The participation of the United Arab Emirates in the “Expo Floriad” is an important stage to show its way in the adoption of sustainability concepts

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Her Excellency Maryam bint Mohammed Saeed Hareb Al Muhairi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, stated that the participation of the UAE in Expo Floriad 2022 in the Netherlands represents an important stage through which it reviews its path in adopting concepts and sustainability practices, adapting to a Desert Nature with a harsh climate and scarce water resources and becoming a global model in efforts to conserve natural resources, biodiversity, development, growth and sustainability.

She noted that choosing the food security challenge as one of the main topics to be considered by the UAE pavilion confirms the strategic priority given to strengthening food security locally and globally, especially in light of the major challenges. that the international community has. evidence affecting food and supply chains.

Her Excellency added: “Our founding ancestors and fathers were able to cope with this difficult desert environment by adopting sustainable practices in harnessing nature’s resources, to ensure a better life for them and a better future. In our role and thanks to the far-sighted vision of our wise leadership, we are working to improve our food security to ensure a better future for present and future generations. we take good account of our geographical nature and focus on improving sustainable practices in food production and consumption, increasing investment in modern agricultural systems, expanding the use of modern technologies in the agricultural sector and ensuring the continuity and sustainability of supply chains.

For his part, Jamal Jama Al Musharrakh, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Commissioner General of the State Pavilion, said: “The history of the United Arab Emirates is a story of ambition and determination rooted in the founding fathers and leadership He’s following the same path, the future, both locally and globally, he added: circular salt farm systems, in order to encourage new innovations that address food and water safety issues and our more sustainable and resilient cities. Hopefully by sharing the stories of the innovators. We are also proud to present methods that demonstrate our efforts to develop greener cities and we look forward to developing deeper relationships with Expo Floriad participants, and be inspired by creative ideas that will contribute to creating solutions to environmental challenges with which we face.

The country pavilion at Expo Floriad 2022 in the Netherlands, entitled “Saltwater Cities: Where the Earth Meets the Sea”, examines the country’s efforts to overcome natural challenges and how Emirati people overcome challenges. of living between a desert and marine environment until the cities of the Emirates became prosperous and stable cities.

His Excellency Jamal Al Musharrakh had officially inaugurated the pavilion, which welcomes visitors until October 9, 2022 and hosts the “Saltwater Cities” exhibition, which reflects the Emirati natural environment and celebrates the country’s innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs exploring constantly. new ways to preserve marine biodiversity and encourage responsible use of food and water, exchange knowledge about innovation and efforts to achieve a more sustainable future.

And the state pavilion welcomes visitors to the Saltwater Garden, whose design was inspired by the UAE salt farming system. The exhibition presents an overview of halophyte plants that thrive in the country environment, such as: Alkhareeza (Salicornia), quinoa, mangroves, microalgae and seaweed. The exhibition also highlights the innovators, researchers and scientists in the country, who are committed to biodiversity conservation and the development of sustainable solutions to food, water and environmental safety challenges.

The opening ceremony was attended by the mayor of Almere, representatives from the Dutch government and the Florida Gallery, as well as creators who contributed to the country pavilion at the fair, including the Dutch company Tilart, which worked on the pavilion design in partnership with Pragma Architectural Company in the UAE, which is responsible for the design of the salt water park, in addition to representatives About Auoctoal, a Dutch company that designs interiors, revolving and custom systems and uses innovative 3D printing and recycling technologies and reuse of materials.

Maya Jarrow, Director of Strategy at TELLART, said: “Innovators and academics in the UAE who seek in nature to respond to global challenges are a source of inspiration to us and we at TELLART are delighted to have contributed with our friends from the UAE United Arab Emirates. We hope visitors feel. “They moved to the UAE environment during their visit to Expo Florida, where they really live in a unique and charming environment where the desert meets the sea.”


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