Who is the wife of Chief Burak? – Wikipedia

Who is the wife of Chief Burak? – Wikipedia The famous Turkish boss of Arab origin, whose pages on social media platforms in Turkey and the Arab world gained over one million followers. Through the following article, he will address the topic of who is the wife of boss Burak and Wikipedia, reviewing mostly important biographical data of Chef Burak and his wife, and the most important moments in the couple’s life with highlights on how to follow Chef Burak on social media.

Who is the Turkish boss Burak Wikipedia

Turkish chef Burak is a young Turk of Syrian-Arab origin who mastered the art of cooking early, influenced by his father and grandfather, one of the most famous chefs in Turkey and the owners of the city’s restaurant chain in Istanbul. Turkey. So in his unique innovations and recipes that he presented through his official accounts on social media platforms, which were very popular among his fans and followers, and mastering several languages ​​contributed a lot to the spread of recipes his in. different regions of the world, and the Turkish chef Burak was born in the Turkish city of Ordu, except that his origin goes to Iskenderun, especially in the Arab-majority city of Antioch.

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Who is the wife of Chief Burak? – Wikipedia

Chef Burak Turk is still singleDespite the spread of many rumors on social networks recently, where he talked about his marriage to the Algerian artist Manal Hadli, after Manal published on one of her social media accounts a video clip he had gathered with boss Burak during her visit to one of . his restaurants in Turkey, and chef Burak appears in the video as he presents. The Algerian artist has a bouquet of roses to express his welcome for her arrival.An order that was confirmed by Chief Burak, saying that he has Manal Hadli in his heart and that he has asked for her hand and that the marriage with him is very close, but so far there is nothing official in this regard..

Who is the Algerian singer Manal Hadli?

Algerian artist Manal Hadli, who has been the subject of several rumors about her marriage to Turkish chef Burak, is a young Arab woman from Algeria. She has a master’s degree in Arabic, English and French translation, is a fan of art and music Despite her appearance before the start of direct competition shows, and in 2018 AD, the Algerian artist released her first songs, which were titled “I endured with you”, which received many positive echoes on Algerian and Arab roads. to be followed by the song “ma vie en rose”, which passed the figure of one million hours on social media platforms, Manal Hadli then participated in many international festivals and forums, which increased his fame, after which met with Turkish chief Burak. who fell in love with her and asked for her hand in marriage.

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Who is the wife of Chief Burak Biography

Algerian artist Manal Hadly is considered one of the rising stars of art in the Arab state of Algeria and despite her exit from the eliminatory roles of the talent show “Arab Idol”, this did not stop her from pursuing her dream, and More below are the most important biographical data of the brilliant star Manal Hadly, which Predictions show that she will be the future wife of the Turkish boss Burak:

  • Full name: Manal Hadali.
  • Birth place: Algeria.
  • Date of birth: It is not precisely defined.
  • Nationality: Algerian Arabic.
  • Mother tongue: Arabic.
  • dialect: Maghreb arab.
  • Other languages: English and French.
  • Feja: Muslim.
  • name: Followers of AlSunna and Algamaa.
  • Marital status: beqar.
  • Qualification: Bachelor Degree in Arabic, English, French Translation.
  • Professions: Artist.
  • Years of activity: Since 2017, until now.

Who is the wife of Chief Burak?  - Wikipedia

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How old is Chef Burak?

Turkish Chief Burak is 28 years old, having been born in the Turkish city of Ordu on March 24, 1994 AD and currently resides in the Turkish city of Hatay along with his father and grandfather, who have had a major impact on Burak’s life. love and mastery of cooking since the age of 16 Generally, Burak runs his restaurant amid a chain of restaurants owned by his family spread all over Turkey, the most famous of which is the city restaurant located in Istanbul , the icon of Turkish cities.

What is the religion of Chief Burak?

Turkish leader Burak embraces Islam and is a follower of Sunni and community doctrine, and this has been confirmed many times by the Turkish leader, stressing that his parents are Muslims and that his family is committed to Islam and the rule of law. Islam of prayer, fasting and almsgiving, and Burak carries in his heart a lot of love for the holy places, especially the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which Burke wants to visit regularly.

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Biography of the Turkish chief Burak

Turkish chef Burak excelled in presenting and creating recipes for various foods, which was evidenced in the interaction of hundreds of thousands of his fans and followers on social media platforms. The biographical data of Turkish chef Burak can be summarized as follows:[1]

  • Full name: Mehmet Burak Ozdemir.
  • Birth place: Ordu city, Turkey.
  • Residence: Hatay Province of Turkey.
  • Assets: Antakya, Syrian Arab.
  • Date of birth: March 24, 1994 AD.
  • Age: 28 years old.
  • Nationality: Turkish.
  • Feja: Muslim.
  • Mother tongue: Turkish language.
  • Other languages: Arabic, English.
  • Social situation: Single.
  • Professions: Chef and cook.
  • Years of activity: From 2010 AD until now.

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What is Chef Burak’s disease?

Turkish chef Burak, through his official Instagram account, posted a photo of himself in a Turkish hospital, wearing surgery clothes and sitting on a medical bed, which has led fans and followers to question the condition of his health and the reason for his appearance. in this organ, while others went with his speculations to throw unwarranted rumors about Burak’s disease.It was not long before Burak reappeared, stating that he was suffering from appendicitis and that the medical team supervising his health had removed him and he is. now well and ready to leave the hospital, while Burak also thanked all those who supported him and prayed for his recovery and will return to his usual activity within a short period of time.

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Turkish boss Burak on social media

Turkish chef Burak’s recipes and dishes are very popular in Turkey, the Arab world and some countries of the world. Burak likes to innovate in his kitchen and stay away from the stereotypical foods and flavors he offers in his restaurants. Turkish Chief Burak through social networks platforms through:

  • Visit Chef Burak Al-Turki’s official Twitter page “from here.
  • Visit Chef Burak Al-Turki’s official Facebook page “from here”.
  • Visit Chef Burak Al-Turki’s official Instagram page “from here”.
  • Visit Chef Burak’s official YouTube channel “From Here”.

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This concludes the article on this topic from She is the wife of Chief Burak – Wikipedia Examining the most prominent biographical data of chef Burak Al-Turki and Algerian artist Manal Hadli, highlighting the most important information and defining stations in the life of the Turkish and Algerian duo.


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