In the video, Saleh Al-Fadaghi for the Al-Anbaa team

  • Kuwait Airport is committed to the highest standards and procedures for safety and security … and its reports are positive
  • The lack of manpower at the airport was a challenge. We overcame it by lifting the precautionary measures during the month of May
  • The schedule and schedules for the summer flights of Kuwait Airport are ready .. approved by October 31
  • 50 airlines operating at the airport, including 47 commercial airlines transporting passengers to 30 destinations
  • Periodically study the tariffs for “civil aviation” … and the price of 2019 is currently being estimated
  • Tariff appraisal does not necessarily mean raising it. It is subject to increase and decrease according to variables

Ali Ibrahimi

Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry, Deputy Director General of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation for Kuwait International Airport Affairs, Ing. Saleh Al-Fadaghi, that the summer travel season will set records for the number of passengers who can exceed the levels of 2019, emphasizing at the same time that the administration is fully prepared for the season.

Al-Fadaghi revealed in a statement to Al-Anbaa that airlines operating at Kuwait International Airport have already submitted their plans for the summer travel season and their flight schedules have been approved until October 31, as the number of incoming flights. and daily outlet. through the airport will range from 300 to 350 flights by the end of the season.summer.

Al-Fadaghi stated that the number of companies operating at Kuwait Airport currently stands at about 50 airlines, including 47 commercial companies transporting passengers to about 30 destinations operating from Kuwait International Airport, in addition to 3 air cargo companies.

Regarding the work plan and preparations for the summer travel season, Al-Fadaghi indicated that the administration, with the travel season on national holidays last February, has developed a plan to deal with the increase in the number of flights and passengers, in comply with the implementation of quality control standards, and without prejudice to safety and security procedures while maintaining To facilitate passenger procedures.

He added that the administration accompanied the implementation of the plan by monitoring all the observations and challenges, at the top of which was the presence of a lack of employees in the companies operating at Kuwait Airport, in connection with the continuous tightening of health precautions. in place.

Al-Fadaghi said, “During the Corona period, most of the companies operating at Kuwait International Airport suffered from business travel and difficulty returning due to health precautions and vaccination requirements, but now companies have made up for the lack of and are able to absorb the increase in the number of passengers, and their plans to deal with the summer season showed the High Ability to deal with any variable.

Al-Fadaghi stressed that the ability of companies to overcome the challenge of labor shortages was prompted by government decisions on the first date of this May, according to which it lifted all restrictions on passengers through Kuwait International Airport, emphasizing that The lifting of these restrictions raised expectations for a significant increase in the number of passengers for which the administration was prepared. Through ongoing meetings with all interested authorities at the airport, whether service providers, government agencies or the private sector, to presented to each party its plan on how to cope with the increase in figures, as the travel season on Eid al-Fitr was another test, as about 2,980 flights with 352,000 passengers were proven. Since the end of the holiday, the administration has begun evaluating the season and identifying observations to prepare for the upcoming summer season.

Protection and security

Al-Fadaghi noted that security and safety audits at Kuwait Airport are conducted by outsiders throughout the year, indicating that audits are performed at all airports in the world, including Kuwait Airport, and then submit the report to the authority. if there is any observation.

He stated that a British DFT team, which started earlier in the week, is conducting a security audit at Kuwait Airport and all the reports submitted from the previous period so far are excellent, all indicators are positive and the Airport of Kuwait is committed. according to all safety and security standards and procedures, and the audit team is expected to complete the work by the end of this week and submit its report to the General Administration of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Interior.

He stated that the administration sets safety and security standards as a top priority given the consequences that have previously occurred from the ban on direct flights to America, which the administration overcame in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and all existing service providers, and Kuwait Airport with four passenger terminals has met safety requirements and is ready for any controlling authority by checking.

Regarding the increase in the prices of services provided at Kuwait International Airport, Al-Fadaghi confirmed that the administration has specialized sectors that study all tariffs and sources of revenue for the administration periodically approximately every 5 years, but the list of tariffs the latest issued in 2019 is currently subject to evaluation, and if there is a need for change with increase or decrease, the decision is made.

He said that there is flexibility regarding the evaluation period, as it is related to many variables in the air transport market that require an accompanying response from the General Administration of Civil Aviation, which means that the basis for the periodic evaluation is every 5 years. . , but that basis is canceled if any changes arise that require the study of tariffs, which are not necessarily means that it will increase, but are subject to increase and decrease according to the variables.

Al-Fadaghi for travelers .. be careful

Al-Fadaghi called on all travelers to pay attention to the requirements of the countries in which they will travel, as there are still many countries that require precautions regarding Corona, such as vaccinations and PCR tests.

This comes in addition to the need for all travelers to be interested in obtaining a visa for the countries that require them to obtain it before traveling, as well as the need for citizens to prove that the Gulf countries traveling to them are allowed to enter with a civil ID. All countries allowed it, which every traveler should verify.

An “operations and support” team in “operations”

Al-Fadaghi confirmed that the General Administration of Civil Aviation is ready to deal with the increase in the number of passengers by managing operations involving the emergency and support team under the authority of the airport controller, who can distribute its elements as needed. movement. at the airport, regardless of whether there is an increase in the number of passengers in the arrivals or departures halls.

Meeting the requirements to become a body

Al-Fadaghi stated that there are direct contacts between the General Administration of Civil Aviation and the relevant authorities in the state to meet all the conditions required for the transformation into an authority, indicating that the fulfillment of all requirements by “civil aviation” is soon. , and the matter is now with the relevant authorities in the state to make the decision, showing at the same time that the transition to An authority that gives better opportunities to civil aviation in the management of airports, after achieving a transformation in its management and operation . , and the establishment of companies specializing in this aspect.

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