The sites of fake travel companies hunt those looking for a happy holiday

Spring weather is wonderful and everyone, Muslim and Christian, are looking for a seaside place to spend these days holidays Long and affordable, and among the places nominated to spend beautiful days, there are Ain Sukhna, Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh and Dahab, and there are also impostors They prepared skillfully for this season and decided to make good use of it and their tools in this social mediaANDTourist Offers Do not miss, ready-made scripts, phone numbers to transfer money, beaten plane tickets, false bookings for famous hotels, dozens of victims, sites and offers that await you, but rather say following you, stories are multiplied in the last two weeks, and some victims seeking solutions After losing the holiday “Tahvesh”, they aim to warn others not to fall into the same trap.

The fraud process starts by creating a page on the Facebook platform, or using an old existing page and buying dozens of followers so that the pages appear full of members, calming the victim and the site publishes a “post” funded for an offer . who does not refuse to travel to Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada in a five star hotel, the offer includes round trip plane tickets, for five days and four nights, at a price of 7000 pounds per person, but the offer is valid for only 48 hours. You have prevented them from coming and you should immediately take advantage of these vacant tickets and reservations, as the offer ends after an hour maximum and you should immediately take the step to grab it.

“You are still asking!”

One of these sites, which has more than 40,000 members, posted about an offer to travel to Sharm El-Sheikh, for five days and four nights, and stay at the Savoy Hotel. With them and asked them about the cost of his trip, his wife and their two daughters and the representative told him it was mijë 9,000 but the offer ends within an hour and asking about the company headquarters, he told her he is in the city of Obour, and that he would not reach the offer if he insisted on going to the company at its headquarters (which, subsequently, the address is fictitious) and the solution is to send the family data, including three names and a photo of a person. card, via WhatsApp, and part of the amount is transferred through any deposit machine, or through Vodafone Cash and airline tickets will be sent and after sending the full amount, the hotel reservation will be sent.

close process

In fact, the victim sent the data and chose to transfer the money through Vodafone Cash and the quorum sent three airline tickets to a Word file on WhatsApp and the quorum remained. He phoned the victim until he was able to actually pay the transferred amount, and the victim continued to wait for the hotel reservation but the quorum process was complete and over, and he immediately blocked the victim’s WhatsApp number and locked his phones to which the victims were calling!

The second day, (YM) went to EgyptAir to verify it, only to be surprised that they were tickets for other flights, taken from the quorum in some way, and he modified them and put the victim’s family names in addition to changing their dates with the dates and dates the victim was looking for, who was confirmed to have fallen into a lawsuit A court fraud tried to contact through the site that is still open and changes show schedules daily to catch victims of new, he tried. contacted them through other telephones and found them offering him the same travel offer and that he should hurry to catch and transfer the amount, and when he told them his identity and that he was one of the victims their, quorum quickly. stopped the number!

fake companies

Similar to a page belonging to a travel company, Facebook recommends it to any user who writes in the search box for travel offers! Why not, the site pays the Facebook administration to fund its publications and cares neither the standards nor the novelty of the site or its unreasonable publications!

Contact page m. A from the city of Alexandria, to inquire about the travel offer advertised on the site, which includes a travel package to Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh, and accommodation in a five-star hotel with airfare from Burj Al Arab Airport, to five. days and four nights, and children under ten free hotel stay and half a flight ticket, and in the same way, the quorum told him that the show ends at exactly eleven o’clock in the evening and that the company’s headquarters is in Cairo in Nasr City, and there is no branch in Alexandria, it’s half the cost, and when he asked for any warranty or confirmation, they sent him on WhatsApp a license on behalf of the company in the Ministry of Tourism, but of course it was multiplied and modified by Photoshop!

Numerous issues

A security source explained that these sites take advantage of the holidays and summer season and advertise fake tourist offers at cheap prices. Airlines according to the nature of the offer.

The source added; Victims should go to its security directorate and write a report to the competent official, or go to the General Administration of Information Technology in Abbasiya, where the victim’s statements are taken, a report is drawn up and the accused is searched. using modern tracking methods, and the source stressed that care should be taken in handling the travel and tourism offers that are advertised on social networks, and make sure about the company and not transfer money to it.

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