Ahmed bin Mohammed honors the winners of the Dubai Sustainable Transportation Award 2021

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Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prince of Dubai Crown Prince and Chairman of the Executive Council, His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Media Council, honored institutions, companies and individuals who won the twelfth session of the Dubai Sustainable Transport Award 2021, one of the initiatives of the Roads and Transport Authority to motivate the public and private sector to contribute to the adoption of sustainable solutions to reduce traffic congestion, protect the environment and increasing levels of transportation safety.

Upon his arrival at the ceremony site at the World Trade Center in Dubai, His Highness was received by Mattar Al Tayer, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Roads and Transportation Authority, and a number of department directors and institutions in the public and private sector.

During the ceremony, His Highness and attendees watched a Dubai Award for Sustainable Transportation Film, which shed light on the award’s efforts in promoting the preservation of the environment and natural resources through the rationalization of energy and its optimal use, as well as application Principles of sustainable development such as shaping the future of man and his healthy environment, by consolidating the concept of mass transport.To reduce carbon footprint.

Jeff Speck, Director of Speck & Associates, a city planner and architectural designer, delivered a speech in which he reviewed the city’s pedestrian specifications, which include essential elements for achieving a pedestrian-friendly environment, including mixing the uses of land, Provide integrated residential neighborhood services, and parking parking for vehicles, in addition to elements of increasing public transport service and providing safe and comfortable pedestrian paths.

Speck noted the need to encourage walking as one of the options for sustainable mobility and to re-plan and design cities in line with the modern trend of sustainable cities, pointing to some pioneering models in encouraging residents to walk, including that New York City witnessed. from the conversion of several bridges into longitudinal parks intended for pedestrians.

Honoring the winners
His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, accompanied by His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, honored the winners in the various award categories and the total number of applications reached 140, divided into five main categories and seven categories of special, where the Ajman Government Transport Authority won first place in the Mobility Management category, for an on-demand bus service. Tramway company Rabat-Salé came in second place for the tram system in Rabat and the Municipality of Greater Amman won third place jointly for the Amman Bus Service and DP World, for the tram system. Current time in the country.

In the mobility safety category, the City of Dubai won first place for the project to support mobility safety and security for the municipal vehicle fleet, and the Saudi Arabian Transportation Development Development Company came in second for the safety enhancement initiative. and safety in the transportation education process, and the Abu Dhabi Center for Integrated Transport won third place for the initiative to reduce the number of accidents resulting from leaving a sufficient safety distance while driving.

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum also honored DP World, which won first place in the environmental conservation category, for the initiative to turn fuel trucks into battery trucks, and Etihad Rail won second place for the environment. the project sustainability initiative and third place went to the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), for the Future Stations fuel station initiative.

In the category of initiatives related to determined people, KGL for passenger transport services won first place for the initiative to facilitate free transport for displaced persons, the elderly and children under the age of ten, as value added and facilities. offered on buses for settled people Mwasalat Misr won Second Place, for material facilities for people settled on buses, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Dubai, came in third place for the initiative to provide all requests of settled people, in buildings and means of transport, and in the category of the leading city in the field of sustainable transport, the Municipality of Aman i Madh, won first place, it presented a model document that explains the various elements to make it a world leader in transport stable.

media coverage
His Highness honored the winners in the Special Awards category, where Maitha Al Muhairi, Yara Tilawi and Sarah Noman from Sharjah University won the Best Student Project / Research Award, for outstanding research in the field of transport sustainability, which offered realistic scientific solutions. to reduce the environmental impact of shipping.In Dubai, and in second place, Shamma Ali Al-Suwaidi and Fatima Butti Al-Suwaidi, of Sharjah University, for research on energy saving for street lighting by moving vehicles and third: Muhammad Al Kathiri, Abdullah Al Yasi and Abdullah Al Kaabi, from Sharjah Institute of Science and Technology, for research to facilitate parking for settled people, and in the category of best academic research project, Khaled Hamad and Lubna Obaid, from Sharjah University won first place and Sishan Humaid from Fujairah High College of Technology came in second and Juliet was ranked third Martinez from Middlesex University, Dubai.

The ceremony included honoring the winners in the category of best partner in the field of sustainability, which was won by Etihad Train, as well as awarding the prize to the best contractor in the field of sustainability, Acciona Company, for its role in implementing the Route 2020 project coalition for the Dubai Metro, and the award for Best Safety and Sustainability Consultant for Parsons Systra.

Media, Manal Ibrahim Mohammed, from the Security Media Department at the General Police Command in Dubai, won the award for Best Journalist, for her role in transferring knowledge and promoting ideas and strategies in implementing security principles in traffic and presentation of the Dubai Sustainability Award. Transport.

His Excellency also honored the members of the awards jury, chaired by Dr. Hamdan Al Shaer, and sponsoring institutions and companies for the twelfth session of the Dubai Sustainable Transport Award.

Spread awareness and stimulate innovation
His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Roads and Transportation Authority, confirmed the success of the Dubai Sustainable Transportation Award, during its previous sessions, in spreading and consolidating awareness among individuals and institutions, encouraging them to design practical solutions to enrich the sustainable transportation system and to spread it within society, to increase the productivity of individuals and to preserve natural resources and the environment for future generations.

He said: “The award witnessed a continuous development in the working mechanism in line with the extraordinary development in the projects and initiatives of the authority, as well as the expansion of the participation in the award to provide the opportunity for the largest number of government and authority initiatives and semi-governmental bodies and institutions and private sector companies to contribute to the development of sustainable transport in the UAE together with the efforts made by the authority in this field.


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