German National Tourism Council attracts lovers of German culture and nature from Gulf Cooperation Council seats in the Arabian Travel Market 2022

Launch of the “German Local Culture” and “Embrace of German Nature” campaigns to attract tourists to the Gulf Cooperation Council

Over 518,500 overnight hotel stays made by GCC nationals in 2021, an increase of 82.3% compared to 2020

GCC region with best performance for migrants in Asia, Australia and South Africa

City vacations (59%), tours (34%) and outdoor vacations (30%) are the most popular among foreign tourists.

Dubai, UAE: German National Tourism Board (GNTB) is inspiring tourists from Gulf Cooperation Council countries to visit Germany this year, resuming the successful “Local German Culture” campaign and launching “Embrace Nature” German “. Campaign in Gulf Cooperation Council countries in the Arab Travel Market 2022.

These campaigns constitute an attractive tourist offer that attracts tourists from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries by creating harmony between generations, traditions and different cultural influences, as it reflects authentic local experiences in urban destinations, highlighting rural areas and their tourism. stable.

On this occasion, Yamina Sofo, Director of Sales and Marketing at the German National Tourist Office at the Gulf Cooperation Council said: We aim to inspire visitors from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Germany is a diverse and ideal destination for longer vacations for those interested in culture, family and those who enjoy the stunning beauty of nature.

Germany has once again become a very popular tourist destination for GCC citizens and the demand suppressed by GCC citizens has resulted in 518,516 hotel nights in Germany during 2021, an increase of 82.3% during 2020.

In December 2021 alone, and despite the prevalence of the omicron mutation, Germany recorded more than 54,493 hotel nights for GCC nationals, an increase of 335% compared to the same period in 2020.

Sofu added, “These figures show that Germany is the preferred destination for the citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, as the number of tourists and visitors has increased significantly in 2021, which is something.

Even more impressive given that only by the end of June 2021 did Germany ease travel restrictions in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the GCC countries are now the highest performing regions in Asia, Australia and South Africa.

This is clearly supported by the way the Gulf Cooperation Council countries have responded to the pandemic, particularly the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, which currently rank second and sixth respectively in the world, according to the Bloomberg Agency index. from the most resilient places in dealing with the pandemic “Covid -“. 19 “on March 31, 2022 through 846 travel vaccinations.

Cities, culture, nature and outdoor activities that highlight sustainability are the cornerstone of Germany’s tourism offer, and according to research conducted by IBK International on behalf of the German National Tourism Board, city vacations (59%), tours with many destinations (34%) and holidays In the lap of nature (30%) is the most popular type of vacation among travelers from all over the world.

Moreover, tourism promotions in Germany, which revolve around four themes: “sustainability”, “taste”, “craftsmanship” and “taste” further emphasize the amazing architecture, the authentic atmosphere of Germany and its producer heritage and artisan craftsmen. cuisine, its traditional regional cuisine and its stunning natural beauty.

Among the participants in this year’s German ATM pavilion are: Tourism Board in Baden-Baden and Breuninger, Tourism Board in Dusseldorf, Tourism Board in Frankfurt, Palace Hotel Berlin and Tourism Berlin, and each of these areas has a tourist own and unique. attractions, whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter, which confirms that Germany is a unique travel destination during all seasons of the year.

Arabian Travel Market 2022 will be held from 9 to 12 May and the German pavilion is located in the hall of Europe EU1235

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About the German National Tourism Board

The German National Tourism Board (GNTB) is the national organization responsible for tourism in Germany, acting on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic and Energy Affairs, to represent Germany as a premium tourist destination, funded by the Ministry in accordance with the decision of the German parliament . The Council works closely with the German travel industry, private sector partners and businesses to develop marketing strategies and campaigns aimed at promoting a positive image of German travel destinations abroad and encouraging tourism in Germany.

The German National Tourism Board is pursuing a three-pronged strategy to address the challenges of COVID-19:

Raising awareness of Germany as a tourist destination and promoting its image worldwide.

Support the SME-managed travel sector through relationship management and knowledge sharing.

Develop action plans based on the results of targeted market research and ongoing analysis of emerging coronavirus impacts.

In closing, the German National Tourism Board has relied on countercyclical marketing to maintain a constructive dialogue with customers, an approach that emphasizes changing their preferences in the network of contacts, talks about customers’ emotions and inspires them.

Focus on digital transformation and sustainability

The German National Tourism Council is keen to promote sustainable tourism in line with the German government’s objectives, as it focuses on digital transformation and sustainability.

Sustainability has been the main focus of the council agenda for over a decade and is being addressed as a strategic issue throughout the organization. The council pursues a three-pillar strategy that combines knowledge sharing with external partners and support for a communication strategy with internal sustainability initiatives. It also tends to promote responsible tourism as a key growth area, presenting Germany as a stable and inclusive destination in the international travel market, which is of particular importance with the rapidly changing values ​​of travelers. towards social growth and. environmental responsibility due to the Covid-19 crisis.

The German National Tourism Board is a pioneer in the use of immersive technologies (virtual reality, augmented and mixed), voice assistants and other dialogue interfaces and artificial intelligence applications such as chatbots. To ensure that tourism offers are displayed on marketing platforms based on artificial intelligence techniques, the council is overseeing the German tourism sector open data project, which aims to develop tourism knowledge.

The German National Tourism Board includes 27 foreign agencies around the world, which it directs from its headquarters in Frankfurt.

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