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Today, you will find a deal on Dyson vacuum cleaner, Duracell batteries at a discount and savings at Samsung. All of these and more below.

Improve your workouts at home with the adjustable Bowflex boiler. Comfortable and compact, this bench press combines fifteen sets of weights into one, allowing you to smoothly switch between exercises. All you need is a disc placed on top and you have an enviable fitness organization for a range of muscle building exercises.

Get ready for a grilling summer cooking or your new smoker, now at a discount at Woot! You can get up to 43% discount on various grilles and accessories that offer precision and taste. You will be able to smoke, bake or grill almost anything your heart desires in a short time.

Memorial Day Early Sale

At the moment, you can save a lot of essential technological things thanks to Samsung sales ahead of Memorial Day. No matter what technology you are buying for, this sale covers you. Buy some of our recommendations – including some of our favorite wireless headphones, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, or a certified smartwatch underlined as the Galaxy Watch 4 – at great discounts.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are always a good addition to your home cleaning range – although they are a better choice. This provides powerful suction that turns your home into a hypoallergenic shelter – a good match for pollen and dandruff that is everywhere at this time of year. Equipped with bag-free technology, a wide cleaning path and full machine filtration, this vacuum cleaner is a deal you would not want to miss.

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Do not hang without batteries in hand the next time the power goes out. Currently, you can get a big discount on Duracell AAA batteries when you sign up for repeat shipments (you can cancel at any time). Simply grab the coupon on the checkout page for the bargain price.

More offers to buy

• We are fans of Dyson (HA) and the Dyson Pure Cool Connector cleans the air and helps keep indoor temperatures tolerable while the outdoors warms up (a blessing to anyone without AC). Get on sale for $ 120 at Best Buy before today’s deal expires.

• This vegetable shredder is great on TikTok right now and exactly what you need to speed up your kitchen setup (my partner’s Italian mom also has a similar one if more approval is needed). Best of all, it is now on sale for $ 24.97 at Walmart.

• Greens are dog cakes that promote the health of your dog’s teeth while also giving it a delicious treat. Win-win – especially when their discount is $ 5.

• It is not really enough to stop using floss – get some tongue scrapers to clean your mouth. Now, the triple pack is on sale on Amazon for $ 9.99 instead of $ 16.99.

• Who does not like swimming in pools? There are now a ton on sale at Target, starting at just $ 4 for a reliable tube (with gloves!).

Organize your kitchen symmetrically Storage containers are incredibly enjoyable and now they start at just $ 4.99 at Woot!

Get 20% off Stuart Whitsman EXCLUSIVE20 order code – then commend yourself for a great pair of investment shoes. (The deal is only online, so go to the site, not the stores.)

• Colgate Hum and Optic White range is now on sale on Amazon with up to 63% off – We highly recommend the Hum toothbrush and bleach pen.

• Tights are comfortable, whether you are a technician or casual, and can now catch North Face camel and turquoise at 50% off (only today and today!).

Make your garden in great shape for the summer by selling Best Buy Sungo today, with pressure washers, corded mowers and more up to $ 35 off.

You may have lost deals

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are some of the best wireless headphones we have tested with excellent sound, powerful active noise cancellation and a long list of useful features. And now that they have reached a new low price on olive green, they are a better choice for anyone who wants a great pair of headphones for their Android phone.

Steelseries Apex Pro, which took first place in our ranking of the best gaming consoles, now has a 26% discount. Through thousands of keystrokes and countless hours of testing, Apex Pro has consistently delivered a comfortable writing experience that fits our style of play. From playing action-packed shooting games to the occasional Minecraft session, it went smoothly.

YOUNG NEW YOGA EXERCISES – We have the best selection for beginners with the lowest price we have tracked on Amazon. Beginner yogis will be prepared for success with the Matte Yoga Original Liforme, thanks to 12 stretch tabs that show users exactly where to place their hands and feet. But even if you are not a beginner, this deal should not be lost.

The Blue Yeti Nano is a cheaper, more compact version of the Blue Yeti, our favorite generic microphone, which makes surprisingly little sacrifices. You’ll also have great sound quality and a more portable design, but you also only get two recording modes instead of four, which makes the Nano less versatile than its bigger brother. Currently, the affordable Nano is already seeing a 30% discount on Amazon.


Get ready for all your upcoming outdoor adventures with this massive outlet for sale at REI. You can get discount accessories that include everything from yoga mats to running shoes, jackets and more, including a range of clothing styles for the whole family. This sale lasts until May 9, but if you have been careful about some accessories, feel free to buy now in case the supplies run out.

30% discount across the site

Our manufacturer of selection for the best quality non-stick restaurant offers 30% discount all over the site. You can get the 10-inch HexClad hybrid frying pan for $ 109.99 and purchase the rest of the site for premium kitchenware sets, knives, mixing pans and more.

Anchor Headphones Soundcore Life Q30

In our editors test, the Anker Soundcore Life Q20 headphones were named as the best budget option. At just $ 60, the headphones offer amazing noise canceling capabilities, plus great convenience and sound quality to launch. Now with a discount of just over $ 50 when the coupon is cut to the page, the Soundcore Life Q20 will shine even brighter in its price.

Buy two items of the same product and get one for free

Onsen complete collection

Our editors and the rest of the internet agree – Onsen towels are just gorgeous. Named after the thousands of hot springs in Japan, the shower facilities and the surrounding hotels, these towels are made from 100% American-made Supima Cotton, certified by Oeko-Tex, which is as strong and soft as possible. You can now upgrade your wardrobe with a full “buy two, get one for free” offer.

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