The UAE leads the indicators of the recovery of Arab tourism

19 million hotel visitors, a 29% increase in 2021

16.5 billion dirhams in hotel contracts in the Gulf countries during 2022

161 projects under construction in the UAE with 45,000 rooms

28% of the state share of hotel rooms under construction in the Middle East

The UAE is leading and competing with many global tourism capitals, towards a return to growth paths before Covid-19, in light of the quality jumps and acceleration it is achieving in all tourism indicators, especially in the number of visitors and number. of hotel projects under construction, in addition to the volume of investments made The tourism sector managed to attract it despite the current circumstances.

According to official data, the UAE leads the Arab countries in terms of number of visitors, as hotels in the country have attracted more than 19 million hotel visitors, an increase of 29% compared to the number of guests in 2020, and According to According to an international statistical report prepared by the World Population Review website, the number of visitors reached last year, Saudi Arabia registered about 13.6 million visitors, Morocco registered about 12.9 million visitors, Egypt received 11.3 million visitors and Tunisia 4.9 million visitors. , and the global data-driven Statista site expected the UAE to attract more than 31 million tourists a year by 2025.

In terms of investment volume, BNC Network expected hotel contracts worth 16.5 billion dirhams to be awarded to Gulf Cooperation Council countries during 2022, representing an annual increase of 16%, and according to the report, the UAE The Arabs reached the highest. the value of contracts related to the hotel sector, followed by Saudi Arabia. According to Top Hotel Projects, the number of hotel projects under construction in the UAE has reached about 161 projects, comprising 45,322 rooms, accounting for 28% of the total hotel room under construction in the Middle East.

The UAE Tourism Council said that the tourism sector in the UAE during the period from January to October 2021 managed to reach occupancy rates in hotels and tourist facilities of 64%, making the UAE exceed Top 10 tourist destinations in the world.

Sources and experts participating in the Arab Travel Market confirmed that the UAE has become a leader in the recovery of the tourism sector in the Arab region and plays a major role in the recovery of the global tourism sector, supported by a number of factors represented in the initiatives and government projects led by investment incentives in the tourism sector and coordinated efforts National Authority for the development of the country’s tourism environment, the provision of pioneering and integrated tourism products and services, as well as the contribution of major events and initiatives organized by the country. during the last phase of achieving these results, especially the activities of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Haitham Mohamed Matar, President of the InterContinental Hotels and Resorts Group in the Middle East, Africa and India, said the UAE continues to dominate the travel market in the Middle East, through supplies, equipment and bookings across the travel sector.

He added that with the early easing of restrictions on the Covid-19 pandemic and effective vaccination campaigns, we witnessed a significant increase in the proportion of bookings and accommodation from the domestic market, in parallel with the gradual return of international demand, stressing that. The holding of Expo 2020 Dubai, in addition to the activities and commercial events that took place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, came at the right time and contributed to strengthening the UAE leadership in the recovery of tourism in the region and starting again at a fast pace. In the first quarter of 2022, demand in all our hotels in the UAE was in line with pre-COVID-19 levels.

For his part, Hussein Al-Mannai, head of the Arab Center for Tourism Media, said that the UAE has managed to strengthen its position on the global tourism map and with the end of the Covid-19 crisis, they will return to plot. force to attract millions of visitors from all over the world, noting that the countries are at the top in the Arab Gulf states and the Middle East.Mes in the rate of increase in hotel capacity.

According to World Tourism Organization estimates, the hotel capacity in the country is expected to reach an average annual growth of about 8%, adding 18,000 new hotel rooms in the current two years and beyond, and about 60,000 new hotel rooms by 2024 ..

Al-Mannai expected the continuation of the tourism recovery witnessed by the UAE in 2022, to complement the strong performance achieved in the previous year 2021, with the consequences of the “Covid-19” pandemic being withdrawn, as it is estimated that the tourism movement towards the Emirates will continue in its upward trend, especially as the UAE has become the preferred tourist destination for many segments of tourism consumers in most of the world markets, with the country possessing a number of qualifying features him to lead the world. tourism recovery as a source of trust for tourism exporting countries.

For his part, the CEO of Serenity Travel Company, Sherif Al Faram, said that the UAE is leading the recovery movement of the tourism sector in the region, with the support of a number of factors represented in the professionalism of dealing with the consequences of Pandemic e Covid-19, which contributed to increasing the confidence of global markets The domestic tourism market, the expansion of national carriers and their access to new destinations and the return of international carriers to operate from domestic airports, in addition to packages of initiatives and incentives offered by the government to investors in the tourism sector.

He added that the success of the tourism sector in the UAE to vigorously resume its activities within a short period of time confirms the strong foundations and pillars of the sector and its advanced capabilities and reflects the great diversity in the export tourism markets, as is clear. evidence of the sector’s flexibility and ability to adapt to global change, noting that all indicators of tourism, including visitor numbers, hotel accommodation rates and air traffic, show that the UAE is leading countries of the region in the speed of recovery and often compete for first place in global indicators.

The country is competing with world capitals to return to pre-Korona levels

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