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Ethel Cain may be haunted by the past, but her eyes are on the future. I knew there was no escape: “Fate has really bothered me on the side,” she admitted in the lead song for her debut masterful album, which summarizes many of the themes she addresses later: religious trauma, oppression, and the shadows of America. the accused family. You have learned enough from history to know that we will repeat it, but nevertheless cling furiously to broken dreams and doomed relationships in search of a glimmer of hope. The album’s main song bears the name of Evelyn Nesbitt, the artistic model who has been idealized as a “Gibson Girl” for over a century, and for Cain is a reminder of feminine grace and the impossibility of any perfect model. In the desolate Gothic landscape that pervades it The daughter of the preacherShe wonders how there can be a place for that kind of challenge that drives the rock anthem “American Teenager,” but Kane’s determination finally shakes her concern with the archetype: “I do what I want, I do well / For me, she sings .”

These sparks of elasticity push us through the vast spaces of longing and loneliness that define us The daughter of the preacherBut the conflict is at the heart of the story. As a creative outlet for Hayden Anhedönia, Ethel Cain represents another kind of conflict: the artist herself is frustrated with the idea of ​​celebrity, but she wants Cain’s influence to be as widespread as possible, even if it involves fame. She is a conscious figure derived from Southern Baptist education and cultural influences, which has provided a real-world look – however distorted it may be – from horror stories and real crime television to online audiences immersed in to as a teenager. While she seems to have more creative control over the project than many rising stars – the LP was written, recorded and self-produced in her bedroom – she also talks about Ethel Cain as a result of some sort of acquisition. However, these dual realities mostly remain in the background The daughter of the preacherwhich unfolds as one of its captivating and fully realized group.

The sound and aesthetics of Cain’s previous publications – including the magnificent 2021 born EP – Compare Lana Del Rey and Florence + the Machine, and if platforms like Tumblr made any sense to you as an adult, you might be able to see why. But The daughter of the preacher She begins to carve out Cain’s legacy in ways that her previous work failed, and reveals a much wider field. The music on the album – lively, lively, brutal and dramatic – seems to respond more to the demands of the narrative than any nostalgic connotations. For the most part, it’s more in line with the work of songwriters like Midwife and Chelsea Wolfe, crossing the line between their songs on “Heavy Metal” and Death Heavy People respectively – a song like Beatley’s annoyance is much closer to abyss from everything vIOLENCE. It may have taken several years for Wolfe’s music to be seen more as a temperamental version of Americana Del Rey, but Kane’s vision here is so bold and powerful that you can not confuse it with anyone else.

What distinguishes Cain from her contemporaries is her music Do Displaying the great ambition and bold scene of the modern pop star – has little impact on how those qualities are displayed. Bruce Springsteen may have named Lana Del Rey one of America’s best composers, but how often do you hear young romance-inspired artists tying together to fill their debut album with the largest number of solos of guitar and powerful poems like e.g. The daughter of the preacher? (Heartland Rock may not be a term you expect to read at this point in the review, but wait until I get to “Thoroughfare.”) When playing CDs, it is clear that they use those features to convey the emotional dynamics they believe in. songs. With so many songs lasting over 8 minutes, the first drum tone can feel as great as a revelation, and when the guitar solo comes, it provides just as much catharsis as it only prolongs the tension boiling under the surface.

But in “Thoroughfare”, the album’s most epic song, Cain undresses things on acoustic and harmonic guitar, evoking the music of her youth, when the only non-Christian music to which she was exposed were the affairs of the country her father played in a truck. . After overcoming her troubled relationship with her father characters throughout the album, it makes sense that she breaks down those metaphors at this crucial point in the story: Leaving home to pursue a dream that turns out to be elusive, the characters stumble in a deeper kind. the bond, and the promise of freedom suddenly seems more tangible than ever: “In your pickup truck with all your luck the fool is the only place I think I want to be ever.” Things then take a turn, moving slowly through songs that whirl and bleed from images of violence, sex, and death, before disintegrating into something difficult to define with two dark, environmentally inclined instruments. But Kane reappears with a song, the rich and brilliant production of which can make you see the merits of Jack Antonoff, even if it is not called “Sun Bleached Flies”, though clearly there is no need for a mass producer to do so make it shine.

Objectively complex as The daughter of the preacher is that the time the songs spend stretching has the effect of revealing the underlying feelings that are at their core – the isolation of the A House Nebraska emptiness, the turbulent romance of the Western Nights, the complete exhaustion of Hard Times. However, in the overall performance of the album, the rise of the protagonist becomes apparent in subtle ways. Take “Western Nights,” where Cain declared, “Tell me how much I care about you as I lie on these sheets” – seeing how the singer’s obsession casts a shadow over the other person’s true intentions, you can hear the line as Tell me how much I’m inside you; Here is the real rush. In the last song, “Strangers”, her language remains as it started years ago for another kind of confirmation: “Just tell me I’m yours / If I go back to your belly and feel sick. But if there is a lesson to get out of the journey, it is that you can only take care of yourself – there is no salvation, only prayer. She declares “I can not let anything go wrong / Everything I know and everything I want now”.

When he spoke to Hayden Anhedonia last year about his release bornShe was passionate about the music show, but was already eager to discuss her next project, saying that “the vision I had for Ethel Kane could not be fully realized until this disc was removed”. After reaching this goal, you can expect a 75-minute album as well The daughter of the preacher To be the beginning and maybe the end of this iteration of the project, or at least an opportunity to step back and think about what the future might look like. but in the cloud New York Times Appearance, Anhedönia has released two other albums as well as books and films covering three generations of women; After all, a story The daughter of the preacher It is periodic. Cain may have already created her own world, but one can only imagine that her world expands as she delves into her personal history and uses everything at her disposal to travel farther. She sings among the deafening guitars the song “Ptolemaea”, “I am neither good nor bad, it ‘s just me”, “And I came to get what is mine”.

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