Ahmed bin Saeed: Emirates Airlines will regain its full capacity by the end of the year

Rising fuel prices and costs have a significant impact on the sector

Indications for summer bookings are excellent in light of the thirst for travel

Dubai: Anwar Daoud

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chief Executive Officer and CEO of Emirates Airlines and the Group, expected the move at Emirates Airlines to reach 100% levels ahead of “Covid-19” by the end of this year, as he registered on more than 75%, noting that the company has recorded a positive performance, and that the financial performance indicators during the new financial year from April 1 are excellent and profitable.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the Arabian Travel Market exhibition, His Highness said that with the ongoing recovery, Emirates Airlines will not receive financial support from the Dubai government during the fiscal year.

His Excellency added that Emirates Airlines will pay, at the end of the current fiscal year, a portion of the support provided by the Dubai government for the airline at intervals, with the continued recovery of international travel.

The carrier had received financial support from the Dubai government over the past two years, to sidestep the negative effects that accompanied the suspension of international travel and the closure of borders to limit the spread of the “Covid-19” epidemic.

The role of Mohammed bin Rashid

His Highness said that the Arabian Travel Market exhibition is witnessing an active movement, noting the continued recovery of this vital sector, noting that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates Arab and Ruler of Dubai, God bless him, has brought Dubai to this stage in the field of tourism. Travel has built a pillar for this sector.

His Highness added: We note that the movement has started to return to the previous era during the last period due to the “Covid-19” pandemic, noting that for Emirates Airlines the movement has returned to 75% compared to that of para. – pandemic rates, and we hope to reach 100% by the end of this year 2022..

His Highness stated that the return to pre-pandemic levels is related to the state of international markets, stressing that some countries still have limitations in the international travel market, stressing that full recovery and growth depend on the full opening of markets.

His Highness clarified that from last April 1 until today, the financial performance indicators of the operator are good and excellent and the results are positive.

fuel costs

He stated that the increase in fuel prices and costs has greatly affected the aviation sector and its profitability, emphasizing that airlines are trying to increase ticket prices to cover the costs of this part and it is difficult to predict energy prices. .

His height added: We always hope that fuel prices are at reasonable levels that can be afforded by both companies and travelers.

His Excellency stressed that the measures taken by the government during the two years of the epidemic contributed to the strengthening of the movement and the return to a faster recovery, explaining that everyone reaps the fruits of these efforts from citizens, residents and investors in the UAE. Arabic.

His Highness added that the results in the coming months will be positive with the improvement of conditions, emphasizing that the improvement is related to the return of business in world markets, the movement of new investments and the continuation of trade investments.

His height explained that the indications for future bookings during the summer are excellent, in light of the thirst for travel.

New aircraft

Regarding the delay in receiving the new aircraft, His Highness said that negotiations are always ongoing with the manufacturers and that the delay in receiving has come from the manufacturers, but these circumstances and delays in receiving the aircraft have not hindered plans to expand the carrier, especially since during the pandemic period, Emirates Airlines took over several A380 aircraft.

He added that Emirates Airlines has managed to gradually return its fleet to service, and the A380 is currently returning to service as needed, and we hope the entire fleet will be restored by the end of this year, especially in high-level light . travel demand we are seeing during the current period.

Regarding the lack of capacity due to delayed deliveries, His Highness explained that the company has a large fleet of aircraft in service, in addition to the return of the Airbus A380, which will contribute to providing a larger capacity of seats, emphasizing that Emirates Airlines has received a number of Airbus A380 aircraft during the year.For the pandemic period, stressing that there will be no capacity shortage due to aircraft delays.

His Highness said that the recruitment process at Emirates Airlines has continued for months to keep pace with the increase in airline extensions and the introduction of more aircraft in service.

In response to a question about any tendency to offer companies in the aviation sector such as Fly Dubai, Emirates Airlines or Emirates Airlines Group, His Highness said that the decision belongs to the Dubai government, which previously announced the plans its to launch 10 governments. and semi-governmental companies.

Regarding the return to Al Maktoum International Airport, His Highness said that the issue depends on the size of the capacity at Dubai Airport, hoping that air traffic will return 100% to pre-pandemic levels and that the runway maintenance period will be exceeded. .

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