Industry experts are optimistic about the future of travel and tourism in the region

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The opening session of the 29th edition of the Arabian Travel Market 2022, the largest travel and tourism exhibition in the Middle East, was held in Dubai yesterday morning, to shed light on the future of international travel and tourism within and outside the region.

Industry leaders moved to the global stage of the Arab Travel Market, coinciding with the ongoing recovery of the travel and tourism sector in the Middle East after the pandemic erupted, to explore the latest trends and global movements that are moving it forward. this sector. , where flexibility, accountability, sustainability and innovation were highlighted as catalysts for long-term success.

The opening session was moderated by Eleni Geokos, presenter and correspondent at CNN, and among the speakers at the opening session were: Issam Kazim, CEO of Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Trade Marketing, Scott Livermore, Chief Economist at Oxford Economics, and Jochem Jam. Sliver, President of Dubai Economics. Middle East, Africa and Turkey at the Hilton, Bilal Kabbani, President of Industry, Travel and Tourism at Google, and Andrew Brown, Regional Director for Europe for the Middle East and Oceania at the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Commenting on the growing importance of tourism and travel for the environment, Issam Kazim, Executive Director of Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commercial Marketing, said: “Initiatives we have launched in recent years, including awarding special prizes for hotel facilities in Dubai , have contributed to the evaluation of their efforts to promote sustainability in the tourism sector.Tourism, and now we are expanding the scope of this issue, through the continued support of our partners, to ensure that the concept of sustainability is a top priority for all working in the travel, tourism and hospitality sector. Dubai takes the initiative for “sustainability”.

Kazem added: “Our successful strategy for the recovery of the tourism sector continues to contribute to meeting global challenges, especially during the post-pandemic phase, which enhances the competitive landscape, in relation to our continued adoption of creativity and innovation to stay “at the forefront as we continue to focus on tools We strive to achieve the goal of our wise leadership, to make Dubai the preferred destination to visit and the best city in the world to live and work.”

Kazim’s colleagues have cited several successful examples of this, such as Expo 2020 Dubai, as evidence of the emirate’s success in pursuing its travel and tourism commitments, noting that destinations across the Middle East are working hard for reflect this success.

Speakers also noted that domestic travel recovered faster than international travel to the Middle East, with regional flights accounting for 55 percent of demand in 2019, according to Scott Livermore, and that percentage rose to more than 80 percent over period after the peak. .pandemi.

While Livermore consistently expected the percentage of regional flights represented by international travel to recover in the future, he indicated at the same time that the importance of domestic travel is likely to continue to grow and recover as well.

Speakers highlighted the role of mega-events, such as Expo 2020 Dubai and the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, to ensure that tourism in the Middle East continues to recover faster than in other regions. Oil supply and prices pose challenges for the sector. but they remain cautiously optimistic, given the high levels of pending demand in the wake of the pandemic.

On this occasion, Danielle Curtis, director of the Arabian Travel Market exhibition in the Middle East, said: “During our opening session, speakers presented a selection of fascinating insights into the future of the travel and tourism sector in the Middle East, such as do industry professionals. have done their best to meet the growing customer demands in the wake of the pandemic. It was interesting to see what steps have already been taken to ensure the long-term success of travel and tourism in our region. ”

Arabian Travel Market 2022 will once again be an essential part of the Arab Travel Week, which will take place for 10 days, from 9 to 19 May 2022, in which exhibitions, conferences, breakfast sessions, awards, presentations of products and networking events will be held.

The Arabian Travel Market 2022 will be held in cooperation with the World Trade Center in Dubai, and among the strategic partners of the Arabian Travel Market 2022 are the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai, as the destination partner, Emaar Hospitality Group, as the official hotel. partner, and Emirates Airlines, as the official airline partner.


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