Tomorrowland opens luxury desert resort, Terra Solis, in Dubai

Visitors from all over the world will experience the best and most beautiful music, a lively pool scene, wonderful dining and a unique experience in the Arabian sand dunes.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Tomorrowland, one of the most famous music festivals in the world, will open Terra Solis, a completely new and unique desert destination in Dubai.

Nestled among the sand dunes of the Arabian Peninsula and inspired by the most beautiful constellations, the luxury Terra Solis Desert Resort will open next September in «Dubailand, Al Yafra District» to welcome people from all over the world in a magical oasis of relaxation in the Arabian Desert, where they will encourage guests and entice them to celebrate life by the separate pool during the day and watch the stars in their dreams at night. Reservations are now open through the following official website:

Terra Solis Resort features a collection of three stunning accommodation options named after the stars, meteor showers and constellations. The stunning Polaris Tents, the magnificent Pereside Lodge and the stunning Orion Pool Lodge will offer a unique stay in the Arabian dunes. Guests will also have access to the iconic and scenic pool In the heart of the destination, some of Tomorrowland’s most famous elements: a restaurant, bar and hookah lounge.

On this occasion, Nicholas Vandnabel, founder and CEO of Terra Solis Resort, said: “Terra Solis is a unique destination in the desert away from all the noise, inspired by the magic of Tomorrowland and the most beautiful constellations where you can wake up. from a night under the stars and live in the rhythm of the sun. Guests will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an unforgettable world of wonders with the best and most beautiful music, lively pool scene, relaxation, wonderful taste and aroma and a unique experience in the Arabian sand dunes while relaxing in style under the sun beautiful of Dubai.

An elegant oriental desert oasis spread over an area of ​​371,000 square meters, Terrasols Resort will combine wonderful music, entertainment, holiday atmosphere and exceptional food and drink in a fresh and vibrant destination. Guests will also be encouraged to explore the Terra Solis Resort’s vast desert landscape.

Wake up from a night under the stars

Guests can start their day at Terra Solis quietly and enjoy a hearty breakfast in the relaxing atmosphere of their backyard or poolside restaurant.

Terra Solis Resort is home to many stunning options, including 48 spacious, luxurious and beautifully decorated Polaris Bell tents and 20 lodges in Pearside that combine absolute comfort with style. There are also 6 beautiful Orion Pool houses, each with a private pool, cab and terrace. A great private exterior view, Pool Lodge is one of the most unique and attractive, centrally located by the pool with stunning views of all destination, offering guests a truly unique experience.

Extraordinary lunch and dinner experiences

Terra Solis Resort will also offer excellent dining, ready to impress guests with excellent lunch and dinner experiences, whether indoors or by the pool. Inspired by the “flavors of the world” cuisine at Tomorrowland, MESA offers typical and delicious flavors from around the world.

Guests will enjoy a wide range of drinks and cocktails at the popular fashion bar, which is centrally located by the pool and in the Sala hookah lounge, where they will also be able to experience the true madness of the Tomorrowland Festival through a range of exclusive events. to be organized at Terra Solis Resort.

Terra Solis Resort will open in “Dubailand, Al Yafra District”, 30 minutes from Dubai Airport, 25 minutes from Burj Khalifa and 35 minutes from Palm (The Palm).

Tomorrowland inaugurates the Terra Solis Desert Magic Resort

Music – Pools – Tastes – Hostel – Magic

From September 2022 to June 2023

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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About Tomorrowland:

Tomorrowland is one of the most famous and well-known music festivals in the world taking place in the Belgian city of Bomme, organized and owned by the original founders, the Beers brothers.

The Tomorrowland Festival was first held in 2005 and since then has become one of the most famous international music festivals in the world and takes place every year in the summer and now extends over 3 weekends in 2022, welcoming from tomorrow 600,000 people from the most more than 200 seats. , sold within minutes, year after year.

Tomorrowland is located in a beautiful natural setting, the De Schorre recreation area, in the town of Baume in Belgium. It is a real world of fairy tales set in a beautiful natural environment with great emphasis on details such as charming decor, excellent works and animation of the environment, delicious and healthy food and drinks, fantastic fireworks through an unforgettable show and incomparable.

Each year the festival features a unique theme that inspires popular main stage design and theatrical production.

The 16th edition of the Tomorrowland Music Festival will take place in 2022 from 15 to 17 July, from 22 to 24 July and from 29 to 31 July.

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