“Dima Amer” .. a social drama that technically analyzes many Egyptian issues |

Cairo – Dramas classified as “family” and directed at the whole family have become scarce and scarce in Egyptian and even Arabic dramas in recent years. Work directed at a specific audience is more private and less risky than one based on all the themes to attract. different segments of viewers.

The series “Dayma Amer”, which aired last Ramadan and is scheduled to air again on a number of Egyptian channels, is one of the works addressed to all members of the family and society, which digs into the problems of societies, dismantling the limitations of tire. , and the strange phenomena that spread among its members and expand the components of the same family.

The events of the series revolve around the character of Amer Abdel Razek (Mustafa Shaaban), who is forced by circumstances to hide behind the personality of a social supervisor in a private school “National and International”. Thanks to his work, Ameri helps students solve their problems and differences within the school, in addition to the psychological crises that students face at that age, the intellectual differences between them and family members, the proper way of behaving with each other. the other. , and their acquisition of the skills needed to deal with the rampant moral inequalities in society.

The series addresses one of the biggest problems in Egyptian society, which is the problem of education, especially problems related to the education system and private schools, which have become widespread in recent times in schools. For the rapid technological development that the world is experiencing and influencing education systems.

The series comes from the daily life of families, presenting different and contradictory student personalities, where each of them has a health or psychological problem that the community has deepened by treating it with a lot of sarcasm and rejection, such as vitiligo, poverty and classes. discrimination and problems of students with special needs, their integration into society and their assistance.

“Dima Amer” also discusses more than one phenomenon that children are exposed to every day, especially the problem of bullying that societies suffer from and that greatly affects children, their psychological state, and even their school career.

The series contains many social messages related to relationships between adults, such as parents, employees and co-workers, and directs observations that should be taken into account by government authorities in the hope that it will make a difference and officials will interact with it. This is exactly what happened with the Minister of Education in Egypt, Tariq Shawky, who praised the series.

Comedy sends indirect messages and advice

“Daima Amer” stars Mustafa Shaaban, Salah Abdullah, Lebleba, Mirna Noureddine, Nidal Al-Shafei, Amr Abdel-Jalil, Muhammad Tharwat, Karim Afifi, Muhammad Mahmoud, Ahmed Al-Shami, Samaa Ibrahim and Lebanese actress Cynthia Khalifa. He also included a number of new faces, including Youssef Wael Nour, Lama Kitket, Manar Abdel Halim and Yara El Meligy, who wrote a writing seminar for a group of young authors under the supervision of author Ahmed Abdel Fattah, and directed by Magdy. El Hawary.

And Mustafa Shaaban, through the character of Amer Abdel Razzaq, introduced a new role, different from the one he presented during his artistic experience of about twenty-five years, as he embodied an ordinary character who resembles many social guides but is dominated from the comic character and distances Baban from the roles of “fatwa” and “action” and “religious preaching” he has performed in recent years.

The success of his new role in public enabled him to receive a special honor from the Defenders of the Fatherland party, which is one of the political forces supporting the Egyptian government, in appreciation of his efforts to provide a diverse artistic experience. social that discusses many issues of education and does not neglect the promotion of Egyptian tourism.

Not far from the nature of his role, Mustafa Shaaban chose to share the series with real people suffering from physical and psychological problems in order to make the messages of the series more realistic and convincing, among them is Muhannad Emad El-Din. a young man with special needs who appeared in one of the episodes of the series and was the owner of a proposal to give one subject Respect for the other in Egyptian schools.

Muhannad Imad, a blind child with special needs, took part in the “Ability to Differ” celebration on the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities last December and asked artist Mustafa Shaaban to take part in the series his, and drew attention to him as he seemed to be able to sing a song in English and Arabic, represented by his school, with the support of Amer Abdel Razek, the school’s social supervisor.

Shaaban chose to share the series with the stars of Egyptian humorists, led by Salah Abdullah, who is considered one of the most famous humorists in Egypt and humor is one of the components of his human personality before the artistic one.

Abdullah plays the role of Professor Lutfi, who is the representative of the school group, who will bring his cousin Amer to work for him as a social worker.

Mustafa Shaaban said in press releases that the selection of a team of comedians was intentional, as the series addresses a sensitive and important topic for society and addresses all segments with different levels of awareness, so it would be closer to public speaking if it is presented very seriously and has neglected the comic aspect and instead of reuniting the family, it attracts viewers, it will turn them away from it.

He explained that it was intentional for the information in the series to be passed on in a way characterized by ease, in order to be easily reached by the public, so the nominations were to suggest humorists and go to the names of those who enjoy the mind.

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