Minister of Planning “Representatives”: Directing 51% of government investment to build people

Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, said that the directions of the sustainable development plan for fiscal year 22/2023, its development goals and programs come in the framework of continuing the implementation of the national strategy for achieving sustainable development . Egypt Vision 2030 “, which the ministry has been keen to update to be a living document that keeps pace with developments and changes. Local and international, especially with the implementation of the national program of economic and social reform starting in 2016, as well as developments related to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to the desire to include urgent issues that have grown in importance such as the issue of population, water scarcity, climate change, financial inclusion and other key development issues.

This came during the submission today before the House of Representatives of the draft statement of the sustainable development plan for fiscal year 22/2023 and the basic features of the plan document, in the presence of Councilor Dr. Hanafi Jabali – Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Al-Saeed added that the plan is also in line with the state’s orientation to localize sustainable development goals at the governor level and achieve balanced regional development, especially with the government represented by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development – for the first time. first – in collaboration. and fruitful partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), to prepare 27 reports Monitoring the progress made towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in all Egyptian governments, in order to identify development gaps in each government , and monitoring relevant indicators that need more attention, working to design and implement appropriate policies and programs to further improve the development performance of governments and accelerate the implementation of sustainable development goals at the local level, and national,

The Minister of Planning indicated that the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development launched the first competitiveness indicator of the Egyptian governments (in cooperation with the Information and Decision Support Center in the Council of Ministers, the Egyptian National Council for Competitiveness and the Central Center. Public and Mobilization Agency Statistics), which is an indicator created to be a supportive tool to guarantee policy effectiveness and improve development performance. In government, the index aims to increase government productivity, provide a conducive environment for investment, promote inclusive growth through regional integration, contribute to national development, and increase the competitiveness of Egyptian governments.

Al-Saed stressed that the government seeks, through various development plans and programs, to continue working to achieve the strategic goal; It is to improve the quality of life for the Egyptian citizen, with special attention to intensifying investment in people by directing 51% of government investment in the fields of human development and implementing major development projects and initiatives in the sectors of education, health, housing . And through its training groups, including the National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development) to expand training and capacity building programs in various areas of training and entrepreneurship with the aim of qualifying staff, especially young people and women, for keep pace. by changing and accelerating labor market demands and empowering them politically, economically and socially, to contribute effectively to the implementation of development programs.

The Minister of Planning added that the ministry is also working to contribute effectively to supporting the state’s approach to digital transformation, and improving the quality of services provided to citizens, by continuing to implement projects for the development of local services, which include the development of offices across governments. development of technology centers in new neighborhoods and cities and urban communities, as well as the expansion of the establishment of mobile technology centers (mobile service cars, which reached about 182 mobile technology centers), as well as the expansion of the establishment of model centers integrated government service and complexes (Egypt Service Center), which provide public services to citizens of the highest quality,

Talking about the state’s efforts to raise the level of services and improve the quality of life for the Egyptian citizen, Al-Saeed explained that the government is also working to continue the implementation of many institutional development projects and increase performance efficiency in various institutions, after the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development launched the “Egypt Award for Government Excellence” for two consecutive sessions 2020, 2019) under the auspices of the President of the Republic, and the work of the third session of this award has already begun, with the aim to spread the culture of quality and excellence in government institutions and to improve the quality of services provided to citizens, and we aim to expand this award to include private sector institutions.

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