Kia Cerato K5 new generation 2022 with photos

Kia Cerato K5 new generation 2022 with complete photos and specifications and the most important advantages and disadvantages of the car and its categories

Dear visitors of the Thaqafni website, today we present to you one of the most important cars in the global market, which comes among the strongest competitors in the category of economy sedan, in the size of a compact sedan with a youthful, sporty character and us. we are reviewing our car for you today Kia Cerato K5 new generation 2022 with photos We provide a detailed explanation of the most important features of the car and a complete statement of specifications, and safety and security equipment in it, in addition to a statement of luxury and luxury equipment, and explain the most important defects of the car. Kia Cerato Elvis Lift And a separate paragraph to introduce car classes Cerato e re And their prices, with additional paragraphs to give car colors, interior furnishings and dimensional details New Kia Cerato K5 TOOLS Completely new Cars KIA CERATO K5 2022 Let’s continue our article.

Kia Cerato K5 new generation 2022 features in the picture

The new design touch of the k5 fits the smaller Cerato, which was used in the third generation at the level of the front and has many advantages:

  • The 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine produces 152 horsepower.
  • 6-speed automatic transmission, based on the movement of the front wheels.
  • The average fuel consumption is 16.1 km / l.
  • The second engine with a capacity of 2.5 liters produces 152 horsepower with an automatic transmission with 8 speeds and an average fuel consumption of 16.3 km / liter.
  • Kia K5 2022 has a modern exterior design.
  • Integrated front grille with LED lights during the day.
  • Front side cracks and wide front bumper.
  • Tape-shaped taillights connected and protruding with a small rear spoiler.
  • Sport wheels 17 or 18 inches.
  • Luggage space of 16 cubic meters fits your luggage.
  • Navigation system for better performance.
  • Android smart screen and Photos can be displayed through the article.
Exterior of the new Kia Cerato K5 Facelift 2023

Classes and prices for the new look of the Kia K5 Cerato

Algebra Group offers the prices and specifications of the Kia Cerato Kia K5 in six models in the UK, the prices of which vary as follows:

  • Initial, Kia K5 LX 2.0 2022: price 99,243 rials.
  • Second, the Kia K5 LX 2.0 D01M 2022 model: the price is 99,243 riyals.
  • Third, the Kia K5 LX 2.5 model 2022: its price is 107,753 rials.
  • Fourth, Kia K5 LX 2.5 Sport: price 118,563 rials.
  • Fifth, Kia K5 EX 2.5 model 2022: price 129 028 riyals.
  • Sixth, Kia K5 EX 2.5 Full 2022: price 154,673 rials

Dimensions of Kia K5 Kia Cerato new generation 2022 with photos

Cerato is the sister of Hyundai Elantra CN7, the specifications of which can be seen on our website and the dimensions of the K5 are as follows:


Exterior design colors K5

  • Bright white.
  • Gray steel.
  • Brilliant red.
  • Icy white gem.
  • Gray star.
  • Blue marine.
  • Soft silver.
  • Black pearl of dusk.
  • blue bullet.

Interior colors:

  • Pure black skin.
  • Synthetic leather.
  • Black upholstery.
  • Natural red skin color.
  • Earthy skin color.
  • The artificial leather is earthy in color.
  • The fabric cover is made of earth.
Interior and exterior colors Kia Cerato K5 INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR COLORS
Interior and exterior colors Kia Cerato K5 INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR COLORS

Specifications of the new generation Kia Cerato K5

General Specifications Model: compact family
Traction: front-wheel drive
Fuel consumption: 16.1 km / l
The engine volume of the car is 2 liters and the number of cylinders is 4 cylinders to generate 152 horsepower.
152 hp
4-cylinder 6-speed automatic transmission
rear sensors
2 airbag
strengths Sedan class car.

This vehicle provides a USB connection.

CD player.

AUX entry.

bluetooth connection

Lighting type: LED

Electric side mirrors and manual air conditioner

Luxury: entertainment screen

Types and materials of seats: velvet seats

Built-in camera: Rear camera

Wheel size: 17

Safety navigation control system

Unlock the car with the remote control.

Automatic door locks.

Electric windows.

Steering wheel control.

ABS and EBD brakes

ESP Electronic Stability

Driver, front passenger and side airbags

Departure signal from the lane.

Frontal collision clips.

tire pressure monitoring system

internal form

Interior design for Kia Cerato 2022
Interior design for Kia Cerato 2022

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