Korona is pulling its effects from the travel sector..and “Turkey and Northern Iran” are the most sought after destinations in Oman

Al-Rawahi: Ukraine is among the destinations that would have been very popular this summer, had it not been for the war –

Al-Sarhani: Travel costs are rising due to inflation … and the demand for domestic tourism is higher this year –

Al-Saadi: There is growing activity for summer travel, and countries are almost running out of July and August flights –

After two years of limited travel opportunities, the travel and tourism sector is marking an increased activity and the owners of travel and tourism offices told “Oman” that it has passed 100 percent compared to the last two years.

However, despite the fact that many countries have facilitated entry procedures, Turkey and northern Iran are still at the top of the list of options that the Omani preferred to spend the holidays this summer, due to their mild weather and the presence of Direct Lines. travel to it at competitive prices, while East Asian countries withdrew to the bottom of the list due to the lengthy and complicated procedure for its entry.

Talal bin Hilal Al-Rawahi, General Director of Travel and Tourism in Alwan, said: Turkey is still the most sought after destination by the Omani, especially after the facilitation and cancellation of almost all Corona procedures, as entry currently requires only one certificate certifying that the Tourist has received the vaccine against Covid-19.

This year a new destination has emerged, which is expected to be very popular, which is Antalya, which has excellent beaches, a beautiful atmosphere and many summer marine activities that suit families and young people.

Antalya also carries a new concept through its resorts that offer drinks and food to its guests throughout the day. He said: “What makes East Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and China at the bottom of the list this year unusual are the travel procedures, which are still complicated and lengthy due to virus precautions.” Corona.

Ukraine would be at the top of this list this summer, if it were not for the war and the political circumstances that the Historical and Cultural Heritage is going through.

Demand for travel this year is high and this was highlighted during the Eid al-Fitr holiday last week. It also spurred an increase in direct flights from Oman Air, Turkish Airlines and SalamAir to more popular destinations such as Trabzon, Istanbul and Antalya.

We, as owners and employees of travel and tourism offices, have begun to seek to change the negative impacts the sector has experienced over the past two years. We thank the efforts of the Sultanate of Oman represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the exemption of Omani visas for many countries, hoping that Turkey will be included here and that the Omanis will be exempted from the Schengen visa to visit European countries.

Growing demand for northern Iran

Regarding the most important destinations that the Omanis chose to spend Eid al-Fitr, Faisal bin Rashid al-Saadi, director of the Green Olive Travel and Tourism Company, said: Iran, especially the northern regions, has emerged as the most preferred. destination from our customers during the Eid holidays, and through their early bookings for the summer holidays, due to the moderate weather and the competitive prices of the airlines, as the ticket reaches only 65 Omani riyals. Plus Turkey for sure.

Al-Saadi explained: There is a strong demand for travel, with an increase of more than 100 percent compared to the last two years, and this is evident through the number of seats that have been exhausted on the upcoming flights for the months of July. and August from Iran and Turkey. He added: We can say that the negative effects of the pandemic on the travel and tourism sector are almost gone, with many countries facilitating entry and movement procedures within them.

Ukraine war and travels

For his part, Hadi bin Ali Al Sarhani, Executive Director of the Al Sarhani Travel, Tourism and Tourism Organization, believes the Russo-Ukrainian war cast a shadow over the tourism sector, which was expected to witness a recovery this year due to pandemic. retreating, but the war limited the list of tourist options. Especially in Europe, this also affected airlines, and so the demand for Turkey and Iran in addition to the Arab Republic of Egypt has increased recently. He said the opening of direct flights between Muscat and Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam has contributed to a relative increase in demand over the past year and this year. Al-Sarhani explained that the demand for travel is still less than necessary, due to the decline in the purchasing power of individuals as a result of their impact on the decline in economic growth in general due to the pandemic. He said the cost of travel had also risen, driven by inflation caused by rising oil prices as a result of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

As a result, many people preferred local tourism, spending the Eid holiday and organizing recreational activities and summer holiday trips within the Sultanate of Oman. Domestic tourist destinations have gained great popularity over the last two years and this is expected to continue. even this year, which we asked for during the Eid al-Fitr holiday last week.

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