active Pets car seat cover for $ 28.11

7. Kindergarten that appears for a much needed time in nature

You can also keep this in your car at all times.

If you are planning to take your dog on a long road trip, an angle that appears is a perfect way to give your dog some time outdoors during a holiday stop. The pen provides a place where your pet can have fun without any risk. The Stylus EliteField features a waterproof floor that can be pulled out and washed in the event of your pet having an accident during pen time.

Get the EliteField 2-door soft dog and cat pen for $ 74.99

8. A package with urine pads for unfortunate accidents

Give your dog a safe place to potty while he is in an unfamiliar area.

Accidents are more likely to occur in unfamiliar places. However, if you bring a pillow with you during the trip – especially if you already use them at home – your dog is more likely to go to the designated area and not wherever he likes. Will the bath cushions ensure that your puppy never goes to the bathroom in the wrong place? No, but at least you’re willing to stop bringing some with you.

Get Wee-Wee Absorbent Dog Urinary Pillows Starting at $ 7.49

9. Dog-friendly wipes for cleaning spots

Accidents happen so it's good to be prepared.

If your pet becomes messy, your cleaning options are limited during the trip. These precious dog wipes from Nature’s Miracle have a fresh scent and claim to contain no irritating ingredients, making them indispensable in your pet’s travel bag and at home.

Get Nature’s Miracle Spring Waters Deodorant Napkins for $ 11.85

10. A bag of delicious candy

Rewards are a great way to keep dogs more comfortable while traveling.

It is common for puppies (and dogs) to feel uncomfortable while traveling. After all, they may not understand at first where they are going or why they are in the car (or other modes of travel). For this reason, be sure to reserve their favorite dog food and cooking in your car and their travel bag.

Get Bil-Jac PBnanas peanut butter and soft banana candy for dogs (2 packs) for $ 23.85

11. Bottles for removing stains and odors

Because accidents happen and you do not want to leave a mess behind.

If you are traveling by car or train, you have fewer restrictions on the fluids you can take with you. And thank God you will be grateful to have a bottle for removing stains and odors when traveling with a dog. After all, if your dog is not fully trained or has lost his wits in unfamiliar places, it’s worth having a plan ready to get started. Spraying this stain and fragrance remover helps ensure that carpets and upholstery remain in their original glory.

Get “Rocco & Roxie Supply Professional Spotting & Fragrance Supply” for $ 19.97

12. A belt hangs around your waist to keep your hands free

Keep your hands free and your dog close to this leash.

You can keep your hands and your dog safe with this unique leash that attaches to your waist. The detachable belt has shock-absorbing cord sections and two gloves in case you want to keep your pet close to an airport or busy train station. With reflective stitches for safety at night, it is the perfect solution for travel or any other activity when you do not want your hands tied.

Get the hands-free Tuff Mutt dog chain for $ 24.97

13. This shirt keeps your dog calm

It’s like a heavy dog ​​blanket

If your dog is particularly concerned, he can take advantage of the popular Thundershirt. The machine-washed shirt has been praised for its effectiveness in relieving dog anxiety by providing gentle compression. Pet owners also say that they can be used for other stressful situations, such as trips or trips to the vet.

Get the Thundershirt dog anxiety solution for $ 49.95

14. Dog carrying backpack for small dogs

This elegant, ultra-modern travel backpack is approved by most major airlines.

If you are traveling with a small dog, a high quality backpack is a great option if you want to free your hands from luggage. The Texsens Bubble Backpack is an elegant and ultra-modern backpack approved for travel by most major airlines. What we like most about the Texsens Bubble backpack is its round mesh window that can be easily replaced or include a plastic bubble in cold or rainy weather. Large chain openings extend along both sides, making it easy for your dog to reach, and padded straps provide comfort for the holder.

One of the important things to note about this dog carrier backpack is that pets are meant to sit rather than lie down because of their size. The “Texsens Bubble” backpack comes in different colors, which makes choosing your perfect bag even more fun.

Get your Texsens Bubble backpack for $ 39.99

15. Bags to hold all the essentials

You will be grateful for this deleted bag.

Considering how much you will need to take your puppy with you – all of this, plus food, water and toys, helps you have a bag with their needs in mind. While you can throw your pet supplies in any old luggage and call it a day, it’s best to prepare and arrange for any excursions available in the store.

We recommend this bag for any weather from Scout, which can be easily hidden if covered in mud, dog saliva or something else. Created with a sturdy bottom, reinforced gloves and quilts, four outer pockets and an inner zippered pocket, these are great for transporting all your pet equipment.

Get the Scout Uptown Girl handbag for $ 42.50

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