Dusit International showcases new and exciting products, services and experiences at Arabian Travel Market 2022

Dusit, with his return to the ATM this year, is highlighting several topics, including: introducing the new Wellness concept to the whole group, Devarana Wellness; A sneak peek at two long-awaited hotels in Tokyo, Japan; Immerse yourself in the world of luxury villas for rent under the Elite Heavens brand; In addition to the latest developments regarding Dusit Thani Bangkok’s main hotel, which has been redesigned and scheduled to open in 2024 as part of a $ 1.37 billion joint venture.

DUBAI – Dusit International, one of the leading hotel and property developers in Thailand, will showcase its growing global property portfolio as well as a wide range of new services and guest experiences at Arabian Travel Market 2202, which will take place from May 9-12 in Dubai Center, global trade.

During the exhibition, Dusk executives will detail how the group as a whole has responded to the global pandemic, including how it has reimagined the unique Thai-inspired hospitality brand, improving not only short-term financial benefits but also creating value for money. added in the long run by offering more comfort, experience and value to guests.

The new mechanism includes the discovery of four new pillars that support Dus’s hospitality values: Service (individual and generous), Wellness (providing welfare experiences outside the health club area), Localization (connecting guests with the local community in a way uniqueness) and Durability. (at social, economic and environmental level). These pillars respond directly to changes in customer attitudes and the subsequent launch of services, activities and experiences in each of these areas to enrich the stay experience and create meaningful and memorable moments at Dusit Hotels & Resorts worldwide.

The new welfare concept that has been implemented throughout the Dusit Group, Devarana Wellness, is just one of the developments stemming from this strategic approach. Specially created to find effective solutions to guests’ common concerns, the concept was created for luxury elements to cover all aspects of the stay experience, including: relieving stress, detoxifying and enjoying a deep sleep that boosts energy . The concept includes, among other things, regular well-being activities such as yoga, meditation and sound bathing sessions.

Dusit has also assigned a central team at group level to ensure that each of its properties is equipped to increase the level of guest satisfaction by providing unique experiences that exceed the usual standards and enhance the competitiveness of the Dusit brand. Creating local partnerships and organizing community-focused events are central to this working group.

Dusit, despite the challenging business environment, has continued to expand its operations globally during the pandemic. Over the past two years, the company has opened nine new properties, signed contracts for nine more properties, and improved its hotel management expertise by providing facility management services and training leading co-ownership developers in Thailand.

Major improvements have also been made to its longer-lasting outdoor properties, such as Dusit Thani Hua Hin in Thailand, in line with Dusit’s vision to make those dynamic and vibrant spaces that cater to different lifestyles and generations of travelers.

New notable properties to be opened from 2020 include: Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore, Singapore’s first resort with direct access to two championship golf courses, and Asai Bangkok Chinatown, Asai’s first hotel – New style brand Dusit’s budget-friendly lifestyle designed to connect millennial travelers with authentic local experiences in the world’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

As for the new deals, Dusit continued to place its flags on new major destinations, including its first hotels in Japan (Dusit Thani Kyoto and Asai Kyoto) and India (Dusit Princess Suites Calcutta). All three hotels are scheduled to open within the next year.

One of Dusit’s main properties with a reopening date on the horizon is the completely re-imagined Dusit Thani Bangkok Hotel – scheduled to open in mid-2024 as part of Dusit Central Park, a landmark in the heart of the Thai capital with a budget joint development. of $ 1.37 billion. This much-anticipated development will also include ultra-luxury residences (Dusit Residences and Dusit Parkside), a modern office tower, a high-end shopping mall and a large rooftop garden. All are expected to open by mid-2025.

In terms of current business, Dusit real estate portfolio includes 47 hotels operating under the Dusit Hotels & Resorts brand (which includes five different brands) and 265 luxury villas under the Elite Heavens brand, the leading developer of luxury villas in Asia that Dusit bought in September. 2018. Number of properties in 312 (11,990 keys) operating in 16 countries. There are more than 50 hotels and resorts in Dusk future plans.

Elite Heavens will be represented for the first time in the Arabian Travel Market this year, giving exhibition visitors a unique opportunity to learn more about the company’s special services and private havens in stunning locations across India, Indonesia, Japan , Sri Lanka, Thailand and Maldives.

Representatives from Dusit Thailand Hotels & Resorts, Dusit Thani Maldives, Dusit Thani Dubai, Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi, Dusit Thani Lake View Cairo and DusitD2 Naseem Jabal Al Akhdar Resort, Oman will also be present at the Arabian Travel Market, to offer a detailed information explanation of their properties and the Dusit brand Unique and Thai-inspired hospitality.

The delegation will be led by Prateik Kumar, Senior Vice President – Operations, Dusit International and General Manager of the famous Dusit Thani Dubai hotel.

“As travel restrictions continue to ease around the world, we are returning to the Arab Travel Market this year with great enthusiasm and are pleased to show how we have rethought our services to help Dusit Hotels & Resorts reach greater value. high possible in the new normal, “said Mr. Kumar. He adds: “In addition to celebrating our strong presence in the MENA region, we look forward to highlighting our ongoing expansion, both international and accommodation options, as well as our unique and exciting developments in hospitality education, food business , real estate development and hospitality. related services, which adds to our competitiveness.

Anyone who wants to talk to Mr. Kumar, or any of Dus’s representatives present at the Arabian Travel Market, can book an appointment at danelle.palang@dusit.com or visit booth HC0525 where the team will be happy to assist.

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